When I approached the door with Sihael slung over my shoulder, the servants clung to the wall in fright and made some strange noises.
While everyone was shaking and clinging to the wall like a cicada, Lanoa clapped and admired.

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“Indeed, you’re my little sister.
Good job.”

“Are you still here? I thought you went in.”

“I decided to stay here just in case our family’s bastard lost to another bastard who just rolled in from somewhere.”

“Are you crazy? Is that all you have to say to your sister who fought hard with a beast?”

“But, aren’t you the beast here?”


Seeing Sihael narrowing his eyes, Lanoa ran away while Sihael paused.
A horribly childlike giggle resounded through the hallway.
I was going to chase him right away and kick his butt, but I gave up soon.

It would only be a waste of time if I go after that moron.

I ordered a maid nearby to bring a doctor and went upstairs.

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“Shasha, you’ve been making a lot of trouble.”

Sihael started to struggle when he saw the broken chains and cage.
I slapped him on the back of his struggling bottom.


“Just stay still before I smack your butt.”

“Arrr… ruff….”



“That’s right.
Good boy.”

When we went back into the room, I put Sihael in the cage and closed its door.
Contrary to my assumption that the lock might have broken during his escape, the lock remained still intact.

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Then, how did he come out? Sihael couldn’t have opened it by himself.

This door was designed in a manner that it could not be opened from the inside unless someone opened it from outside.

“Can you tell me what happened?”

I squatted to meet Sihael’s eyes.
He stepped back, being wary of me for the first time.

Thank god! It seems like now he doesn’t see me as some piece of shit he didn’t need to be scared of.

“Shasha, now do you understand? I’m your master.”

“… Woof.”

Sihael, who had always been imposing, looked small for the first time.

* * *

In conclusion, Sihael’s escape was the fault of a servant who was in charge of his lunch that day.

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Among the toys I had given to Sihael, there was an expensive one which the servant wanted to take for himself.
So when he opened the door, Sihael took the chance and ran away.

His face had turned blue when I asked him to feed Sihael.
So, I didn’t expect him to have the courage to do such a thing.

The servant begged me to forgive his mistake, saying that he had lost his senses for a moment.

I indifferently looked down at his pathetic figure and ordered him to be thrown out.
To be honest, I didn’t even want to see his face.

More than twenty people had been injured because of his ‘momentary mistake’.

‘Even though no one was seriously injured, that doesn’t mean I can overlook the misdeed.’

And it was me who was in the most danger.

If it weren’t for Rosetta’s trained body, I might have been digested in Sihael’s stomach by now.

After knowing the whole story, Lanoa insisted on cutting off the servant’s hand, but I shook my head.
Since he had suffered quite a bit of injuries in return for his greed, I decided to quietly move on by firing him.

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However, knowing Lanoa’s personality, there was no way a person who had committed an offense against the Katzel family would be allowed to leave without any harm.
Maybe he took care of it behind my back.

But I decided not to care about it.

I just spared his life and it was now up to him to survive.
Also, I’m not that free to care about a servant who had already been fired.

“Shasha, paw.”

It’s been a week since I started training him.
The smart Shasha followed the training very well.

There were some trials and errors in the process, but he gradually got used to it.

The problem now was that he could understand what I was saying, but he ignored it because his pride was too big.

Just like now…

Shasha, who raised his head to the familiar command, looked at my hand and jerked his head away with an exasperated expression.

He was again rebelling.
At first, he followed well, but his grumpiness increased as days went by.

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