Leigh left the office by driving Motorbike. A while drives the motorbike her mind run to every word said by the Mr Thomson, keep repeat like sad song that playing on the radio on certain frequency.

The road pass by likes an illusion. The sky has turn with gradation orange colour and in the moment the sun will hide itself in the western horizon, sleeping.

Thats how you judge my loyalty of work. How pitiful your heart might be! she mumbled inwardly, her face sulked on behind the blue helm that she wore a while driving the motorbike.

She keeps mumbled until she gets frustration, she said to her herself, I can return home in this state of mind. So, she decided to go to the mall walk absent mindlessly, find fresh air, watch movie, and get dinner. At least she can calm her mind when she arrived at home and sleep peacefully.

She arrived at the mall at five pass twenty. she parked her motorbike at parking park. She walks to the entrance. The Mall just small place, the store not more than 50 units. There is supermarket, where you can buy groceries and vegetables for your daily cooking, fruit, snack, soft drink, etc.

First think she do is looking for the movie ticket, so she goes to the movie locket but unfortunately no movie she interests to watch. She walks out from the cinema station then just go to the supermarket to buy groceries, vegetables, fruits, and snacks because she will need it at home if she still jobless. After that she goes home.

Shes house just simple small modern minimalist house in the west city of Terrazen. the look in front of the house combination colour between white and light blue, her two favourites colour.

She opens the door, step inside, the ocean natural scent sipped on her nostril I am home that the word she said every time she arrived at home. She really like her home, felt cozy and warm after hectic hours at office, this is her silent escape.

She now 40 years old, very enjoy single life. Not because her time all wasted into design, Her passion in life. Her friends most of them had merit. Eery time they met for hangout once a while, they keep comment to her. You become decaying lady among us, why don you find a company to spent to. Being a couple not to bad. You will be having fun each other and specially you can make love, once to reach climax that will bring you fly to the highest sky. Don you want to feel that? but sadly all the comments for her like a bubble in a second will blow up and disappear. She just enjoys her life.

In another word she just crazy with her work. Every morning wakes up, get ready and go to work and then she just immersed in work until the day called an end. Every day goes just like that. People say she look like live in boring life, but she didn feel that way. So, she just ignores them.

The next morning came. The first day jobless after she got fired. First thing she do after have breakfast was to look for new job. She opened her laptop, goes to the vacance job website where you can look an available job, if she interests with the job description then she applies to the job. After that read news, cooking for lunch, make her own pending design to fill or kill the time, rather than she is thinking unnecessaries things, maybe if she still has grudge with her ex-superior, she just cursed him with every bad word she knows. At the end of the day, she goes to sleep.

Time flies, almost three months after she got fired and she still jobless. During the three months at home, she got a few invitations for an interview job but none of them hired her. All the interview she went by. Say, they do check her background work on her previous company and the said, shes unworthy, stupidest, dumbest, stiffest, unsocialized person. And her work is bad. In result they rejected her.

In her deepest desperate state of mind. One day she got an email, an invitation for interview the job she ever applies. At that time, when she wants to apply the job, she hesitated to apply it seem unknown company, located at suburb city. But somehow without her realizes, she had applied to the vacance job. Even she didn remember have applied to the job. And today she got the invitation.

Stated the schedule of the interview will take place on tomorrow at 10 am. With addresses written clearly on the email. She replied to the email that she will be attend to the invitation as scheduled.

The bright blue stretched across the horizon with the clouds swirling as if dancing on the blue-sky canvas.

The streets are busy, people are busy with their own needs. This can be seen clearly from the traffic jams but not as congested as on the first day of each week. The traffic jams are sometimes deafening because the horns of cars and motorbikes are intertwined. Which brings the whole city to life. Live in their own world.

Leith sat on the back seat of a taxi, looking outside window with calm face and tenderness. Not minded with the busy people around. She was used to these scene as it was every day, she must go through it.

Leith have a calm habit. Her face always looked unique tenderness itself. She talks to other people with concern and compassion, with meant every person want to be treat greatly and not badly. Her hair shine under the sunlight with light-brown colour, the blue-light eyes shone like the ancient goddess. Her face mix between Asian and western style face, if shes smile everyone want to have the smile she has. Because the smile makes everyone happy.

Today Leith has an interview job. The interview schedule still one hour away. As the map said still have forty-five minute to arrive at the destination address. She goes early to avoid heavy traffic jammed and she would like to be in place on schedule and don like to delay the time. Time is money its the business praise. And everyone doesn like to be waiting.

The driver, drove the car as smooth as he can. Sometimes he pushes the Clackson button to clear the road with crowded people walked every part of the place. After fifteen minutes the car drove away from jammed. The destination address is not on the centre capital with the tall building on either side of the roads. But also, not to suburbs. Just in the middle hectic city. And after forty minutes again. The car finally came to a halt on the front door of a building.

Leith pay the bill to the driver and say thank you and then go down from the car. Leith stood a few steps away from the car so the car can drive away as the taxi service is finished. Leith look on the plate building number to make sure shes not got the wrong address. The building number written there is Block L 77. The building look old, an ancient one and seem like not maintained in long period and somehow like the building will crash down if there is have a soft earthquake, or will collapse if only a hurricane blows in it

Leith brought her left forearm to the front on her chest to see the watch tick on nine passes to fifty-seven minutes. Leith take a deep breath and tell inwardly to herself to straighten the spirit and with the firm foot Leith step into the double craft wooden door with the cloud carving handle. She holds it to push the door open to inside.

In front of the door stood a receptionist table, a female smile welcomes her.

”Hello ” Leith greeting the lady who immediately stood from her seat.

”Hello ” answer the lady and continue to ask, ”what can I help you with? ” with concern face put on her face.

”Yeah, I am Leith quinn, I had invited to have an interview with Mr. Falrey Egon at 10.00am today ” introduce Leith to herself, not to delay a time since the time have straight to 10.00am already.

”Okay, please wait and have a seat a while I check Mr Egon scheduled ” answer the lady a while she looks on the paper on her table. She picks the phone and push some button to deal a call. A moment later she heard the lady say ”Hello, Mr. Egon, Ms Quinn have arrived to have an interview with you ” a hummed could be heard and then she says again ”Alright Mister I will lead her to the meeting room, thank you Mister ” she hung up the call and put down the phone. She rises her face to meet Leith eyes and spoke.

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