GDXS: Origins

Day 6: The meeting

The storm was getting stronger with each passing minute. All other folks around had their house windows barricaded. Protecting the safety of the inside. Dennis was staring out the window, seeing everyone preparing themselves for whats coming from this storm.

Around this time, Nix changed back to her usual clothing that was a lab coat and a plain brown turtle neck dress.

”Man… this is just like if it was a hurricane… ”

As Dennis sees the hard gust of winds. A lightning-bolt landed right at the bedroom window.

”Hey, shouldn we barricade the windows as well? ”

Dennis asked as he walks away from the window.

”Not really. I coated my house with magic that can reflect magic. ”

But they all then heard a loud bang right at the door. Then another that was even louder.

”Huh… Thats probably Spike. Let me just go open it. ”

Dahlia said. She then walked towards the door, but Dennis felt something was wrong. He turned over to the lab and saw Spike with a bucket and a mop in hand.

”Hey, why do you guys seem like you saw a ghost? ”

Spike was down in the lab cleaning the mess from the previous aftermath. It then made Dennis realize they were in danger.

”Hold it, don open the door!! ”

Dennis then ran towards Dahlia, but it was too late. She was already at the door, about to open it, and when she did, a man in a black coat appeared and was holding a book with his left hand.

”All three of you are in one place… Now die… ”

The man was about to cast a spell. From the palm of his right hand. Particles of energy were gathering, creating a ball with concentrated magic. Dennis was half way about to reach Dahlia while being ready to cast a spell.

”Dahlia, get down!! ”

Nix shouted. She quickly cast a spell, with no concentration needed. As a force wave went towards Dahlia. She ducked to not get caught by it and it hit the one who was outside.

As the rain was pouring hard. The man was laughing at their attempt to stop him. Dennis jumped over Dahlia, stepping outside of the house and was ready to use his spell.

”You think you can stop me!! The heralds will destroy you all and have their revenge!! ”

The man said. They said that he was going crazy. He got up and the only thing he saw was Dennis with his left hand going for his face.

”Frost!! ”

Calling out the magics name. Dennis froze the mans head in contact and made a giant ice chunk on it. For Dennis, it surprised him he could use ice magic once again, but it scared him. He froze a persons head, and he has to live with the consequences.

”What have I done…? ”

Dennis asked himself, and went down on his knees. Dahlia and Nix walked out with an umbrella to help Dennis back to his senses.

”Hey… You did the right thing. If you didn stop him, we would all be dead right now. ”

Nix said with a hand on Denniss left shoulder.

”But he mentioned something about the heralds… We should get the others here by tomorrow and sort things out. ”

Dahlia said. She then went back inside and let Dennis and Nix talk things out.

”His not dead. Take a closer look. ”

Nix then pointed out at the mans body that was turning into bright, multiple light orbs of red, black and dark purple.

”That was a messenger… They usually attempt to do damage before they leave. Now come on. It is not safe out here… ”

Nix then took Dennis back inside that was about to go in tears. When they got back in. Spike handed him a towel so that he could dry his head while it troubled Dahlia about whats going on.

”The harbingers are back… Of all times they return near the flower festival… ”

Dahlia said. When Dennis was done drying. He sat down on the couch and got curious for one moment.

”What are the harbingers? ”

Dennis asked. When he asked, Spike got nervous and went upstairs while Nix pulled out a book.

”You want to know more? Then prepare yourself cause this will be long… ”

The harbingers, known as the chosen of the fates. They only seek to destroy everything and disrupt the harmony of peace. Amongst the ranking, there are only thirteen chosen by the fates, alongside with two hundred and fifty followers each. They specialized each one of them in a certain way of combat or form of magic.

”I have met them once… And things weren so well at the time until queen Sol put a stop to them and sealed them away on an ancient kingdom around these parts. ”

Nix said. She then showed Dennis a picture of a destroyed castle and continued on.

”There plan was to resurrect the god of madness, but they were missing one key to their puzzle. A host strong enough to wield all forms of magic and to our surprise… It is you, Dennis… ”

”Wait, if its me they want… Wouldn they have gone for me from the start? ”

”That is true… But I guess they are playing it smart and they are getting desperate… ”

Nix then cast a spell on Dennis. A bright purple light surrounded him and it then vanished.

”This should buy us some time while we come up with a plan. ”

”What did you cast on me? ”

”Its a spell that hides your magic presence, but you can leave this place for a couple of days. Ill explain things to Sara once the storm clears away. ”

Nix then went to her room to rest up for today. Dahlia was looking for something to spend the time while Spike pulled a book into the bookshelf and to open a secret door that was the guest room.

”Alright, Dennis, you can go in and rest. I know the situation looks back but calm down, alright? ”

Spike attempted to make Dennis feel better, but he only just nodded and went into the guest room to call it a day.

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