Coby was surprised to hear one of the great ruless girl well be coming to a war world . ”Which world is she from ”asked Cody

”She is from L12 ” said A worrier

”Which one of them the older one or ” asked Cody can hold himself

”You can ask her that if you want ” said the A worrier

”What do you mean ? ” asked Coby

”I called everyone here to ask someone assist on to watch over the great ruless girl ”said the A worrier

”What really ” said Cody

”Yeah, You are just a D worrier right ” said A worrier

”Yeah,I will take it ”said Cody

”Ok, Everyone back to work I went its done before the B worries came and you came with me ” said the A worrier

”Yes,Sir ”shouted the worries

Meanwhile in the speacship that the great ruless girl. ”What! ” said Leo is a 22 year old woman and she has red hair . ”Tell me again why you what to go to a war world ”asked Leo . ”I went them to help me find earth so we can hide in it .. ”said Max

”Did your mother really agree ”asked Leo ”Yes , she even told you ” said Max jumping off her bed

”I know I know I know ,It just.. ” said Leo

”What ” asked Max

”Don worry,Ah I need to get married ”said Leo

”Why because you went have to work ” said Max

”I almost got boyfriend too ”said Leo

”What.. What heppened said Max looking up

”What did you do ”said Leo

”Ah….The speacship.. ”said Sam is a 21 year old man who dad is the owner of the spaceship

”What Sam ? ”said Leo

”The spaceship has land ” said Sam

”Why didn you say that in the first place ” said Leo

”I was trying to.. ” said Sam

”I am out of here ” said Max running out of the spaceship door

”Oh,and Leo l was the one who paid your oyfriend to broker up with you ”said Max well running to the door

”I know its was you ..why you little.. ”said Leo well try to catch her

”So this is world ”said Max to her its so dirty to her well looking in the window

”It looks like my room ”said Sam

”Yeah ,me to ”said Leo

Coby and the A worrier where waiting .Coby was a little bit scaryed no knowing what to say .As they saw the spaceship landing . ”I thought you would be happy to see a spaceship ”said A worrier . ”No ,It not my first time seeing it ”said Cody .

”That means your not from here ” said A worrier.

”Yes,sir ”said Coby

”You can call me Kk ”said Kk

”Yes,Kk ” said Coby

”here they came ”said Kk well running to the open the door

”Well, came your highness I hope your trip was safe ”said Kk

”You can call me Max ”said Max well looking at Cody

”So who the kid ”said Max

”I am Cody ”said Cody well looking down

”Cody is it ”asked Max

”Yes ”said Cody

”Well,Max welcome ”said Kk

To Be Continue…

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