GDXS: Origins

Day 1.5: Into the Dark Woods

howl was heard in the distance. Then in became a roar. It scarred Dennis for his life, but as he tried to escape. He comes across the regular trees, exiting out of the dark woods. Dennis felt at ease, but when he approached to the exit. The wolf was coming right behind him.

”No… Someone…. Help!!! ”

As Dennis screamed out for help. A ray of light strikes down the beast as Dennis gets out of the woods. He is back at the entrance. Holding on to the star-bells with a firm grip. He looks back and sees the wolf down and stumbles to the ground. A man wearing a templar armor walks out of the woods and stabs the wolf that was on the ground. Reassuring that it stays dead.

”Are you alright, child? ”

The templar says. Dennis nods to him.

”Good, you must avoid from getting close to the dark forest. Evil lurks around the shadows and its turning the wild life into monsters. ”

The templar then helps Dennis get up. When he was done, he noticed Dennis was holding on to the star-bells.

”Thank you for saving me, sir. ”

As Dennis thanked the kind man. The templar grabbed his hand and gave him a small bag that was holding 100 golden coins.

”Here, u can get a few things for your parents. ”

The templar said. He then walks off while greeting the people in the park. In Dennis mind, he thought the templar was kind and odd fellow and continued on with his day.

Later on. Dennis heads back to Sylvias house. When he arrives. He saw P waiting with a full basket of firework supplies.

”Hey!! You
e finally back! ”

P then rushes over to Dennis and gives him a hug. She then inspects him if he ended up injured.

”Im fine, just doing a small errand for Sylvia. ”

When Dennis mentioned her name. The door opened and Sylvia walked out in a different clothing. She was wearing a long yellow summer dress that had the same markings of the flowers that Dennis had in his hands.

”You are finally back, kid, and you have brought the thing I needed. ”

Sylvia takes the star-bells and they all go inside. She then hands Dennis the clothes that he wanted for no charges. It left Dennis confused, as he thought he needed to still pay for it.

”Don worry. Its on the house. I could use a little errand boy from time to time. Was it hard to get this? ”

As Sylvia asked. Dennis remembered that the animals in the dark woods were turning evil.

”Not really… Just that something is going on in the woods. ”

”Thats all right. You know, u should come by tomorrow. ” Ill have something made for u over night. ”

Sylvia then started ahead of plan to prepare for the stuff and handed over the clothing in a gift box with a red ribbon on it. Afterwards, Dennis and P left her house and soon returned to Saras house, but before they even entered. P stopped Dennis from going into the house.

”Before we go in, do u want to hang out soon? I want to show u around and meet all my other friends. ”

”I guess… I don have nothing much to do anyway… ”

Dennis mentions while being down for himself.

”Now cheer up, I know someone that can help. ”

When the small chat that they had ended. Dennis went back into Saras house and concluded his day. P went back to her home and prepared everything that she got.

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