Galaxy wars:39

the king of the light side named

Max and Cody have reached the river that division the human and bepoop called the cuter .

”So we here now ” said Cody well looking around and Max said ”it pretty big I don think we can go pass it ”

”I know how we can pass it ”said Cody

”Then how do you know how to ”said Max but Cody was silent

Meanwhile in the RX war space ship.Bam a S worrier has took Mie to his group to help her find a person named Cody

”So is it a he or she ” asked Cat .Cat is a nickname but nobody knows what her real name is .She had long hair and red jacket.She was a hunter of Bam .A hunter is a person who job is to hunt anything and anywhere. They where really expensive that Mie didn have one to help her find that person ”But why would a S worrier need a hunter ”Mie thought.

”It a he ”said Mie

”Ok ”said Cat will work on a vdot .A vdot is a little dot that can that shows a screen. ”What his surname ”said Cat while taping at the air . ”I don know it ”said Mie. ”If you don know it do you know how he looks like if you do then you can see him by his picture ”

”Ok ”said Mie.Looking a lot in down . ”Don cry Mie ”thought Mie. ”l know it been so long try to find him ”said Mie.

”Ok,I will send you the pictures of every person called Cody and we could find him if he is in the Vastn galaxy.

”OK, thank you ”said Mie as she suddenly goes down . ”It okay! ”said Bam as he is trying to pull her up. ”Yes,go down from me hahaha ”said Cat

”Came on ,Cat ”said Bam

”What the problem l am just having fun something l think you don know,boy ”said Cat

”I can have fun by making people sad ”said Bam

”She not sad came on boy , you don even know what sad means ”said Cat

”I know the meaning of sad !! ”shouted Bam

”Came o.. ”said Cat suddenly ”I please don get mad at each another!! ”shouted Mie and was crying.

”It okay,we were not fighting,came on ”said Bam.Pushing the door to open.Then Mie followed him out of the door.

”Mie,I forgot to ask why you looking for this guy ”said Bam while Mie was getting out of the door.

”I don know for now ”said Mie

Meanwhile in Intake world.Max and Cody have finally passed the cuter.As they do that a net falls on top of them.

”Sir,we have got the dark side person ”said a person

”What going on ,get us out ”said Max

”Can you see what happening we have been taken by the bepoop ”said Cody

”We might get killed ”said Cody

”But we haven started the search!! ”shouted Max

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