Continuing his walk, Leo decided to make a detour to where Bellemeres grave was located, he was going to see Nami to be precise.

It didn take long to get there, the grave was on a cliff overlooking the sea, and right now Nami was asking Genzo something, so Leo kept to the trees and waited.

Nami – ”Hey, Gen, Nojiko! ”

Genzo/Nojiko – ”Hm? ”

Nami – ”Do you think that if Bellemere was alive, that shed stop be from becoming a pirate? ”

Genzo started telling her that Bellemere would never let her precious daughter become a pirate, but Nojiko interrupted.

Nojiko – ”Nope, she wouldn ! But if she did, would you do as your told? ”

Nami – ”Nope! Not at all! ”

They went on for a little while longer talking about the past and how hard it had been over the last 8 years.

Eventually, Genzo and Nojiko left for the village, leaving only Nami at the grave.

She sat there holding her knees, she had some tears in the corners of her eyes, but there was a slight smile on her face.

Nami – ”…Hey mom… Wish you were here to see this… After all these years, were finally free! Although it came in the weirdest of ways, hehe… I miss you…*sniff* ”

Leo, seeing how sad Nami was, couldn help but sympathise with her, the situation was different and he was already an adult, but he understood the pain of losing ones parents.


He couldn help but to sigh, he can bring his parents back to life, but he could bring Namis back.


Announcing his presence, Leo walked out of the trees.

His arrival had clearly alarmed her, as she had jumped up and looked ready to fight.

Leo – ”Don worry, Im not here to fight. Actually, I have an offer for you. ”

She visibly relaxed when she knew that she wasn in danger, but she was still alert as she didn know him herself, just that Luffy had invited him and that he was strong.

Nami – ”What offer? And what was your name, I dont think I caught it? ”

Leo – ”Its Leonardo Blaze or just Leo, nice to meet you. And as for the offer, Ill be blunt, I can bring back to life a total of 10 people, so do you want your mother back? ”

Nami – ”… ”

Silence. Something to be expected when you tell someone you can revive people.

She was standing there, staring at him, mouth agape. That was until an upset look appeared on her face.

Nami – ”If this is some joke, then its not funny! ”

Shaking his head, he replied.

Leo – ”This isn a joke and I have no reason to lie to you. ”

She looked at him with suspicion, but decided to play along.

Nami – ”So why exactly are you giving me this offer? What do you want? ”

Leo – ”I don want anything, there is no hidden motive and no desire for repayment. Consider it pity if you want. I can revive her now or later, but if you want her revived now, you will have to decide whether you
e still going to be a pirate. Personally, I hope you come with us. ”

He flashed a cheeky grin and continued.

Leo – ”If you don , I think Sanji will start crying. And we will probably get lost in the first few days. Hehe. ”

Nami chuckled a bit and agreed.

Having broke the tension a bit, he got back to business.

Leo – ”If you need time need time to think about it, the offer is still there. ”

Not waiting for an answer, he turned around and made his way to the village, it should almost be time for the party.

After arriving at the village, it was only a short while for the party to get started.

During the party, everyone was eating and drinking to their hearts content, Leo was mostly just eating as alcohol didn do anything for him. Maybe cultivation world alcohol would work… More reason to go there then.

Anyways, it even became a contest between Leo and Luffy, in which he had shown no sign of stopping and Luffy was expanding like a balloon.

To no surprise, Leo won the little competition and went beyond, earning him the title of ottomless pit, this lead to him wondering whether to take it as an insult or not… So he decided to eat his sorrows away, making them see him as a monster of whole other caliber.

After becoming bored of eating, Leo decided to take a wander, much to the relief of the chefs.

During his wander, he came across some older folks doing some friendly gambling and remembered that he was going to give the 97 million Berries that was stolen from Nami back to her.

So, without further ado, he went on a hunt for the little lady.

It took a little while, a lot of asking around and even more trying to decipher the drunk ramblings of the villagers, but he eventually got her whereabouts.

She was at the Doctors house, which also doubled as an infirmary, so he made his way there at a moderate pace and took only a couple of minutes to arrive.

Giving a couple of knocks on the door, he got permission to enter and so he did, he was greeted by Nami lying in a bed with fresh bandages on her shoulder, and Nojiko was sitting in a chair beside her.

When he entered, they both looked at him with confused gazes.

Nami – ”Did you need something? ”

Leo – ”No, I just remembered something and didn want to forget again, so I came to settle it. ”

With that, he brought out the 97 million Berries.

Leo – ”That is all the money that rat face had stolen from you. ”

The two of them, who just saw a bunch of money appear out of nowhere, had their mouths wide open.

Nojiko – ”You… Wha…? How…? ”

Nojiko started rambling, as she couldn understand what just happened, but she was brought out of it by Nami.

Nami – ”Wait! Did you say that you got this from Nezumi? How? How did you even know that he had stolen it and the amount? ”

Leo was kind of amused by their reactions, mostly Nojikos, but he still answered.

Leo – ”Yes, I got it from Nezumi, and the reason I knew he had stolen it and how much, is because he thought it was the reason I was at his base and started prattling on about, right before I killed him. ”

He lied a little bit, but it wasn too unreasonable. His words once more shocked them.

