operly and was stumbling, this let the other guy get solid hit to his jaw.

Getting hit in the jaw rattled his brain a bit and he fell to the ground. He tried to get up, but was kicked in the head.

Again, he tried to get up only to receive another kick and this he wasn given an opportunity to get up, the bastard had swiftly delivered a stomp to his arm making a sickening *CRACK* sound and make it look like the bone was about to stick out.

”AHH!! YOU BASTARD!!! ” He growled out.


He then got his other arm broken and completely lost all rationality due to pain, once again try to attack the bastard responsible.

Seeing the hysterical state he was in the bastard adulterer decide to knock him out and kicked him in the head as hard as he could.


”Hah! Hah! Finally, the shit went down! ” The bastard said and then spat out a mouthful of blood and a couple teeth.

”What are we going to do? He saw us! ” The whore was extremely nervous, she never thought that this might happen.

”Shut up! We will just get rid of him. ” He said with a smirk on his face. He was already a thug and this wasn something new to him.

”R-really? W-will we b-be okay? ” She wasn at all bothered a out killing the man who was supposed to be her boyfriend, but was worried about her own safety.

”Itll be fine, just help me get him in the trunk of my car. ” He said while getting dressed.

~ And so they both got dressed and carried our mc to the bastards car. They drove across the city to a demolition site and got out of the car. ~

In the trunk of the car our mc had suddenly awoke when the car had stopped at its destination.

At first he was confused about what was going on, but then just as suddenly as he awoke, he remembered what had happened and started to feel angry again.

Right then the trunk was opened and he saw the faces of the two people he hated more than anything else in the world.

The bastard grabbed him, pulled him out of the trunk and started shoving him into the building.

Still not feeling right from all the hits to his head, he couldn resist and was easily lead into the building. All-the-while he wanted to kill the bastard.

Now inside the building he was turned around to see the two of them and the knife in the bastards hand.

”Haha! So you
e going to kill me because of this? ” He said not feeling afraid because of his anger and the fact that he felt like his life was more or less pointless now.

”Yeah and because you had the balls to beat me! ” The bastard said with a condescending smirk.

Hearing this our mc looked at his once girlfriend. ”Why? ”

”What? ” she said with a sneer.

”Why did you do this? I loved you! I thought you… ” No longer looking like he had any life in his eyes, but still he wanted to know.

”Yeah, you thought. I never loved you in the first place, we were friends as kids and in highschool I was just using you so that all those losers would stay away from me. And the only reason I stayed with you until now was because I could still use, but now why should I bother? ” With a look of distain, she said all of it without remorse or sympathy.

Having heard that he loved such a person and his life had basically been a lie, he just lost all the light from his eyes even though he hadn died yet.

”Whatever, just die already. ” The bastard got tired of the show and decided to just kill him.

The bastard stabbed in the stomach, pulled out the blade and left with the whore, not even giving him a quick death.

Now left alone and bleeding out on ground with no will to live, he had only one indignant thought going through his mind.

Why? WHY?? What did I do to deserve this?

(This is my first attempt at writing my own fanfic, Im only really doing it for fun and to pass the time. Though I say that I would also like some feedback so that I can improve. If you like it let me know and if you dont then Im up for some constructive criticism.

Thanks for reading.)

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