”Ms Quinn, Please, come and follow me ” Leith stood from her seat and walk to the side the lady led her to. ”This way ” the lady rises her hand little bit to point out the way.

Leith walked behind the Lady, follow her through the corridor not far away from the lobby office. Until a simple craft wooden door on the left side. The lady Push the door open, come inside and grab an air conditioner remote on the wall, push on the button, a sound snit could hear and the tray on the air conditioner open, indicated the air conditioner is on.

The lady said ”Please have seat Miss, Mr Egon will come in short time ” she said and then dismissed herself.

Leith pull a chair that her back face to the door, she sat down. Pull her bag to put on her lap and wait.

A second later the temperature in the room getting cold. Leith glances to the room. One side the cream wall hangs some frames. To display awards the company have achieved. Seem like this company have some high company mission, because the awards show the best quality service, the best design arts, etc. below the frames there a craft brown cupboard with above the cupboard some Trophy awards have displayed. Nothing strange objects could be seen. All seem usual in place.

Leith heard a knocked on the door. And then the door opened. A tall man came to picture. He has Black hair that combed to the right side of his face with some strand hair hangs on his forehead. The grey-light eyes stare at Leith and a smile with his mouth open little bit to show his decent white tooths.

Leith stood from her seat and smile to him with a nod.

The man stepped in and reached out his hand for a handshake.

Leith spontaneously reached his hand a while greeting. ”Hello, Im Leith Quinn ”.

”Hello, Im Farley Egon ” Farley greeted back, and both release their hands and take they respective positions. Farley walked towards the chair facing opposite to Leith while put down some papers on the table. Raised his head and spoke. ”You came very precisely at 10:00 am according to the schedule we had made ”. Farley offered a beaming face, happy with Leiths punctuality.

”I am respect other people time and don wish to waste their time ” chimed Leith still smile on her face but not too wide.

”Glad to hear that, some people don think so ” Farley chimed back, he tilted his head to the side.

”Okay, once again I like the way you compose on your papers work, neatly arranged, clear, concise without further ado. You have graduated from college with a grade of 3.97, which is close to the perfect grade for a bachelors degree ”. Farley flattered Leith, as if Leith was perfect in every way.

”Your Portfolio also good. Seem like you very understand design of many style ” again Farley flattered Leith in her works.

Leith with calm manner answer ”I just want to do the best I could because I like art design in any way ” still smiling and her eyes keep looking on Farley to avoid disrespect toward him.

”Well, why are you like art design? ” Farley asked intrigued and wanted to know more how her mind worked, because the art design has its own charm and aspect in many ways and different style between every person.

”Because art is the artistic power of the eye. Eyes that see the beauty of certain aspects. The eyes interest in incorporating the flow of art into the design ”. Leith explained at the core of the art she admired.

”Hmm sound interesting ” Farley chimed on Leith answer. ”What kind of art that interest your eyes taste? Farley ask further.

”I combine the art between the classic, and modern without leaving the nature characters of art ”. Leith answer with the eyes see beyond the wall behind Farley to express her feeling of the art.

”How long will it take to get here from your house? ” Farley changed the subject so as not to seem too intimidating with regards to art.

”Approximately forty-five minutes in a standard traffic jam ” Leith replied curtly and unambiguously.

”By taxi ” Farley chimed in plainly.

”Yes ” Leith nodded in approval.

”You look from a family that is quite capable for a private vehicle ” suspicion appeared in Farleys eyes, who did not know Geoffreys expensive university. Only people who are rich or with a high IQ can enter Geoffrey university.

Leith gets a scholarship to enter Geoffrey university. Although from a financial point of view, Leiths parents were able to afford the admission to enter Geoffrey University. Leith with the simplicity of life does not want to burden her parents too much. When she started college, Leiths father offered her a car, so that his daughter would be protected from the bullying of rich kids. And so that she can focus on studying. But Leith refused the offer. Leith doesn really care about things related to the college environment. At the beginning of the lecture there were those who insisted on bullying her. But a few months later there was an upperclassman who came to defend. Every time someone ridiculed her, he responded with a flat smile and left. But not everything is as smooth as Leith would like, sometimes bullies follow Leith and try to find Leiths weak points. Still Leith is not afraid and always responds normally.

