Chapter 6

”Emhh … emmhh, ” groaned Rara slowly realizing and opening her eyes but her forehead was wrinkled as if in pain. Punis tears immediately stopped, replaced with a smile because she saw Rara was conscious after being unconscious for almost half an hour.

”Thank God Ra, you finally woke up. I was really worried you know? Someones sick, isn there? Where, where is the sick say here. ” Puni asked while holding Raras forehead and cheeks as if looking for where the pain was.

”What the hell, fake doctor? Im fine. Don worry, Puni. ” said Rara casually. He brushed off Punis hands, trying not to make Puni even more worried.

”Its okay where it is, hmm? Where did it take so long to pass out? Crazy what? How can I not worry, huh? ” Said Puni stood with his hands on his hips like a mother scolding her child.

”Hehe, I was pretending to be asleep, I didn faint. The doctor just made up the story, ” said Rara, covering the dizziness she felt while grimacing.

”No need to pretend, Ra. I know you
e lying so I don worry, right? You squid? ” Eek Puni glanced sharply at Rara.

”What? Squid? You pufferfish! ” Rara replied not wanting to lose while laughing softly.

”Oh my God, sick people can still joke around, can they? Eh, but did you know who was carrying you here? ” Puni asked raising her eyebrows making Rara amused and curious at the same time. However, he tried to cover it up.

”Yes, how could someone who fainted know who was carrying? ” replied Rara as if she didn care.

”I swear for what you were being carried by Kevin the super cold most wanted? OMG! Say Ra, how far has your relationship gone? Because before, there wasn a single girl who could be that close to him? ” asked Puni with eyes sparkling with enthusiasm.

”Oh my God, hes carrying me? I just met him when he picked up the ball. That was also by accident. I also know his name because he introduced himself earlier. ” Rara was so surprised by Punis words just now.

Uhm… Uhm…!

A snoring sound made them both turn their heads. The voice turned out to be from Kevin, who had just arrived at the door of the School Health Unit after he had gone to ask his homeroom teacher for permission to take Rara.

”Lets go home, Ill take you. ” Bring Kevin.

”Don want to! ” Reject Rara with a sour face.

”Come on, squid, hurry home and rest later, don forget to tell me. The doctor himself advised you to go home to rest, ” said Puni.

”Huft … yes it is, ” said Rara with resignation.

”Thank you, Kevin. Take Rara, okay? ” Puni said turning to Kevin.

”Hmm, ” Kevin answered simply.

Puni helped Rara down from the gurney, then tidied Raras bag and carried her carefully. While Kevin had walked first to the parking lot to warm up his car. However, his steps stopped considering Puni was having a hard time supporting Rara because he also carried too much luggage on his shoulder and right hand.

The young man then turned his body one hundred and eighty degrees backward, then offered to bring Raras belongings to help Puni not have trouble walking.

Arriving at the parking lot, Kevin immediately unlocked his car, then put Raras bag in the front seat then opened the front door for Rara. However, Rara insisted on sitting in the back. However, Kevin is not his name if he is not stubborn.

Without paying attention to Rara who was whining, the girl was immediately carried bridal style by Kevin. Receiving such sudden treatment, Rara widened her eyes in surprise. The reflex of his hand gripping Kevins shoulder as his body was taken over without preparation. His eyes glared sharply at the master with his haughty face.

”Handsome. ” That was the girls monologue in her heart until she unconsciously sat right in the front seat. Rara pounded Kevins shoulder with annoyance for carrying him without permission. The young man took advantage of this opportunity to tease him then groaned pretending to be in pain.

As a result, Rara stopped and felt guilty. However, he was too proud to apologize. He only glanced at Kevin who was still stroking his shoulder as he closed the door then circled the car and got inside preparing to drive.

Since then, Puni has been just silently watching the two men of different genders. They were both stubborn and fought in front of him like he didn exist. He rolled his eyes lazily until he finally felt embarrassed and chose to leave the parking lot and return to class.

The car was moving at a moderate speed sweeping a fairly deserted street. Rara and Kevin were silent, no one started a conversation, just stuck in each others minds. Rara stared at the window enjoying the street view. Until a ringtone from Raras cellphone rang to break the silence.

Hearing Rara hastily took out her cellphone which was in her bag. He typed in the password and then opened the notification of incoming messages. Vinos name appears on the screen. Kevin glanced at Raras cellphone. If there were sensors around them, they would see smoke rising from Kevins head due to the irrational emotions that evaporated in Kevin after seeing the name of the man who sent a message to Rara.


Kevin stopped suddenly to see an old grandmother crossing. Rara was shocked and almost hit the dashboard of the car for not wearing a seatbelt.

”Couldn you have stopped telling me first? ” Rara said annoyed.

Ignoring Raras chatter, Kevin got out of the car and helped his grandmother cross the road. Rara was surprised that Kevins treatment, which was known to be cold, turned out to be that cute.

For some reason, Raras feelings warmed seeing her. After helping a grandmother, Kevin returned to the car. Rara pretended to be indifferent and turned her face back to stare at the street. However, he was a little surprised because a few seconds had passed but the car had not moved even though Rara knew Kevin had been in the car for a long time.

Curious, the girl turned her head to the side. Again he was astonished because Kevin was right in front of his face. Breath and the smell of mint were very strong because their heads were only inches apart, which made it difficult for Rara to hold her breath. The two pairs of eyes stared at each other for a few seconds.

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