Galaxy wars:39

let the search start

Max and Cody run of the side of human because they think everyone is trying to kill Max for unknown reasons but they the its because of finding earth .Max and Cody want of with a flowbiker.A flowbiker is a fly bike but it couldn fly of a plant.Max want to know why Cody had a flowbiker because they not that much flowbiker in this plant .So would a person like Cody have one . ”Hey ,Cody ”called Max.

”Yeah ”said Cody

”Why do you have a flowbiker ”asked Max

”Diver said I must gave that boy you came with before he left ”said Cody

”So he left ”said Max well looking like she was thinking a plan.Cody asked if this think of one but she said no.

Meanwhile at the human side of the plan.They have found out that Max it gone and he wants with someone but they forgot his name and face so it was going to be hard to find them.The head area was busy Lulu try to think of a plan and if the plan could not work if she would kick a something or someone.Leo was trying to calm down by eating something.Sam was walking around the room . Kk was try to calm them down but it was busy really busy . But the someone came and said he knew who was the want with Max

”Hey ,sir I see you don know the boy s name well I do ”

That person was that men .Sam through to him self ”Why of all people in this place must it be HIM ” . Leo in joy want cross to and was the first one to ask him but not about Max .No ,she started by asking for his name .His name was Jack.Sam was the one who asked the name.Jack start looking at Leo and Sam saw that he knows how Leo feel feels.So he started talking like he was reading a poem he said

”His name is like it made of only babys it was .. ”

As his head came cross to Leo face both looking at each others eyes and he said C-o-d-y

”Ok ,that all right now ”said Sam . Lulu said ” he must just go with you two that way they see someone that looks like him he can say yes or no ”

Everyone agreed with the plan . The full plan was that they must go to the east side of plant using a mech ground.Mach ground were made to travel on a plant they are like spider like legs.

”So the S worrier there can help you find them.. ”said Lulu

”And we find them what are you going to do with him ”said Sam

”You know what she will say and that kill him ”

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