Far,far away but steel in the galaxy.It a girl that a planer.A planer is person same at a S worrier.There the ones that plan from what the worries must do in the battle .So her name was Mie and she was sent to RX war spaceship .Its one of the great war spaceship and its made for battle with the another galaxys.Mie had to show her self to her worries.There where 100 and100 of people but it was a quit so quit you can hear a pen falling

”Hi,I am your new planer my name is Mie ”

”Hey,Mie .. ”

”Its Miss Mie too you ” said Mie in anger

”So your surname and name is Mie that means your Mie Mie ”

Everyone start laughing it was like a large ruinfall and you could not hear nothing but laughter.

”All rights shotup !! ”its was back to normal

”Tell me who said that ”

”I did my name is Bam and I am a S worrier ”said Bam he had brown hair and blue eyes he was wearing worrier suite.Worrier suite where black. ”What plant are you from ”asked Mie in anger

”Its the great L12 ”said Bam in enjoy

”So why are you in the east side of the spaceship? ”asked Mie

”First tell me why do you want to be a planer because I all ready told you what my name is so that means you owe me ”said Bam

”Ok,Do you know someone called Cody ”said Mie

At the war plant , Cody has agreed to joined on Max way to find earth.But nobody could believe her because Cody has tried telling people that earth is real . But people don believe him because a long time the people say that earth was destroyed.So no one well believe her even if shes the rules girl . Because think about it you have to go to space not knowing if it really destroyed or not.

But Max and Cody were not going to give up no matter what.Max had to go get something in her room and then suddenly…

”Yaa ”Max

Cody kick the door up and he so a person wearing a worrier suite but that person was wearing a black robot looking mask its had one line made to see .Max reach for make up because that was the thing cross to her .And throw it at the mask and its bland it . Suddenly Cody hurted it with a poll as head as he can . And he flow of the window.

”Are you ok ” asked Cody

”Yeah ”said Max

And Max push Cody and ran to the window to see where he was.As she looked there was no the one . The only thing there was were more huts.Hut are homes that the only thing you need to do it push a button that why it use in war it much more easy to make .

”What was that ”asked Cody

”You didn see that well It see ..um.. oh

.. I see a person tried to kill me ”said Max

Max was didn know what to do because she didn see who it is and he was wearing a worrier suite so it was not easy to find the person it could be everyone for all she knows so the only why was too..

”Cody the only way to is to .. ”said Max and Cody suddenly started to talk ”run away am I right ”asked Cody

”yes ”said Max

”Ok ”said Cody

Max thought that Cody could be afraid to go but he looked like he thinks about it. ”So his clever after all ”

So they didn have time to take things with them .They ride on the flowbiker and what they to the south side of world

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