Chapter 3

Rara looked down to greet then immediately looked for an empty seat. His eyes scanned every corner of the room and found an empty chair right next to a tall, handsome male student with fair skin. The face with a firm dimpled jaw was staring at him. Rara ignored the view and chose to sit down after shifting the wooden chair in front of her exactly one meter from the man.

”Okay, since all of them are present, there are a few things I need to say right away. Our school will hold an additional activity, namely the management of the cooperative. Now, this cooperative will have twenty members, each of whom is represented from your class at least one person and additional other members will be there from class X to class XII representatives. Then I will explain the system and activities problems at the next meeting. ” He explained length times width and height like the volume formula in mathematics that we often encounter, occasionally glancing at his students.

”Yes sir. ” They all said at the same time.

”Okay, please go back to your respective classes and don forget to submit the names of representatives from each class, no later than tomorrow afternoon. Thats it and thank you. ” Said Mr. Bubud then left the hall.

Rara walked into the classroom with a sour face. He ignored the gazes of the class at him. The girl pulled her chair until a squeaking sound could be heard in her ears and then sat down and leaned back in her chair.

”Whats the matter, maam, how come his face doesn look like its wrinkled like that? ” Asked Indra one of his classmates. Puni who realized the situation, put her finger to her lips signaling to everyone to remain somewhat silent while glaring threateningly. However, its not called class B if their behavior can be controlled that easily. Various questions and temptations kept coming from the male students added to the emotions. Rara sighed then walked towards the blackboard, took a black marker and wrote something on it.

The girl tapped on the white board with an eraser to distract the class so that they could read what she wrote.

”So who wants to be our class representative for this new cooperative? ” Rara asked while looking at her friends one by one with slightly raised eyebrows. However, all of them shook their heads reluctantly and pointed at each other to be their class representatives.

”You don , Rae. ” All said in unison voicing their voices then looked at each other and smiled with a pitiful grin at Rara.

”Yes, Ra. You
e not our leader who is the most kind and cute, isn it? ” Rayu Ivan while putting his hands on his cheeks, showing a pose as cute as possible like a personal girlband while raising his eyebrows. But it actually got a sharp look from Rara.

”Then well help pray. ” said Bambang.

”I treat chicken noodles at the mang ujang shop. ” Offer Vino.

”Huuuuffffft, I thought it would be like this. The others will take turns. Don think that I will represent this class alone. complained Rara. There was a harsh breath coming from him.

”Come on, Ra. You know you
e our mainstay in this class. ” Rajuk Bambang while raising and lowering his eyebrows.

”Okay, but chicken noodles in a week, huh? Then don forget that my picket schedule is removed for a month and thats all you guys replace! ” Rara said with a smirk. The whole class looked at each other as if confused between yes or no Raras request. The reason is, all the contents of this class like to go home early but arrive late. ”Its up to you, if you want our class to be punished, its okay. Im still reluctant, Im tired of being punished already in class IX. ” Rara continued while shrugging her shoulders making her friends have no other choice.

”Can I be poor if I treat you chicken noodles for a week? ” said Vino with a pitiful face pretending to be sad even though he was actually happy to death because he got the rare opportunity to eat chicken noodles with Rara, his idol girl since class VIII. ”Thank you Lord. ” He thought.

”How pity you are. Its your own fault to offer! ” Rara said while sticking her tongue out at Vino as if mocking triumphantly.

”Yes, yes. The chairman is always right. ” Vino said with a sweet smile.


Lessons run normally as usual. Yes, even though its more noisy because class IX B is indeed a super special class among other classes. Many dub this class as an absurd class because of the noise every time the lesson is empty.

However, despite so many achievements they often get from various fields, especially sports, arts and class creativity. It can be seen from the room filled with paintings and various kinds of handmade works that they deliberately lined up beside the trophy which was specially placed in the cupboard right in the corner of the classroom.


Noon exactly at 12:05.

The bell rings for recess. Everyone rushed out, some went to the canteen, some went to the library. Unlike students in general, Rara and Puni choose to go to the library. Today, Rara plans to return the book and then borrow a new one. Puni faithfully accompanied her.

After from the library, Rara rushed to the hall while Puni went to the canteen to order food while waiting for the girl to come back from the hall. Rara stepped a little running down the hallway and garden. Her black hair moved left and right following the movement of her body. She didn care about the sweat and breath that started to rush because as soon as possible she had to submit a list of names that would join the cooperative according to Pak Bubuds orders today.

Although cold and often fierce, Rara is a smart and diligent student. Always a mainstay in his class because he is the only one who is always a representative and is willing to take part in other normal school activities such as School Organizations and others.

Arriving in the hall, Rara knocked on the two-meter wooden door and greeted. After hearing the greeting from Mr. Bubuds signature voice inside, he slowly opened the door until it creaked. Mr. Bubud was seen sitting across from a man in a white and gray uniform. His brow furrowed as if remembering the figure he might have seen. A flash of yesterdays image flashed, now he remembered that the man was a senior at JBS High School who was sitting next to him yesterday.

Oh yes, just for information, the location of JBS **A and **P is actually opposite, only limited by the yard and garden because this school was founded by a foundation, namely the JBS Group. Even so, Rara herself has never been there because she is too busy in the library and is not interested in going there. Its different like other students who are happy to go there just to see handsome guy there.

”Rara, please have a seat. ” Mr. Bubud said, inviting Rara and tilting his head as if to show the place where a man was sitting.

”Yes sir, thank you. ” replied Rara while nodding and then pulling the brownish wooden chair to make a loud squeaking sound rubbing against the ceramics, then dropped her buttocks there. He glanced at the man next to him.

”This is the list of names of representatives from my class, then Ill excuse myself. ” Rara said while smiling at Mr. Bubud and said goodbye not forgetting his sweet smile.

”Yes, please. ” said Mr. Bubud.

Rara got up and then shifted the chair back and turned around to walk towards the door which was about three meters away to exit the hall. However, without realizing it, a pair of hazel eyes were looking at her full of meaning.

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