Chapter 5

”Here, put it on. ” Kevin finally spoke as he offered his hand and a soft cloth the size of a tissue resembling his towel.

”No need, thanks, ” Rara replied curtly while holding her nose which was red from allergy to dust.

”Just used it. Its brand new. ” Kevin said as he took Raras right hand and then put his handkerchief into his palm. Then go pick up the ball that rolled just now.

”Thanks. ” The reply was short.

”Heem. Heres the ball. ” Dehem Kevin gave the two balls that rolled earlier to Rara.

”Thank you. Ehm, ” said Rara hanging her sentence as she accepted the ball that Kevin just picked up. His eyes were fixed on the name tag on the male uniform in front of him.

”Just call me Kevin, ” Kevin said, understanding Raras meaning.

”Don ask, ” Rara said.

”Hmm, ” Kevin replied curtly.

After that, they returned to walk side by side to the field. The atmosphere was awkward again along the way. Only the sound of footsteps accompanying the two lovebirds.

Arriving at the field, it turned out that Mr. Ncus had not yet arrived. However, according to Mr. Ncus message, Rara immediately coordinated with her friends to form a team. But, unfortunately, it didn fit because the number of classes was only twenty people.

Finally, he and one of his friends who were none other than Puni chose to rest and leaned their bodies under a shady mango tree near the field and waited for their turn because it meant both of them became substitutes. Their eyes focused on watching their friends who were playing.

From a distance, it looks like Mr. Ncus came carrying an attendance map and a first aid kit to Rara and Puni under the tree.

”Why don you guys come to play? ” Ask Mr. Ncus.

”The amount is not quite right, sir, so we are waiting for the others, aka the reserve players, ” replied Rara smiling in response.

”Oh, well please help Mr. absent, okay? ” Asked Mr. Ncus to hand the attendance map to Rara.

”Okay, sir, but Im sorry I just missed my class, sir. Because I don know the name of my XII class. ” Rara was honest and politely refused.

”A superior class and you don know at all at least one like that? ” Mr. Ncuss forehead creased in half in surprise. The reason is, that class XII is a superior class that is famous for students with handsome and beautiful faces in their class. So its really surprised if there are students who don know anything like Rara.

”No, sir. I don know the names. ” Rara joked showing a smile.

”How do you want to know, sir? He only knows books, ” said Rara with a chuckle.

”Hmm… its also good if you know books rather than makeup. Yes, no, Ra? ” Mr. Ncuss sarcasm half teased his student.

”Yes sir, ” replied Rara while sticking her tongue out at Puni making Puni lose badly and just spinning the ball lazily reluctant to respond further because he knew he would lose. ”Makeup is my life. ” Say Puni in the heart.

”Thats it. You want to give an assessment first, then you have to replace it, so you can get a score too? ” said goodbye to Mr. Ncus before finally leaving.

”Yes, sir. ” answer both.

Mr. Ncus walked to the center of the field to take attendance as well as assess. Rara and Puni closed their eyes and leaned back against the tree behind them while enjoying the cool morning breeze while waiting for their turn.

However, it didn last long because suddenly the ball appeared towards Rara and…

Bugh ! ”

The volleyball hit Raras forehead making everyone turn their heads, especially Puni who was right next to her. He was surprised by the sound of the ball so loud.

”Oh, God. Ra, wake up. Don make me worry, geez. Sir, please sir! ” Puni shouted for help with a panicked face because Rara immediately fainted.

Mr. Ncus hurriedly ran, accompanied by Kevin from behind, then the IX graders. Everyone panicked, especially class XII which caused Rara to faint. Vino, who likes Rara, ran towards Rara and rushed to help. However, just as he was about to carry Rara, a hand first took over Raras body and then walked to bring Rara to the UKS which was not far from the field.

”Woi! What are you doing? I was the one who wanted to carry you first, why be you? ” Hardik Vino angrily clenched his fists.

”Patience, bro, the important thing is that you are given help quickly, ” Ivan said calming Vino while rubbing his friends shoulder so as not to make a fuss.

”Come on, the others, please continue their volleyball activities. You want to check on Raras condition first. ” Mr. Ncus orders then.

”Im coming, sir. ” Said Puni offered himself. His face showed great concern.

”Fine. But only you can come, the others please continue, ” said Mr.Ncus.

”But sir I also want to come, ” Vino said showing his puppy eyes.

”I said no, no, Vino. Please understand, its school time! ” Mr.Ncus said firmly. Then leave the field.

Vino just exhaled roughly unable to say anymore. Volleyball activities were continued again until the morning lesson was over.

Meanwhile, at the School Health Unit Kevin put Rara on a gurney and then called the school doctor in a panic. I don know why hes like this. He did not know, since meeting Rara, that he felt that something strange had entered his heart. It was a feeling he had never felt until he was seventeen years old.

The doctor on duty immediately treated Rara. Soon Puni came. However, the girl was clumsy and felt awkward around Kevin, one of the most wanted boys at this school. However, on the other hand, he was worried about his best friend who was still there.

Not long after, the doctor came out of the examination site. Kevin and Puni immediately embroidered with various questions regarding Raras condition. The doctor said, Rara was just in shock and needed rest to recover from the dizziness in her head so there was nothing to worry about.

The doctor advised Rara not to go to school in the first few days because of the hard impact she was afraid of making dizzy if she didn get enough rest. The woman named Mrs. Indah also gave a piece of reference paper to then be conveyed to the homeroom teacher to make a permit.

Then Kevin asked Puni for help to give the referral letter to Mr. Bubud for Rara so she could go home and rest at home. Half an hour later, Puni returned to the School Health Unit carrying Raras bag and some things as well as a permit from Mr.Bubud.

After that, Kevin ordered Puni to take care of Rara for a while. He promised to come back later. Of course, without Kevin even asking Puni would be happy to accompany his friend. Moreover, he is also very worried about Rara now even though the doctor said the girl had no major injuries. Puni sat beside the gurney and then cupped her head while crying holding her best friends fingers.

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