Chapter 4

Rara got up and then shifted the chair back and turned around to walk towards the door which was about three meters away to exit the hall. However, without realizing it, a pair of hazel eyes were looking at him full of meaning.

Feeling being watched, the girl looked back at the man while frowning because she was confused about what it meant. Until they unconsciously stared at each other for a split second, causing a vibration that they didn know what it was.

Until finally the sound of Mr. Bubuds snoring was heard, which woke them up. Both of them made a mistake. Rara then immediately turned around and rushed towards the cafeteria because she remembered Pinu who had been waiting for it for a long time.


The sun was already shining, but this girl was still struggling with her blanket. Not because he wasn ready for school, but because he was finishing reading a novel he hadn finished reading before he returned it to the library.

”Rara … Davin … ! Come down son … ! ” Mother shouted from the first-floor kitchen. He is preparing breakfast.

Hearing the mother calling, they immediately went down the stairs to the dining table. It looks like Rara is ready in her blue and white uniform, not to forget her backpack and the novel in her hand, not leaving her arms. He walked hand in hand with Davin who was wearing a red white uniform and a black backpack on his back from the second floor. The girl smiled at Davin even though Davin only responded with a straight face.

Davin Atmaja is Raras youngest sister. Currently eleven years old. Next year, he plans to enter the same junior high school as Rara. Her quiet child doesn talk much, but her brain is above the average for her age, not much different from Rara. Sometimes he likes to play pranks on his only sister but at certain times, he will become a warm figure for Rara and her family.

”Rara, please call father, son, ” Shanum asked for help when she saw his daughter sitting on the dining table chair.

”Okay, Mom. Wait, ” said Rara, getting up from her chair and then rushing to call Atmaja in the room.

Not long after, Dad came out of the room carrying a black briefcase and a coat draped in his hand while walking next to Rara.

Arriving in the dining room, Atmaja put the bag and coat he was carrying on a small table not far from the dining table then approached Shanum and kissed his forehead. This made their two sons and daughters turn their faces away from the intimacy of the two middle-aged people. This site is always seen every morning and even every day so it doesn surprise their children. After that, each of them sat in a chair, and then they had breakfast with wisdom.

Raras family always makes time for breakfast together. Especially considering that Rara has an ulcer which makes Atmaja and Shanum often worried. Every day Mother diligently brings snacks to prevent Raras disease from relapsing. The reason is, that Raras habit of being busy with school activities and struggling with books in the library often makes the girl forget her lunch. No doubt it makes his stomach relapse.

After finishing eating breakfast and saying goodbye, Dad took Rara and Davin to school before then going to his office.

Exactly at 06.45 Rara arrived in front of the school gate. He kissed Atmajas hand and said goodbye. The girl walked with hurried steps rushing through the school corridor occasionally bumping into students or students who were walking from the opposite side.

Immediately Rara headed for the womens locker room which was at the end of the field next to the library. Carrying a book in her right hand, the girl hastened to apologize occasionally to those she bumped into. From another direction, there was a young man who was also walking toward him but, was focusing on his cellphone.

Rara and her books fell. Without seeing who she hit, Rara then squatted down and apologized while picking up the books that were scattered on the floor.

Smiling, the person helped clean up the mess caused by him not paying attention to the road. After that, stood up and left because he saw one of his friends calling him as if there was something important.

”Thanks… uh where is that person gone? ” Raras monologue while looking around but found no one. At an hour like this, it was already getting quiet because almost all the students had entered their respective classes, let alone the bell rang soon. Rara shrugged her shoulders and rushed over so as not to be late.

Rara entered a dressing room with white paint on the walls. Some of his classmates still seemed to stay after changing clothes just to comb their hair so it wouldn be messy. Rara breathed a sigh of relief even though the sweat on her forehead was dripping from running around earlier.

However, not long after that, they said goodbye to the field first, leaving Rara alone. After changing her uniform to a blue sports training uniform, Rara went to the field following her friends.

Arriving at the field, Raras forehead wrinkled in confusion, and was surprised because there were not only her class students but also high school students from XII IPS class gathered not far from her.

”Maybe its because you enter the semester twice, so the lesson hours have changed, ” he thought.

His eyes searched for his best friend, but it took him a few seconds to find Puni who was waving at him.

”Ra, are you late? Its a good thing the teacher isn here yet, ” said Puni immediately embracing him. He gave details of why he was late. Puni nodded her head as a sign that she understood.

”Oh, I see, but youve eaten, right? Don wait until your stomach flares up, Ill be the one in trouble? ” Tease Puni with a made-up pout.

”Don worry, Ive had breakfast, how come Mother made fried rice good, ” Rara said licking her lips as if she was eating delicious food while closing her eyes.

”Huh, do you like making people hungry? ” Rajuk Puni pursed his lips and turned to Rara beside him.

”Hehe, sorry Ill bring it for you tomorrow, ” Rara said with a smile in return for her best friends gaze.

”Be careful not to lie, I swear to be a Monmon. Hahahaha. ” Puni burst out laughing at the thought of Rara being a monmon.

”What the… Its not like that. Yes, don pray like that, Im a good boy when I become a Monmon? ” Raras sneer then pinched Punis cheek until the girl groaned, but chuckled as she continued to push Raras hand away to stop it.

A few moments later, Mr. Ncus came with a volleyball tucked between his hands and waist. All the students immediately gathered to form a line around Mr. Ncus.

”My children, Im sorry that today class IX and class XII Saints are forced to join because Mr. Robert as the class XII sports teacher can attend due to illness. So, how about we play volleyball today, kids? ” Ask the Teacher.

”Okay, sir. Agree! ” All students chorus in unison.

”Okay, now for your team of six people per team. Later, you will take the ball again. Head of class, lets go with you to the warehouse. ” Mr. Ncus orders.

Rara and the head of class XII IPS known as Kevin walked behind Mr. Ncus. When they arrived at the warehouse, they took 2 balls each for their class. Mr. Ncus said he wanted to go to the office first because he missed attendance and took the first aid kit in case someone was injured.

Rara and Kevin walked hand in hand but were silent without anyone making a sound. Suddenly …

”Hachi… ! ”

Rara heard a sneeze that made the ball she was carrying roll all over. Kevin turned his head briefly, slowly placing the ball he was carrying near the flower pots that were along the hallway.

”Here, put it on. ” Kevin finally spoke as he offered his hand and a soft cloth the size of a tissue resembling his towel.

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