Fragrance of the Deadly Love

Don\'t just grab hold of his valor

oment, but he didn embarrass the two women sitting at the table with him. Leigh with her age, she was sure even she was experienced with the needs of men. But without him knowing until now she is still a virgin. While Caely is still relatively young, but with her lifestyle, its also not something new to understand.

So, he just laughed then said ”Does that bother you? You want to come? ” he asked seductively, winking at him once. Oh, he really likes it when someone from his team accompanies him, wandering in the emptiness he feels, for that he spends the night having fun, to forget the emptiness he feels. This matter no one knows but himself. Other people see him as a Playboy who is always changing his one-night stand woman.

”Oh, can we stop talking about the esoteric? Im hungry ” Revarn exclaimed, his expression looked impatient, and Tired of the topic being discussed.

”Ah… as you said, this is fun, and now I can see it ” a mischievous smile appeared on Vhakens face again as he replied to Revarns words.

”What, ” he said, tilting his chin arrogantly.

”Big Fat Fried Chicken, you see that? ” replied Vhaken in the same arrogant tone of voice. ”the chicken ass looks delicious, smooth and seductive. Youve ass like that? ” he asked squinting his eyes, grinning widely.

”Damn you, please, stop. Come on, lets eat. ” He answered, rolling his eyes impatiently.

They all laughed at Revarns awkward reaction, he seemed to be a man with the like into a sensual butt. Hmm maybe his wifes ass fascinates him. Vhaken, couldn stop imagining how Revarn would deal with his wife. he giggled to himself.

And all happily, lifted their respective cutlery and ate the food that was served in front of them.

”Hmm… this is very very delicious ” Vhaken Humm, their eyes closed enjoying the taste of the food they was eating.

”Yeah, it tastes really good, ” Leigh chimed in.

After that they ate happily and harmoniously. Sometimes, Vhaken spit haphazardly with seductive words still surrounding the shape of their food. And was answered with joking laughter, until other customers, envious of the familiarity of the table in the corner of the restaurant. As if they were long time no see and once met there was only the sweetness of the conversation to the style and the look in their eyes that seemed to miss each other.

After they had eaten their meal, Leigh went to the cashier to pay but was restrained by Caely ”I am the one who asked, so I will pay ” she remarked to her without giving room for refusal.

”But Im the one new here, so I have to pay ” she replied by throwing facts.

”Silly girl ” she said that and her hand who handed the money to the cashier who accepted it reluctantly but was processed the payment right away.

Leigh just stood beside Caely, feeling guilty and uncomfortable. After the payment process was finished, the two of them walked over to the man who was standing in front of the restaurant waiting for the two of them. But on the way still inside the restaurant Caely said ”You helped me at the table, thank you ” she said that with gratitude towards her. Because she can always read her feelings whenever she struggles with the anger of one-sided love.

”Huh ” Leigh was confused not understanding the meaning of Caelys sudden and baseless talk. But before she could ask further, Caely had already opened the door of the restaurant and they were walking out the door. And the men are already in front of them.

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