Former Hero Only Cares SE…

CHAPTER 3: Former Hero\'s!!

Author Note – I changed a little bit about Light Sky Agency .

I don have that much knowledge about China and how it works so everything in this novel comes out from my ass.


After waiting for half an hour, the order came in and Yin needed to pay an additional 20 Yuan for delivery services. After all, his ordered foods were too many and the service charge of 20 Yuan was supposed to be paid for the upper 500 Yuan orders.

Yin didn care that was a very small amount of money to him and he had a disconnection with the currency and he had a basic knowledge that 1000 Yuan was big money for him but there was a disconnection feeling toward the money so he naturally didn care about the money.

It took over ten minutes for delivery boys to bring every food into his apartment. The plates covered his whole room and they came with one-time plates that were very easy to dispose of.

” I ordered too much. ” Yin smiled and it was a nice smile. He knew that he was not able to finish every food but he was going to enjoy every plate.

After that, he prepared to eat and it took for minutes. The apartment was really small and the plates filled the whole apartment and he didn have enough spots to land on. The advantage was he lived alone here and the apartment was pretty isolated, his apartment was in the corner and there were only emergency ladders beside the apartment and the other side was a shallow apartment. That means he could loud whatever he could without being minded by other people.

System gave me the legal documents of Light Sky Agency. Yin said as he drunk the Cokocola and it was **ing delicious. The over 20 plates surrounded him and he had a chopstick in the hand as he picked up the dumpling and soaked it in soy sauce.

” Shit… ” The tears leaked from his eyes and he enjoyed the taste in his mouth. Past 7 years in that miserable world, he only ate bland and untasty food. He really missed the taste and texture. Now, he felt like he could die now.

” … I cried.. Shit. I even forgot that the food can be so tasty. ” Yin said with a smile and a smile that bloomed in the darkness that could shine away the darkness.

After that, he started to dig in every plate which he saw with chopsticks while picking up the spoon with another hand. His two hands were busy while taking the charge of plates and the floor became messy from the spilled food and soup bowls from his ramen. He ate like a starving man who had not eaten for a century. His movements were smooth and flawless with precision to the targeted plates and there were no wasted movements at all like he was dancing with the blades.

After eating non-stop for minutes, his exhausted body lay on the floor and he could not move because he ate too much.

” I ate a lot. It was **ing delicious. ” He muttered with full of happiness and the room was messed up from spilled food, soup bowl, and plastic plates.

He picked up the legal documents from the bed as he started to read them while resting. The system gave the documents to him and he unconsciously put them on the bed.

” Bloody Hell. It cost 40 million Yuan to buy the **ing Agency. ” He was surprised by the documents which indicated the purchase amount of Light Sky Agency . He solely owned it and there was his name on the document with the legality. He didn know how the system brought the agency but he knew that the systems were the creation of gods.

He picked up the phone immediately while moving his big stomach and he immediately googled the agency.

” Light Sky Agency is Streaming Service Agency and it is medium size agency with a ton of contract talents. It is known for having talents like Xu Meng, Hen Yin, and Xi Yang. The current worthy of Light Sky Agency is around 30 millions Yuan and…. ”

Yin read the googled result. The Chinese had its own Google which was called Baidu . But Yin was a foreigner so he used VPNs to use google. You could not search for that kind of small information on Google that had no presence on the global. The big Agency was worth of around a billion Yuan so it naturally had a global presence so it could be searched on Google.

” I see. Streaming in China is big, huh? ” After all, China had a population of 1 billion so it was literally in its own bubble.

Beautiful women were sought out as the anchors and it was an easy job that didn require hard works. The privilege of being Beautiful women. They could meet the Second-rich generation if they were lucky and they can become the wife of a multi-millionaire. Besides, the spending power on the platform was just too powerful. Top streamers could easily earn millions per month and they were as good as real-life celebrities which had quite a big influence on the public. So anchors were the dream jobs for women.

” Interesting. If my memories from the WN are correct, anchors are glorified whores or beggars. ” He muttered while trying to recall the knowledge from the Chinese novels he read. He liked to read Chinese urban novels.

” Besides, I have a million of coins. ” He muttered and he opened the Douyin Site which was the biggest streaming site and the daily spending power easily reached the millions. Currently, the Douyin ruled over the streaming platform.

He decided to open a new Douyin account and he already had the Douyin account. He was straight so he liked to beautiful women doing cute things.

” Lets see, Former-Hero who only cares … ” He made the username of his new Douyin account and the website liked to censor everything so he naturally could write three dots.

System, charge my coins to the account. ” He immediately ordered to the system.

His new account immediately unlocked a lot of achievements and a million Douyin coins filled his account.

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