The upperclassmen who came to defend were respected by the students. Not only that, during the rest of the lecture period, Leith was able to focus on studying and get satisfactory results. Until now Leith is still keep in touch with the upperclassman who became her close friends.

”Even if I have a vehicle, it will only make it difficult. ” Leith replied not very interested, then answered more clearly ”Terrazen is city with traffic jam. With me taking the bus, I can study on my way to university and to everywhere.

”Hmm, it seems you really value time from an early age ” Farley smiled and nodded.

”What do you do in your spare time? ” Farley placed his elbows on the table and intertwined his fingers in front of his chest.

”Study, ” Leith replied curtly.

”You don feel bored, by spending most of your time by studying? ” Farley asked curiously, imagining that life with books would always be at hand at every opportunity.

”Sometimes, when boredom comes, I go hang out with friends ” Leith saw Farley nod in agreement.

Farley nodded, thinking to himself, at least your lifestyle isn boring.

”Okay, when you can start working? ” Mr Farley straight to the point with firm face and his eyes shot sharp at Leigh eyes.

Leigh was taken aback, she didn expect to be accepted so easily with just a few basic questions. Based on the results of her previous interview, she expected to get rejected again, just like the previous companies. But in fact, what happened was the opposite.

”Ms. Quinn are you listening to me? ” ask Mr Farley astonishment.

”I am sorry, yeah, I am fine, well. I can join tomorrow ”. She said, her voice sounded quivered little bit, but she still manages to compose her face to look normal. ”May I asking question sir? ” she ask with determined mind.

”Sure ” Mr. Farley answer curtly.

”What the reason I been hired here, with due respect I didn mean to disrespect you but as per my last few interviews and based on basic hiring on design field, the company will do check my experience of working on my previous company and all the company said my previous company said that I am unworthy, stupidest, dumbest and have bad in work. And all of them believe it that why they all rejected me ”.

”Well, we do check and heard the news about you. we do not linger with those stuff, we value of on your portfolio, and when we check it, the result is original not plagiarism and even brilliant design master pieces. We believe with your style of design will be bring good to the company in the future ” explain Mr. Farley with beaming face and proud of her.

”Okay, our working hour is started at nine am to five pm. Tomorrow morning you will meet with Mrs Keoni to sign the employment contract. Make sure don be late ” Mr Farley state it with smile, because he very happy, he just needs to interview only one candidate that can fit and suit with the position they are hiring.

”Okay, I think that all my question for you, do you have question? ” Mr Farley state it the end of the interview and ended with question to Leigh.

”Hmm…. ” Leith trail a moment and without hesitate she ask ”How much salary I will received for this position? ”

Smart girl Farley smile with his lip still in thin line with the corner of his lips curled up ”Well, how much salary do you expected? ” Mr. Farley with flat tone.

”Hmm… How much salary company will offer for this position? ” she does not answer the question but she asks back with polite attitude.

”Considering the long working hours for designers and planners, we offer a salary of seven thousand dollars per month ” Farley replied by tidying Leiths file on the table.

Again, unexplained. Leith knew very well what Farley meant by Long working hours. Leith thought to herself
o designer can go back to standard work. Because the design takes time and focus work.

”Okay ” Leith answer with a nodded.

”Okay, see you tomorrow then ”. Mr. Farley closed the conversation and stood up followed by Leith and the two shaking hands while saying Thank you.

Farley walked to the door and opened the door. Leith walked out the door once again she bowed her head and said, hank you. And Farley replied with the same attitude.

Leith walked down the corridor leaving Farley, until she reached the Lobby office. Leith glanced at the reception desk and saw the same lady sitting there. And the moment their eyes met each other. Leith bowed her head to say, hank you and said goodbye.

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