In 2035 year,humens have found galaxys where its possible to live they where 8 galaxys. Everyhumen went to each of these galaxy .And then 9 years later of of a unknown reason all all the 8 galaxys went to war

30 years late,we meet a in a intake world. Its was a world full with sand the only place to gets water is at a river it cut the world in half its was called the cuter its was 500km .At the south side of the cuter there are another worlding things called bepoop.The north side it where the human .There are in a war with the bepoop to take over there world of resources of there galaxy to use for the Great war with the another galaxy.

Coby is a 16 year old boy .Who has black hair and brown die eyes its wearing a dirty old shirt and shorts . He used to be a C worrier. They are different levels of worries that they use in this galaxy there is:

S worries: Is the captain of the spaceship and can a use a big robot to battle in the war

A worries: There the second to the captain and they can use robot too

B worries: they can use robot too

C worries:They fix robot in and out the war

D worries:they are the cleaners and cooks and message for the another worries

And that want Cody is a D worrier . ”Hey you kid ”said a C worrier. ”Me ? ”asked Cody

”Yes you are you a C worrier ? ” said the C worrier

”No ,I am a D worrier ” said Cody

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