Chapter 1

The bustle of the city on a sunny Monday began to be felt. Various vehicles have been seen thronging the streets. The noise from the horn and exhaust was deafening. There were street vendors shouting and selling their wares. The queue of buyers of chicken porridge located right on the roadside added to the traffic jam.

The occasional sighs and curses from road users enliven the atmosphere this morning. From a distance, a girl wearing a white and blue uniform got out of a car. He walked towards the edge of the road, then approached one of the middle-aged women in shabby clothes who was sitting on cardboard. The woman was screaming offering her betta fish while holding a toddler.

The girl held a book in her left hand and with difficulty her right hand reached into one of the pockets on the skirt. Next, he took out some red banknotes and gave them to the woman. After that, he nodded his head and walked away towards the white Toyota Alphard which was not far from him.

Without realizing it, a young man in a white and gray uniform with the same alma mater logo was now watching his every move from behind the steering wheel without missing a beat. The corners of his lips curved like a crescent moon. The young mans hand held his chest to hold back the erratic beating of his heart since earlier.

For some reason, there is a speck of a foreign feeling that creeps into the heart to disturb the conscience. An idea came to mind. He decided to get out of the car to just get acquainted but, unfortunately, he immediately abandoned it because he saw that the girl had already entered his car.

The entrance bell rang, making all the JBS group junior and senior high school students scatter and walk into their respective classes. A girl with a beautiful face named Davira Atmaja or commonly called Rara was seen walking a little running from the direction of the library while carrying several novels in her hands.

The girl is a bookworm who loves to read. At every opportunity, he always took the time to read thick sheets of paper containing various fictional stories. Not infrequently, this makes him late to eat which causes the girl to have an ulcer.

Looks like he really can stay away from that thing called a book. Wherever he is, there must be a book. Known to be a tomboy, smart, diligent, and kind but unfortunately, his attitude is cold and sometimes fierce. Once upon a time, there was a student in his class who was hit by an eraser just because it was noisy in class. Many called him a class thug.

Arriving at class, he dropped his buttocks on the oversized chair in the back row with his best friend. It appears that Peony Saraswati, commonly called Puni, is Raras chair, also sitting in a chair while posing in front of her flat object.

”Ra, where are you from? ” asked Puni without averting her gaze.

”Usually from the library, ” Rara answered nonchalantly without looking back and went back to her reading book which had not been finished because of the class call or the ringing of the bell.

”Wow! Bookworms are like that, aren they? In the morning, afternoon, evening, and night, their only job is to read books. Even when they walk and sit, they see books. It seems like the book is getting bored because you
e the only one reading it every day. hihihi. ” Puni said then laughed softly while covering his mouth with five fingers.

”Hmm. ” Briefly Rara without turning her eyes and still looking at the novel she had just borrowed from the library earlier. Puni shook his head at the behav

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