Fragrance of the Deadly Love

Who doesn\'t have sensitivity?

”I will leave it to Farley, he is more qualified to answer your question ” he said avoiding answering her question with smooth reason. And that is true since he is the one keep attending the meeting project. He is the one knows better than other.

Across the table, the one who keep silent since the introduction session, voice out. ”Lets get fresh air ” he said, stoop up form his chair, he stretches out his hand toward Caely, which is still sulking about something she couldn get what is happened. Both left the place, leaving Leigh and Vhaken alone.

Seeing the way Caely vented her anger every time vhaken spoke, to be more precise to the words I like you or love you that is the exact time they received her reaction. Could it be she fall in love with him, and he doesn realize it? Oh, poor her she said inwardly with sad expression on her face.

She looked up at him, and he didn notice it at all. In fact, he acted nonchalantly as the two left their desks. Or he knows but pretends not to know. Hmm this is interesting! She exclaimed on her mind with mischief smile gaze toward him.

She wanna try something she say ”Hey, are sure nothing happens with Caely? ” the answer she gets only naughty smile on his face and a wick to her.

So, in true then, he knows Caely feeling toward him, but it seems she get one-sided love.

Why am I even analysed other people matter that doesn related to me? She slapped her forehead in her mind. Focus to work! She grabs her bag that still on her lap, putting on the side of her desk.

And that she remembers something she want to ask ”By the way, Ken ” she called him with just 3 last letters of his name, that sound friendly, like both already known each other for long time. She even didn realize with her on mouth, why she even called him with that nickname? she slapped her forehead inwardly. She looks at his face, looking for the rejection, but nothing happens.

”Yup, honey ” he replied curtly.

”Oh… please don call me that ” she retorted immediately with disgusted act on her face. She even fists her palm tightly, to suppress her anxiousness.

”You called my nickname, how you even known my nickname? ” he put his left hand Infront of his chest and his right thumb and index finger rest on his chin. Shot her with dagger glare, thinking hard.

”I didn know, its just reflection ” she exclaimed, she looks back at him with same dagger glare.

”So, you mean, your mouth moves its own, that ridiculous things to happen, but I like the way you called it, sound sexist on my ears. Keep calling it from now on ” he laughed out loud, and his two hands hold his stomach to prevent his laughter pain.

Now, she got his permission with her mistake called, he even asks her to call him that nickname.

She ignored his laughter and sulking show on her face ”You said our company handle Funtana Slik project. To the general people mind, this company should be rich, famous, and big company, so why the company located on the suburb city but not in the centre city? Even company name unknown and didn appear in any news related to architecture design ” she said with out given him a change to cut off, even his laughter died down with her question.

His face turns normal, he said nonchalantly gesture ”Well, that because our company keep low profile, and didn want to make a fuse with other same company sector. With that this company will focus on business rather then sink on fight and gossip with other company. That one of the rules big bosses had made, and make sure his all employee obediently followed the rules. And Sentia obliged with that heartedly ”.

Seeing her, deep in thought he ask ”You want to know how in work? Try make a mistake, and you will see ” he given her big smirk, added with his two eyebrows up and down third times to her.

”No, of course not ” she chimed curtly, don want him to make any mischief act further.

After that little bickering between them, Vhaken give to her some files, both rules and new project for her to study. Ravern and Caely return half hour later and Farley haven return form the meeting.

In no time, lunch time arrived. Vhaken raise his head and look at Leigh, but before he could say any word Caely voice was heard ”Hey Leigh, wanna have lunch with me? ” she quickly asked.

”Sure ” she replied curtly without batted an eye. While Vhaken mouth still wide open to ask the same thing but got slice by Caely.

Both stoop up and left the two men on their desk, dumbfounded. They walk to the back door, go straight to the pantry room. After they stepped out the vast room, the walk on corridor, passed many rooms. Caely tells her what room each of them, they even peek a little through the door that she opened for her to see. There is Playroom, for employee get numb and dull mind so they can play a while to refresh their minds. Prayer room, not only one believer but to some believer, so each employee with different believer still can pray together in respect. Painting and art room, this room to explore more employee talent to keep their imagination running and get idea to put it on work. indirectly the company provides a place for employees to dig deeper into their hobbies but indirectly encourages them to be more creative in their imagination so that they are not wasted.

Look like this company really value their employee and spoiled them with something related to both sides.

In the middle on the long corridor, there is a room for the big bosses, but since the company established until today, the room keep vacance. No one dare to go inside to sight see, except for the office girl to cleaned up and keep all the things neatly arranged in place. They respect the big bosses that much. Even Caely didn dare to open the door slightly for her to see, so they just peek on between the curtains.

They keep walking until they reach the pantry room. There are already many employees on the table, eat their lunch with happy face. They walk to the counter of food to collect their food. There are so many types of food that will keep your droll hanging on the corner of your mouth until it satisfied after you eat it and taste the delicious food, chewed on your mouth, go down your throat, keep down and ended stomach in the digestive process before advancing to the intestine for further processing.

The pantry servant is very nice, keep asking which one food we want to eat. I choose light food because my stomach more comfortable with that type of foods. After we collected our food, we walk to the table at the corner of the room. Seem like both girl like private place and want to spend their eat time calmer.

”So, what do you think here? ” suddenly Caely asked in the middle of them eating.

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