Former Hero Only Cares SE…

CHAPTER 2: Shenhao System

” …S..shit.. ” A young boy muttered and the blood was leaking from his mouth. A big sword pierced through his heart and stabbed him to the ground. The strength left from the body and his eyelids were heavy. Even though his body lacked the strength, his hand holding his sword tightly, in the hope of defending the enemy, not to guard down. The habits, which he cultivated in his bones and there was still a smile on his face. After all, the death was mercy itself.

” ….F..fuc ” He shouted at the sky with the last will and that was his last word.


” Fuckkkkk…. ” A young boy shouted and immediately sat down on the bed. His whole body was sweating and the only word which he could mutter was Fuck .

He had the dream, the dream about him being the hero in another world. He was summoned to Fantasy World like Isekai Novel but the difference was the world was at war. Every day was depressing. He didn have good sleep for over 7 years since the day he was summoned to the world and sleeping for 8 hours was already a luxury itself. Every day, everyone was dying. He lost everyone he knew and he was killed with a painless death.

” No.. That is not a dream. ” He muttered silently and his eyes lacked the light which he had. His mind was very calm like water and the experience which he cultivated in the world was carved into his soul.

He stood up and looked surroundings. After checking the surroundings, he took out the water bottle from the refrigerator. The apartment was very small and its 1DK room with Kitchen was attached. He calmly sipped the water.

” The feeling is real. ” He muttered silently and he could feel the water passed through his throat, reached to his stomach. The feeling of drinking cold water made him remember the old memories. It was quite a luxury drinking the water like this. He still remembered his comrade was sniped because he stood up when trying to drink the water.

” I see. That is pretty much confirmed that I am not being a delusion or dreaming. ” He muttered again and while closing his eyes, recalling the memories of his Hero Life. He could retell every piece of memory. The war is not something that he could forget no matter how much he tried. Those memories stayed very deep inside him.

” It looks like Im still me . ” He muttered while looking at the mirror. That was his face and his appearance. There were no doubts that this was his face before he was summoned.

The world made him old and the white hair started to grow after months he was summoned.

” No more wrinkle, scars, and white hair. ” He muttered happily and the expression started to come out. He started to relax a little bit. It had been almost 7 years since he smiled. He didn even remember when did he have a proper smile.

After that he looked at his hands, his hands looked very delicate like his face. He held the sword for over 7 years so his hands were rough, fat, and filled with scars. He felt like he was not familiar with this body. This body looked fragile.

” Oh, Chinese language if Im not mistaken. ” He noticed the letters on his water bottle.

” M..O N… Spring.. ” He had no difficulty in reading comprehension and he could read the Chinese language. He looked around and books were also in the Chinese language.

” No. I have never been to China. So I definitely didn return to the timeline before I was summoned. ” He muttered. He was a high school student when he was summoned to another world and his current self also looked like a high school student and the age was around 17 years old before he was forcefully summoned to another world.

” Ah… Parallel World. ” He muttered and suddenly he remembered something. Truth be told, he had very hard time for recalling the memories before he was summoned to another world. Those memories were blurry and felt like from 100 years ago.

” 2017.. ” He looked at the calendar from his phone and the timeline also matched the timeline before he was summoned. He was born in 2000 and his current age was 17 years old before he was summoned. He lived in hell for 8 years and it felt like he stayed for 800 years.

” Oh! If Im not mistaken, I was supposed to choose from Japan and China. I chose Japan and I was summoned to another world. This parallel me chose China . ” He finally found some important memories.

As an Otakus, of course, the previous one chose Japan and he attended high school, he didn finish his high school education. His mother was from Japan and his fathers family was from China. His grandfather immigrated to Myanmar from mainland China. So he could speak Chinese, Japanese and Burmese. He had a choice when he became a high school student. The current him chose China.

When he was sitting and relaxing, he stopped thinking about a lot of things. His face had a beautiful smile and his eyes were closing while he was rhyming the melody, he already forgotten the lyrics and his brain was rhyming the melody. His whole body relaxing and he was trying to get the rest he could. It was the habits which he cultivated in the war, the free time was very luxurious. People died very fast and at least he didn want to think a lot of things in his free time.

[ Shenhao System is activating….. The system is installing…. 10%… 40%… 60%..80%… 100%…. ]

[ The system installed successfully….]

[ Welcome from Shenhao System ]

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