Fragrance of the Deadly Love

Don\'t just grab hold of his valor

”Amazing, fantastic, this is the biggest company I ever worked with. Everything look fine ” she answered with a puffy smile, because in her mouth there was still some leftover food that she hadn swallowed.

Caely, overall, looks good. The cunning that Sentia mentioned so far has not been proven. Maybe yes, maybe not, maybe it was just a joke from Sentia. Her face indeed beautiful, no doubt. Her hair colour matched her almond eyes, which were light Gray in colour, her eyebrows neatly sculpted with the ends bent slightly downwards. Chubby broad cheeks, nose even though not too sharp but still upright and charming with sexy lips matched, if kissing a man may have its own passion, making the man addicted to the point of out of breath. Sexist body shape, curves are coveted by many women to attract the attention of men as bait for traps. Well, a womans only weapon other than sensual lips are curves that look exotic. Plus, the way she dresses up, Uh no man will turn around when she passes. Ah yes, the last is today she wore fashionable shoes with 10 centimeters high heels. She felt short standing next to her.

”Good to hear that ” she replied with a sweet smile on her lips.

”So, what about Ken? ” she asked bluntly without further ado, a flat facial expression but it was clear in her eyes that she wanted to find out something.

Now, Sentias words have just been proven. She could hide her cunning behind her sweet face. However, she liked the blatant things she showed her. Hmm, it seems that her feeling for Vhaken is not just a mere attraction but has been embedded in her heart. She looked for every opportunity to interrogate anyone close to him. Even after only half a day of knowing him, and seeing the attitude Vhaken was showing her, she had already launched a protective attack.

”Friendly, talkative, and doesn seem too rigid with the opposite sex. He is straightforward and outspoken. I like that type of person ” she replied carefully, not wanting to make her feel cornered or rather excluded, thus making her feel insecure.

”Oh, hes that kind of person. So, don take it too seriously if when he says, sometimes he likes to cross the line ” she conveys facts that seem to be made up by herself when she describes the figure of Vhaken.

”Yeah, I hope, be friends with him for a long time, only as friends ” she replied with the last three sentences spoken in a firm and deep voice, to send a signal that she would not step over the line.

”Thats what I meant ” she showed her true intention.

Leigh was grateful for the last words she said, on one hand she wanted to be good friends with her team members. She didn expect to have a disagreement with any of her team. So at least she makes herself feel comfortable, and if possible, will work here for a long time.

Her thoughts flew to the figure of the big boss. She wondered what kind of the look of the big boss who was respected by all the employees here would look like. The office atmosphere is friendly, cheerful, and comfortable. All the rules he made and enforced, captivated her heart. From morning she tried to find photos or whatever she could find. To know how his look like the big boss looks. But not in her workroom. Not even in the big bosss own room, the photo is not displayed. So, she still clueless. Hers face became smug.

”What is it? Your face looks uncomfortable ” Caely asked as she saw her lost in thought then her lips pursed deeply.

Surprised, she gasped ”Ah, its nothing ” she tried to calm herself down and harboured the embarrassment she accidentally did.

”Haahaa… relax ” you look tense now ”Just tell me, who knows I can help ” she tried to make her feel comfortable around her.

The problem is she doesn feel comfortable at all right now. Damn! whats wrong with me she grumbled in her heart. ”Right, Im fine, don worry ” she reassured her.

”Okay then, Im fulled. Come, theres one more place you haven seen, ” she asked mysteriously.

Leigh, looking at her plate, still had a quarter of the food left. It is deeply regretted. Then she looked at her own plate, without realizing that there was no food left. Oh, maybe she doesn want to make me wait for her to finish eating. Thats why she said fulled. Another side of her she found out. Again, Sentias words are proven, that she will not leave you when you fell into the deepest abyss. Turns out shes a caring person.

”Oh, okay, ” she answered guiltily.

”Come ” she said impatiently, she stood up from her chair. Smiling slightly, she reached out her hand to her.

Hesitantly she took her outstretched hand. Stand up, then follow the footsteps wherever she will take her. They walked out of the pantry through the same door they entered. The difference now is that they turn to the left, opposite the direction of their workroom. They kept walking, past the windows from the long pantry room to the end of the corridor with only one door. Caely pushed the door open. And the look that followed left Leigh, standing frozen, dumbfounded.

A park, a very very beautiful park, not just a small park from where to play every residential park, this park is even wider. There are several types of flowers, growing fresh. There is a gazebo with fish swimming under it. Birds flew here and there and perched on tree branches, chirping, cheerfully. Oh my, this is the office atmosphere I crave for she muttered happily in her mind.

”I know you will like it ” she smiled sweetly and squeezed her hand on her wrist ”I like spending time here, Together with Revarn, he understands my feelings very well, unfortunately he is married. If only…. ” Her words trailed off, a feeling of emptiness appeared on her dreamy face. She hopes for certain someone on her team, but she didn dare to reveal that feeling to him.

”You have to express your feelings Caely ” she suddenly said with concern. Although she never felt what she was feeling right now, at least she could understand from the look on her face.

Dumbfounded at the words of the Woman standing beside her. She glanced at her, confused.

”You should express your feelings to Ken, Caely, otherwise he will never know ” she explained her words because she saw the confused face from her.

”Do you know? ” she asked confusedly.

”Of course, ” she answered simply.

”How do you know youve only been here half a day? ” she asked clearly.

”Oh, please Caely, it explains with the attitude you show when I talk to Ken ” she rolled her eyes, frustrated.

”How? ” still seeking clarity from her confusion.

”When he said he liked me, you immediately confronted him. then when he says he loves me, you smack your table. Isn that pretty obvious? ” she asked back with no frills annoyance.

She thought she would listen to her refusal, which in turn made her stand frozen. What she realized was, Caelys body was already tightly embracing her body. Saying ”Oh, I wish, he has the sensitivity you have, at least my heart doesn ache like it does now ” she mocks the man they
e talking about, on the other hand she feels sorry for herself for loving someone one-sided love.

Leigh rubbed her back gently. She felt Caelys body tremble. Maybe crying, but she didn hear the sound of her crying. But their privacy was disturbed by a familiar voice.

”Who doesn have sensitivity? ” a firm voice rang out and the figure, stepped closer to them.

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