Former Hero Only Cares SE…

CHAPTER 3: Former Hero\'s!!

After Yin opened a new Douyin account, his account level was leveled up a lot because he top-up a million Yuan. The account had levels and it had 20 levels. The 20th level was known as the King and the accounts owner needed to spend over 50 million Yuan. The system existed to flex on people. Like people wore branded clothes to flex on other people.

” Are people stupid? ” Yin muttered and his rational mind couldn imagine of spending millions.

” Again, I indeed spent every of my pocket money on the 2D figures in my previous life. Probably, it has the same concept as it and the difference is the amount of money. ” He muttered and he never judged people. He already did a lot of evil deeds and he was not good enough to judge other people.

” Indeed, every living being are stupid. ”

His Douyin account was leveled up to 5 and already passed to his previous accounts level. He might level up to 10 if he spent his a million Douyin Coins.

” Oh shit, so 1 coin is equal to 1 Yuan. ” He looked at the top-up information and he didn have a million in his bank but he **ing had a million in the useless app.

” Lets appreciate the beauties. ” Yin muttered and as a fellow man, he loved beautiful women. He never watched a male anchor but he could watch a female who was boring shit. He was not a SIMP but his DNA was. But the current self has already seen enough shit so he didn have an interest in women who he could not touch.

He scrolled down the screen and there were a lot of anchors, especially females. Most of them had 2 digits numbers in CCV and definitely, they were not blessed in the beauty department. Beautiful women had naturally 4 digits numbers in the streams and they had enough big brothers who supported them so they had money to live.

” Oh! ” Yin muttered and a curious sensation born from him.

System, can you scan the charm level? Yin asked. Todays technology was too powerful and trusting women on the Internet was the worse thing you could do yourself.

[ Yes! I can. ] System immediately answered and his systems voice looked like A. I voice but he didn hate it. Truth be told, he didn hate anything. Hating over something was extremely foolish. Instead of hating people, he learned how to use the people which he didn like for his profit.

[ Charm – 8.5 ]

No wonder, she is beautiful. He approved the rating. 8.5 was in the category of very beautiful women with a super nice body

He entered into her stream and started to watch her stream. She was streaming about Art and she said that she was an Art major student.

The thing was she was from his company.

” Ting. ” Her anchors name was short and she had 1000 people watching her live stream. Her donating amount was also pitiful and she oy earned 500 Yuan. Her face showed a little bit sadness and most of the small anchors relied on the donations system. Big anchors also still relied on Donations. Douyin only paid a pitiful amount of money for views so anchors main income was a donation.

” As I said, the arts are dependent on person. Each person has their own taste. I don like Mona Lisa at all but the art is an extremely wonderful piece. ” Ting said to the microphone and she was doing a tier list of classical arts.

” Wait, I feel like I know Mona Lisa. ” Ying muttered and he had no interest in arts. It was simply idiotic points to him spending millions of dollars on the painting and those people liked to pretend that they had a godly taste.

” Well, I don mind buying beautiful paintings if I have a billion amount of money in the bank. ” He thought that the arts were timeless. That was something he could agree with people.

” People have their own hobbies. Some hobbies are a little bit dark. ” Ying muttered and he remembered a certain person who liked to have forcefully sex on other people. At first, he was uncomfortable with that but time and surroundings changed people. In war, ra-pes were just pretty normal. There were fates worse than death. That was the reason why he always carried a suicide-bomb that could activate with a simple word. He didn want a fate worse than the death because he had already been seen that and that reminded him that A painless Death is a mercy itself .

” Shit… ” Ying slapped himself and he didn want to think about the life in another world. He didn have any sort of beautiful memories. He indeed had one particular beautiful memory. He had intercourse with the Elf Princess to have a child. It was not out of love or any sort of emotion. It was for profits. He indeed breed her and she had a kid but he didn know whether the child was a boy or girl.

He was tasked to breed her and he accomplished the mission.

” Well, Im not going to meet my own kid.

, anyway. ” Yin muttered and he focused on the screen again. He could breed the children if he wanted. He didn have any sort of affection for that kid and life in another world was very hard for him.

” Big Brothers, if you have any sort of bills, please give me. ” Ting said very cute.

{ LOL }

{ Why not say to your boyfriend}

{ Hahaha… }

Yin seen a lot of troll comments and he immediately got the problem why her donations were very low. Her big brothers left her after they knew that she had a boyfriend which was pretty normal in the Anchor world.

” Well, she is from my company so I should look after her. ” Yin muttered like a wise old man and he didn have any sort of motivation at all. Yeah, he was truly helped her. He was just trying to help her with a nice intention.

{ Former Hero Only Cares about…. sends you Super Rocket × 1 }

{ WTF }

{ No Way }


Authors Note – These past few days, I am trying to get a Scholarship at Japan College and wrote a College Admission Essay . Well, I still have interviewed and I am a little bit busy.

I intended to add a lot of flags in the chapters to set up the proper goal for the later plots.

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