Fragrance of the Deadly Love

Oh Boy, why is the discussion go wild like this

The two of them turned their heads towards the source of the voice. Sentia, strides gracefully, her footsteps steady. The smirk on her lips looked mischievous. ”Well? ” she asked again demanding an answer patiently.

Both Leigh and Caely gulped, nervous. Leigh knew that she didn want her feelings to be known by others, much less Sentia. She glanced in the direction and was right in her mind. ”Well, Im telling a friend of mine whose husbands are sometimes insensitive to his wifes needs ” and she winked at her once, sending a signal, hopefully she understands what she means by a wifes needs.

Of course, it was very understandable to her. ”Oh dear, I sometimes hate men, I think their hearts are covered in moss, its disgusting ” the last word she said as she acted in a disgusting style, her lips parted, disgusting.

”They are ” Caely chirped, and the three laughed loudly, making the birds perched on tree branches fly away from them. It was as if the sound of their laughter disturbed their days.

”I will never get bored in this park. My work ” she spread her arms as widely as she could, its like she wanted to hug the entire wide and beautiful garden.

”Its one oclock, back to work ” she warned them in a firm voice but smiled sweetly.

”Yes, right ” both answered at the same time, and the three of them walked into their respective workrooms.

At the end of the corridor, Sentia turned in the opposite direction from them.

”Promise me you won say anything to Ken ” Caely said, she turned to Leigh, with a pleading face, pleading. She still wasn brave enough to voice her feelings to her crush. Not now. But she will be, then.

Leigh gave her a reassuring smile ”You can count on me ” she said placing her palm on her shoulder and patting her a few times with a smile.

”Thank you ” she replied.

The two of them walked down the corridor until they ended up in the spacious room where their desk worked. Vhaken and Revarn were at their desk, as was Farley who seemed to have come back from a project meeting. The two walked over to their desk and sat down.

All move on and are drowned by the work. Leigh herself felt very excited, learning the new things that were given to her. Learn about the projects their team is working on.

Farley himself was immersed in the outcome of a meeting with a client, which Leigh dared not disturb him, as his face looked very serious. Maybe the results of the meeting brought about a big change in terms of layout design. But that didn make her lose her spirits, because Vhaken would occasionally poke her, he was the closest to the other team, who sat beside her desk and the other across the desk.

The annoying thing is, their sitting position is like a couple sitting opposite each other at a restaurant table if they are dating on the weekend. Leigh confronted Revarn.

While Vhaken is facing Caely, maybe because this is what makes Caely frustrated with him, every time she lifts her head the face, she sees is Kens face. It was a sure thing, an impossible thing to happen to a person, once they lifted, they head one would always look to the side. Like it or not, they will look Infront first. All she saw was his serious, indifferent face, his childish smile, all of which she could only see but could not touch. Poor little girl, isn it.

Leigh sympathizes with Caely, a one-sided love will indeed make you suffer. Moreover, the person she loves cannot see the love she shows. Every time she opened her mouth to start a conversation, there were words that sounded irrelevant and invited debate. And Vhaken considers they colourful daily fight. The proverb of praise is strange indeed, but it is to make people not think negatively of them.

And time flies so fast that it is evening, the sun is just getting ready to get down and sleep, disappearing into the darkness of the western horizon.

”Hey Leigh, its your first day on working here right, why don we celebrate? ” Caely said suddenly with a big smile that made her eyes narrow and almost closed. It gives the impression that she wants to get certain someones attention, but her act looks stiff and clumsy.

The other three people also immediately raised their heads, upon hearing the invitation. Farley wanted to immediately nod but he hesitated because not necessarily the person who was invited, would go. Because he doesn know Leighs nature and association yet. Revarn put on a straight face while glancing at Caely and Leigh, while Vhaken, Oh don say, of course it made him excited ”Yes, right ” while glaring at Leigh hoping she would come.

Leigh smiled shyly, yes this is one way to strengthen their working relationship, so why not, after all, she hasn been with her friends for almost three months, because she doesn want them to feel sympathy for her. Moreover, she was dishonourably fired. So, her face immediately excited to welcome the invitation ”Sure, why not? ”.

”Settle then, lets go ” Vhaken immediately chimed in and stood up ”Oh, we
e gonna have fun! ” a happy triumphant smile appeared on his face, he grabs his jacket, which was placed on the back of his backchair.

Likewise with the others, taking their coats, wallets, and bags. The fifth then walked out along the long corridor to the office lobby. Then walk to the front door of the office. ”So, where are we going to hangout? ” Farley asked after everyone had left and was standing on the sidewalk in front of the office.

”How about we go to Dumbest foodie restaurant, after that to Nightime karaoke ” Vhaken suggested, his eyes shining mischievous and sharp as he glanced at the others.

Dumbest Foodie restaurant is a place to eat where the way food is served looks ridiculous, weird and sometimes even looks passionate, and this is always a topic of conversation on social media. Because most of those who come there will share photos of the food they ordered, which in the end invites chatter from netizens. On the other hand, the taste should not be underestimated, because all the tongues who have eaten there will raise their two hands by showing their thumbs as high as possible. Because the taste is too delicious, it makes people addicted to come again and again. Even though the chefs are old aunts who were recruited because they are good at cooking. Those who smile blush shyly when get praised.

”Good advice, what about the others? ” asked Farley excitedly, to which the others answered with one word in unison OK.

”Wait, we need to arrange the vehicle ” Caely chirps suddenly with ulterior motives. ”Im not driving today, and neither is Leigh, only the three of you are driving ”

”Oh yes, thats right! ” Farley exclaimed. ”Leigh, I guess Ken won mind if you come with him. And you Caely, you can come with me ” he suggested nonchalantly.

Vhaken immediately replied in agreement while wrapping his arms around Leighs shoulders carelessly ”Sure, is not a big deal, Im sure she will feel comfortable with me, right Leigh? ” he turned to her, waiting for her answer.

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