Former Hero Only Cares SE…

CHAPTER 3: Former Hero\'s!!


[ Host, it is around 8 for an adult male but there are exceptions like Charm, luck and defense. Some people are born with handsome faces and some don so the charm will be different depending on the person. It is the same for luck and Defense. Some people are born with god-like physiques and some don . Those are the exceptions that people could not upgrade no matter how much they tried. ]

I see. Thank you, system. He muttered and he could upgrade his charm, physique, and luck with the help of the system. He understood that very well. There was the time when he wanted to become a very handsome and lucky person. People could not change luck, charm and genetics. Of course, people might upgrade their appearance with the help of surgery, cosmetics, and beauty products but people could not change luck and genetics.

System, adds 5 points to luck and defense. He responded to his system. Of course, he knew what was important and what was not. In the defense category, genetics, physique and many more were involved in it so by upgrading Defense , he was upgrading a good body, healthy life, and many more.

[ Upgrades will compete within a week and the host might feel an uncomfortable feeling. Please beware of that. ]

Yep, my system is a very low version. Yin muttered and he was already grateful that he had the system.

” Lets start grinding. ” Yin shouted a little bit and tried to heat up. He started to warm up his body and started to do intense and explosive exercises.

” Ha… ha…ha.. ” Yin was already exhausted after doing the exercise for half an hour and it was very painful to see that he became so weak again.

After resting for a few minutes, had started to grind again and this time he did until the clock turned into noon when his whole body became very weak and he was bloated.

” S….shit. I can not move at all. ” His tired body lied on the floor and the sweat formed the pool around him.

” Wait, I can order the food from online. Lets eat ramen, I really missed it. ” He picked up the phone while dragging his exhausted body on the bed and his stomach was bloated the air.

He felt a very weird feeling when using the smartphone or advanced technology devices. He felt like part of him didn belong here and the other part denied it. It felt like he was very familiar with the particular things at the same time, they were aliens to him.

Sigh, I really need time to adapt to the surrounding, huh? He needed time to adapt to the things that happened to him. Everything was not adapted by magically, people needed time.

Well, lets take it slowly. He smiled and he felt very fulfilled currently. The war made him to appreciate everything and taught him to live without regrets.

Yin ordered 8 ramen bowls of different types and he also ordered tempura, dumplings, yakitori, and many more. It cost him around 1000 Yuan but he didn know that it was cheap or expensive but he didn care anyway. He could earn 1000 Yuan within 18 minutes.

” Huh! Happiness…. ”

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