Nojiko – ”WHAT! Are you insane!? This will put the whole Island in danger! ”

Leo looked at her with a bored look.

Leo – ”That would only be if I was caught, and even then, Im a pirate now, they would simply take it as an act of retaliation. I wasn planning on letting the scum live, even if I had to destroy the entire base, fortunately it didn come to that. So, happy? ”

She was silenced. Leo turned to Nami.

Leo – ”So have you decided or do you need more time? ”

His question made both of the women become silent, Nami had clearly discussed it with Nojiko.

Nami lowered her head, hiding her face from him and was silent for a moment.


She raised her head and looked at him with tears falling from her face.

Nami – ”why…? Why are you giving me so much? And you
e not asking for anything in return! ”

Leo and Nojiko looked at her and felt she looked so fragile. Epecially in Nojikos case, she had watched Nami over the years, and she hadn cried once, she had always relied on herself and never felt such kindness.

Leo walked over and stroked her head.

Leo – ”I understand the pain of losing a parent… The situation was different, but I understand and would have done anything to get them back. ”

Nami – ”*sniff* Then why dont you? You said you could bring back 10 people, so why not bring your parents back? ”

Sadness flashed on his face, before he quickly hid it, but they still noticed.

Leo – ”Like I said, our situations are different. I guess you can consider it as a price for power… and for revenge. ”

He ended much quieter than he started, to the point that they barely heard it, but they still did.

Leo – ”If you want some advice, then dont think about it too much and just go with your heart. Ill leave you for now, have a good rest. Bye. ”

Leo then turned around and exited the house, no longer being in the mood to party, he went on a walk.

Two days later.

Everyone had been and most still were partying, Luffy ate more food, Zoro drank more booze, Sanji tried to flirt with women, and Usopp was singing while everyone else was dancing.

Leo on the other hand, was in a forested area practicing with his devil fruit and going through basic forms with a spear made from Hellfire, this was because of him remembering a cultivation novel called martial world, where the mc had an understanding of vibrations and used a spear effectively with them.

His spear technique was coming from what knowledge Don Krieg had, which wasn a lot, he mostly just swung his weapon around with next to no skill. (hehe, the innuendo)

So with little choice, Leo had to go off of memory for the spear drills. These drills teach primary grips, stances, maneuvers, cuts, chops, slashes, blocks, parries, and thrusts. The only reason he new this was because of his interest in the spear, gained after reading said cultivation novel.

His Quake Quake fruit powers were pretty simple to get a hang of, he could vibrate his body and the things hes touching at various frequencies, he could deliver a blunt force hit and make it have the effect of multiple attacks. With a bladed weapon, he can use the vibrations to create microscopic oscillations within the blade. The oscillations of the blade create a sawing effect thousands of times per second, enormously increasing the blades cutting power

He can also vibrate his body at such a frequency that he can phase through solid matter. He could already become intangible if he was using a vehicle, but now he can do it without one, at least it was never shown for a Ghost Rider to become intangible by himself. In hindsight, he should have altered that with his wish. (researched it, only happened with his vehicle. My bad)

The only problem was, the strength and control, both of which can be improved with time and use.

Currently, he was sparring with a clone, there was no powers, just physical prowess.

They were going at each other with ferocity, going for piercing headshots, sweeping at the legs with force that would cripple a normal person, smashing down at each other and making craters. The majority of the time they dodged and weaved through their attacks, the area had obvious signs of their spar or fight to the death, however you want to put it. There were trees with holes pierced into them, bisected and shattered.

After going back and forth for a while, he decided to wrap things up, getting ready for a final attack using his vibrations, he jumped back a couple metres, twirled the spear an with an overhead, downward swing, powered with vibration, he slammed down on the ground.

On impact, the ground ruptured and shattered, sending out a wave of destruction for 5 metres, and toppling the trees in the face of it.

Standing up straight, Leo released his clone and took the experience from it, and then reviewed where he could improve. A few minutes later he finished and looked around at his mess. (a/n: I should probably clarify that the clones work like shadow clones, but instead of smoke its a fiery incineration effect.)

Leo – ”… Uhh, I might have overdone it… ”

It was then, that from the side, Namis voice sounded out.

Nami – ”You think…? ”

Leo turned to her with a wry smile and an embarrassed chuckle. He wasn surprised by her presence, his clone had seen her during the spar. Nami on the other hand was staring at him in wonder and confusion.

Nami – ”How many abilities do you have? I thought it was possible to eat only one Devil fruit? ”

Leo smirked when he heard this.

Leo – ”I have a lot of abilities, but only the vibrations are from a Devil fruit. Actually, I got that Devil fruit from fish faces base. ”

An unhappy look appeared on her face remembering Arlong, so Leo changed the topic.

Leo – ”Anyways, was there something you needed? Have you made a decision? ”

She looked at him gratefully, but it soon changed serious and determined.

Nami – ”I want… ”

(MUAHAHAHAHAHA! Cliff-kun mother **er!

I apologise… lost my cool there. Moving on, I would like to quickly clarify that the clones will NEVER be used for his harem! If you need clones to look after your harem, you
e pretty pathetic and shouldn have one!

Question! Should Logia Devil fruit give him the elemental shifting? He doesn exactly need it, but I cant (right now) think of a reason for why he wouldn have it.)

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