Bellemere had started to awaken, it started with groans and grumbles, then turned small spasms and twitching. Soon enough, she was fully awake, but disoriented, she held her head like how one does with a migraine and sat up, causing the sheet to fall and reveal her breasts.

Leo quickly turned around, and it was just in time, because Nami and Nojiko were eyeing him, as if it was his fault.

Leo – The hell they looking at me like that for…? Its not like I purposely made her naked… I made her body out of nothing, only people with bullshit powers remake the clothes as well…

Their stares fortunately didn last long, as they wanted to focus on Bellemere.

Bellemere – ”Ughh… Whats going on…? Feels like the worst hangover ever… The last thing I remember was, some pirates were taking over and demanded money, I paid for Nami and Nojiko, and then…? Wasn I shot!? ”

She was rambling on, trying to remember, and when she got to the end, she started to panic and looked at her surroundings. When she did, she saw two young women looking at her and crying. As well as the back of a man in a trench coat.

She was about to ask what was going on, when…

Nami/Nojiko – ”MOM! ”

She was hugged by the two young women and was being called mom by them.

She was startled, but instinctively held the pair off them, and seeing the colour of their hair, she then had a suspicion.

Bellemere – ”N-Nami…? N-Nojiko…? ”

Hearing her, they both looked up at her with tear filled eyes, and nodded.

Bellemere – ”What happened? Why are you all grown up? The last thing I remember, I was… ”

Leo, seeing that they were going to be a while, he decided to leave and give them time to catch up, and for the sisters to explain the situation to Bellemere.

He didn really go far, he just went over to a tree and sat against it.

At some point, he may or may not have fallen asleep…

He woke up when the had just started to set, and after a good stretch, he remembered that he had revived Bellemere, so he went over to the house and knocked on the door.

After a moment, Nojiko opened the door, she had puffy red eyes from crying, but a happy smile adorned her face.

Nojiko – ”Oh, you
e finally awake! We came to get you, but you were asleep. Come in, Bellemere wanted to see you! ”

Without giving him a chance to speak, she grabbed his arm and dragged him inside.

Now inside, he was met with, a now fully awake, fully clothed, Bellemere. She was stroking Namis head while she slept on her lap.

Leo – ”Its good to see that I wasn the only one sleeping. I see that you
e doing good, and have clothes now… ”

Bellemere – ”Hahaha. What, disappointed? ”

Leo chuckled at her and shook his head.

Nojiko had a wry smile on her face, even after death, her mother was the same.

Leo – ”Anyways, I just came to check that everything was alright. If theres no problem, Im gonna go train more until its time to leave. ”

He was about to leave, but Bellemere stopped him.

Bellemere- ”Wait! I want to thank you, so why don you stay and we can treat you to a meal? ”

He wasn sure about whether he should accept or not. He didn need to be thanked, but he didn want to be rude…

Leo – ”I… Uhh… Haah, sure, I would love to. Thanks. ”

Bellemere – ”Great! You can take a seat, it wont be long. ”

With a happy expression, she gently Nami move from her legs and got up, placing a pillow in her place.

Leo just sighed and took a seat.

He looked over at Nami, she had a happy smile and seemed to be having a good dream, it kind of made him happy aswell.

During the wait, he and Nojiko made some small talk. After a while, Nami woke, panicking a bit when she didn see Bellemere, but was easily calmed down by Nojiko.

Nami thanked Leo, and then she joined in the small talk.

It was soon time to eat, and Bellemere came to get them. During their meal, Bellemere was playfully flirting and teasing Leo, he just smiled and laughed it off.

After eating, they spent a bit more time talking, and when it got dark, Leo decided to leave. They offered to let him stay, but he declined and left after thanking them.

He wanted to continue practicing his devil fruit and use of the spear.

3 days later.

Leo was now standing on the Going Merry with Luffy and the rest. There was a crowd of villagers there to see them off.

Right now they were waiting for Nami, though Leo wasn sure whether she was actually coming or not.

As they were waiting, they suddenly heard a shout.

Nami – ”SET SAIL! ”

Luffy listened to her and told everyone to set sail, Nami on the other hand, was now sprinting over.

The villagers, who realized that she wanted to leave without saying goodbye, started clamouring and tried to block her.

Nami easily slipped by and moved between them, all the while picking their pockets without them noticing.

When she got past them and to the end of the dock, she jumped the gap, and when she landed on the boat, she lift her shirt and made all their wallets fall, while she gave a cat-like grin.

When all the villagers realized what had happened, they all started to shout, it started off angry, but they soon started to tell her that she should return to visit. And Genzo told Luffy to remember the promise, to which he gave a thumbs up.

Nami – ”Goodbye, everyone! Ill be off now! ”

As they were sailing away, she was waving to them with a bright smile, and at the dock, they were now sitting down and waving back.

Bellemere – ”Hehe, that brat. ”

Genzo – ”Talk to me about it, shes just like… ”

As he was talking, he looked over to her, and when he saw who it was, he lost all colour and looked like he had seen a ghost.


Bellemere/Nojiko – ”HAHAHAHA! ”

Back on the ship, Nami had just heard the scream of Genzo, and the laughter of Bellemere and Nojiko, then she started laughing when she realized what happened.

Leo – ”Almost thought you weren going to come. Im actually surprised you did. ”

While she was resting against the handrail, staring at the disappearing dock, Leo came to check on her.

Nami – ”I almost didn … But I still have my dream… And I couldn leave these idiots by themselves, without me, who knows what would happen. ”

She turned to him with a bright smile, to which he returned a small one.

Leo – ”Well, its nice to have an excellent navigator to take care of us. Please take care of me! ”

(Okay, honestly Im barely satisfied with this chapter, but I just wanted to get on with the adventure already. I hope it doesn bother you all that much.

I also didn have any real plan for this, I just made it up as I was writing.

For the record, he wasn nerfed when he revived Bellemere, I just wanted to make it show that he isn all that strong right now. It really doesn make sense if he just instantly revives people, his powers are already different to the original Ghost Riders, so I want to let him get more powerful and capable.)

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