GDXS: Origins

Day 3: Learning in the ways of magic

It was afternoon. Dennis was waiting in the park, reading the book he received from Nix. He was sitting on a bench under the shade of a tree. Eventually, P ends up finding him reading and invaded his space.

”Hey, Dennis. What u reading? ”

As P asked. She stands behind the bench and notices that Dennis was reading a book about magic that it caught her interest.

”Oh, Nix gave me this book to study about magic. She wants to help me learn more about it since from where Im from. Magic is basically a myth. It has proven most tricks are fake… ”

”You know, some of us aren born with magic and it makes it difficult around these places. Also, I got u this… ”

P then rummages through her pockets and pulls out a ticket.

”Whats this? ”

”Its a train ticket. I was planning on heading to the capital to get some pastries for later. ”

Dennis gave it a thought for a moment. The feeling of eating something sweet overcome him and agreed to tag along. When Dennis agreed, he stood up from the bench and bumped into someone.

”Sorry about that. I didn look… ”

Dennis then froze in fear. He bumped into the girl he first bumped into a few days ago. A girl with light skin tone, she was wearing a black skirt with a light blue leather jacked and was wearing a white shirt with a star in the center. She also had rainbow hair, but it had a pale color. Her eyes had the color magenta, while wearing red shoes.

”You again… How did I find you here of all places… ”

The girl said. She was already in a terrible mood from encountering Dennis.

”Wait, Dahlia? Do you know how long I was looking for you!?! I didn find u at your house yesterday! ”

P then stood from the bench and got a hold of her friend.

”Also, I know u had a terrible start with him, but give him a chance… Do it for me, alright? ”

Dahlia tried to look away. P was being too convincing, and she couldn never say no to her. She eventually gave up and agreed to give Dennis a chance of being friends. They then headed over to the train station and saw that it was empty. P went over to get a ticket for Dahlia, leaving her with Dennis for the time been.

”You already know my name, but whats yours? ”

”Dennis. Im sorry for bumping into you the other day… ”

Dennis then felt sorry and was thinking of a way to get out of the conversation. Until Dahlia brought up something that throws him off.

”No… Im the one that should be sorry. I scared you the other day, making you run away. I didn mean it, its just that… I was in a bad mood, thats all… ”

”Well, don worry about it. You seem like a cool person to hang around with. Ill go get us a drink. ”

Dennis then saw a merchant selling drinks nearby and headed over there. When he arrived, he saw the merchant was selling water and juices, but Dennis didn know what to order until Dahlia stood right next to him..

”Two strawberry blast please. ”

Dahlia said. The merchant then hands over two crystal shaped strawberries with a bright pink liquid inside. It costed two coins and Dennis pulled out two coins from his utility belt and payed for the drinks.

After that, they went to sit on a bench waiting for P to return with the tickets. Right in front of them while sitting on a bench. They saw a beautiful forest while in the far distance it had two mountains that had snow on the very top.

”Have you heard of the legend of a beast in the mountains? ”

Dahlias asks.

”No, I haven . I only have been here for at least three days. ”

”Well, the legend says that there is a creature that roams at midnight in the mountains. Searching for someone to inherit its will and vengeance upon his homeland. ”

Once Dahlia finished. A train arrived and blocked the sight of nature and P returned just in time. She had an extra ticket in her hands. They eventually got on board the train and headed to the capital.

A few hours later. They arrived at the next station and saw that most of the buildings were like mansions from first glance, but it had signs identifying the what they sell.

The first place they headed was to a bakery shop nearby. When they went in, they saw a bunch of cakes and other deserts displayed while more were being made in the back. P went over to the counter to make an order.

”The usual, please! ”

P said. The workers in the back started packing a bunch of cakes and different pastry into boxes. Once they finished packing, a guy wearing a white apron approached the counter.

”Do u want us to deliver it to place? ”

The guys asked.

”Yes, I want you to send this all to Saras house. Also, can I have a sweet bagel for the kid? Its their first time in the capital and I want it to become memorable. ”

”Understood. ”

The guy then sent a team to make the delivery while he gets the bagel ready. When it was done. He handed over the bagel to P while Dennis spent his time reading, sitting down on a table while Dahlia was still hasn finished her drink.

”Hey Dennis, u should try this! ”

P then hands over the bagel to him and he eats it. After one bite, he continued eating the bagel until he had a stuffed face like a squirrel.

”This is delicious!! ”

Dennis said with excitement. When he was done. He noticed right outside a group of knights in all white. It caught his attention and walked out of the bakery. Dahlia then went after him, wondering where was he was going, but to its surprise. He stumbled upon the knights. Dennis was standing right in front of him, but something frightened him and made him step back.

”Hey, don just run off like that!! ”

Dahlia said. Dennis ended up colliding with her and noticed that he was afraid of something.

”Whats wrong? ”

As Dahlia asked. She saw Dennis point out at the knight in the center.

”That knight… He is not normal… ”

When Dennis stated. The knight he pointed out walked over to them.

”Is there a problem? ”

The knight asked. Dahlia then realized what Dennis meant, and she moved her head left and right. Showing that theirs nothing wrong. The knight then left with his group.

”Lets just go home… Im already weirded out by this… ”

Dahlia said. Dennis agreed with her and left. When they got back from the station. It was about to be sunset. P went ahead to Saras house. Leaving Dennis and Dahlia by themselves. They went on a small around the park before they went separate ways.

”I should probably catch up to her… ”

Dennis said. He then pulled out his phone and remembered that it wouldn turn on.

”Hey, what is that? ”

”Oh this? This is my cellphone… Found it in my pockets, but it won turn on. ”

”That sucks, but anyway. I should get going. Ill see you tomorrow, if possible. ”

Dahlia then left the park while waving at Dennis. He waved back at her. Once she was gone. He went back to Saras house to call it a day.

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