Fragrance of the Deadly Love

Oh Boy, why is the discussion go wild like this

aely said firmly, because she didn want their happy time to end quickly. To which the three men answered with a nod in unison. He glanced at Leigh, her brows furrowed.

Hesitating ”Hmm can I order some tea ” said Leigh with an embarrassed face. Shes not fond of alcoholic drinks. And she is very low tolerant of alcohol. If she drank just one glass, she would immediately get drunk. And it was an unpleasant experience for her in the past.

Caely nodded thinly, the others looked at each other but made no comment. then she looked at the waiter ordering ”4, Light Vodka and 1, tea ”.

”Okay, so the order… ” the waiter repeated all the types of food ordered one by one to confirm the food they had recorded into the system was correct before she pressed the enter button, the fix sign ordered ”The food will come right away when its ready to serve ” she said, then walked over to the order counter.

”So, Leigh How is your first day of working? ” Farley finally asked, what he really wanted to ask after he heard the report from Vhaken, the progress of her learning teamwork. But he didn because he had to summarize and work on the results of the meeting this morning.

”Hmm.. so far with the help of Ken, Im excited to learn ” she answered excitedly, because she was really happy to join the company she wanted. Due to ignorance and the companys low profile, she entered the wrong company and ended up not learning much.

”Good, I hope you can learn quickly, because we need to be agile and careful at work, ” added Farley with a small smile but there was a firmness in his voice when he said that.

”I won let you down, ” she answered simply with confidence.

Twenty years of experience working in the same field, made her very familiar with the field of work that she was involved in. Starting from free drawings of building plans that she saw in magazines when she was still in school, because every day she also saw her father bringing his work home on weekends, which made her interested in building design.

Her interest was supported by her parents, so she studied at a well-known university with an architectural design faculty. After graduating, work in the same field. Tricks, intrigue, the art of design from various models, the culture design she studied. And here she is, finally, proudly able to tell her father that she has succeeded in working for a major architectural design company. But that would never happen because her father was gone.

At least she had made her father proud to have taught her, while he was still around. I hope hes smiling happily up there. She prays inwardly.

After 15 minutes their food was served on their dining table. One by one the food was placed by the waiter. Hot steam rises over the food. The delicious aroma wafts, makes your tongue drool and stomach sings, asking for food to be eaten immediately.

And when her food was placed in front of her, Vhaken sensual voice sounded ”Leigh, you should have crawled on my bed, I would love to see you crawling on top of me ” he smirked mischievously, his eyes filled with lust ready to devour her whole.

Leighs face immediately turned red at the words spoken by him. She saw the shape of the dish she ordered, it cannot be blamed for why he said that, because indeed like the chicken was crawling on top of a soup filled with green and orange vegetables. Like someone is crawling on the bed with a seductive eye allure. She looked down in shame. Oh Boy, why is the discussion go wild like this she grumbled inwardly.

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