Fragrance of the Deadly Love

They respect the big bosses that much

Leigh sits down on the chair with grace. She turns her head to Vhaken and give him smile one again. Before she swift her gaze. He speaks ”Make yourself comfortable, I will go a while to make my dose of coffee before I am start working, if not my mind will go error ” He wick to her again with the sweetest one. ”Do you wanna one? ”

”Ah… No thanks, I am good ” she raises her right hand to gesture to him to not bother her.

”Are sure? Its totally free you know, otherwise those doses will go in vain on the cupboard at pantry ” he said with his head turn slightly to the left and mischief smile saw on his face.

”Hahaa… its okay, if I need, I will go myself ” she assured him because she doesn want to make herself lazy person.

beside she is not fond of coffee, instead of tea.

”Alright then, don sleep in your first day, otherwise Sentia will give you a heart attack ” after he said that he walks away.

With no one speak to her, now she can explore the office freer. She gazes around still fascinating with the vast, modern, technologies tools office. She didn think, she will work in this amazing place. Her last company even far faraway primitive style to compared with this office. How come with this technologys office located in suburb city and not at the centre city.

Still in daze, a male voice was heard again ”Hey, didn I said before don sleep on your first day? Hmm naughty girl! ” he chuckles to her, put down his glass of coffee and the smell could make anyone who is addicted go hyper.

”Hahaa… I hope this office have the softest bed ” she replies to him and give him a scorned sound.

”I have something to tell you what I just caught on the way back here ” he Suddenly speak with smirk on his face.

”What is it? ” she replied curtly, intrigued.

”I cross with Sentia, she walks with beaming face. And when we get closer, she whispers to my ear With the vacance people in this city, I lucky found a gem. Make sure don let that gem get lost after that she walk pass me mumble Oh I excited how big boss might react about her once he meets her ” he said gesture it how her voice was said and act, When Sentia said that.

Leigh brows furrowed deeply, her lips twisted ”Why she said like that? Its meant our big boss often come here? ” She asks, her heart hammers on her chest rapidly. She also excited want to know how hes look like. But her wish goes in vain after here vhaken answer.

”No, he never come here, not even once, he manages and supervise this company from Yannick country. If you have lucky enough, you will meet him when you get an international training. Which is held once a year ” he replied to her clearly. And see her pout harshly ”Don worry, trust me with your brilliant mad brain, you will get just in time. The training will be held in three months ” he wicks to her with mischief smile.

And Leigh just smiles shyly. Because she didn think she have brilliant brain like he and Sentia exclaimed.

”I like you! ” He exclaims suddenly to her with his boyish smile, but before Leigh could react, Caely stands up and glare dagger to him.

”You Better watch your mouth, she is your junior ” she said with her two hand hangs either side of her waist, like to challenge someone to fight.

”And when did I say she is not a junior? ” his annoys voice could be heard ”You know what, since Sentia didn said before, but I believe she would say it, maybe she got an amnesia today. Then I will say to you on behalf of her. You are no more the most beautiful woman here, now you got a rival ” his big smile saw on his face, and he gestures his head toward Leigh to inform her who he meant is.

”Asshole ” she scoffs him while her lips pout sharply. After that she drop her body to her chair with loud squeak.

Leigh watched them bickering each other with flat face, not knowing which part of her conversation with Vhaken have gone wrong. She bites her inside lower lip, deep thinking.

”Hey, don mind her ” he said after saw Leigh in deep thought. ”These is our colourful daily fight to make our work team more life ” he gives her, his boyish smile and wick to her.

”Are you sure, you two not fighting because of me? ” she asks worriedly.

”Silly girl. Come, I will give the basic instructions and introduce you to ours the first and most successful project that even we got jackpot to go a holiday to Folkshine for one whole week– ” he swift the topic before it will go furthermore. At his middle explanation before he could continue, his word got cut.

”Are you kidding me, Folkshine is the most beautiful place in the world. ah… I hope I can go there ” she whines to herself. She started imagining the place that she knows from internet. She felt in love to that place at first sight.

”Too Bad, you should have joined us at the first place ” he put a sad face to her, feel sorry for her. ”Now, enough for the intermezzo before Farley will kick my ass when he returned, and you still have blank mind with office and work informations.

”Okay, like a said before our first project is Funtana Silk— ” once again his word got cut off.

”Holy crap, that is this office project? ” she exclaimed, she put her palm on her mouth in disbelieve ”At first, I thought that project belong to my previous company, I am so crazy with the project and wanna be part of the team. Thats Why I join the company, but I realized, I was wrong. I keep searching for the project team, but I couldn find it ” she explained to him briefly.

”Well, Thats our first project. Since you already known the project, I guest you already know to whole project information. So, I no need to explain to you again, am I right? ” he asks seriously with firm tone.

”Yes ” she replied immediately without batted an eye.

”Oh… you save my time, if not it will take a half an hour to explain that ” he sighed in relief. ”I think, I am not like you but love you now ” he gives her the biggest smile his face could give.

The sound of a kick rang out in front of their table followed by a murmured voice. And both giggles together in silent.

Vhaken turn his gaze to another file on his table and pull out a file. He opened and gave to Leigh ”This is our current project, and this project is the long one because until today we even couldn finalize it and sign the contract with the client ”

”Why? ” she asks curiously. With this amazing team, even had successes the famous Funtana Silk project. they shouldn have problem with it and they will surely find the solution.

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