to see who it was.

When she saw who was standing there, she could help but scream. After all she had just recently watched him be murdered by her lover and it was even clearer by the blood he was covered in.

She fell to the floor and started crawl backwards to get away from her should be dead ex.

MC – ”What, not going to welcome me home? Whats wrong, you look like youve seen a ghost? ”

Although his words are joking and sarcastic, his face and voice have no emotion behind them.

He took a step forward and she tried even harder to get away, but he just ignored her for the moment and went towards the bastard crying over his lost appendage.

MC – ”Dont worry I don plan to take too long with you, I have other places to go to afterwards. ”

As he said that, he picked the bastard up with one hand and with the other he made stakes with his Hellfire construct ability, and then he pierce each shoulder, propping him up on the wall.

Whore – ”What are you!? How did you do that!? ”

Despite her questioning, he didn bother to answer and instead just bound her with chains. After all what is the point of answering the questions of a dead person.

Now that he had both of his targets he could get to work. He could just kill them and get it over with, but that doesn seem like it would satisfy his anger, so he decided to torture them first.

The problem is that he isn knowledgeable about the subject and so just kept things simple, he just ripped the bastards arms and legs off with brute force and cauterized the wound so he wont instantly die, but will feel a lot of pain.

After he was done there, he listened to the bastard scream and cry for help.

With that done, he turned to the whore, who had pissed herself from fear and was crying her eyes out.

Whore – ”Please, please dont do this! You love me remember! ”

For the first time since his return from death, he had emotion appear on his face and there was only disgust.

Even when he was being killed for no reason, he still didn break down crying and beg for them to let him live, and now here she was, trying to use his love against him.

MC – ”Yes, I do remember. ”

She suddenly felt hopeful, but the he continued.

MC – ”I remember you telling me that I was just a convenient tool and then being stabbed for no reason at all… ”

She was terrified by his cold stare and was about to start begging again, but she wasn given the chance as he started talking again.

MC – ”You know something I just realized? I interrupted the two of you twice now, why dont I help you out. ”

He was looking at her naked body while he said that.

She instantly caught his meaning and thought that this would mean she would get live.

She was obviously wrong…

He picked her up by the chain and against all her expectations, he made baton in his other hand, the worst part and the thing that frightened her most was that it was glowing red and exuding a very high temperature.

Whore – ”No! No! Plea-AAHHHHHHH!!! ”

With no mercy he rammed it inside of her, she screamed for a moment and then passed while foaming at the mouth.

He just looked at her for a minute as she occasionally twitched and then just dropped her body like trash.

With that done he decided to leave the room and went to the kitchen.

When he got there he saw his phone on the countertop, he guessed that they took it when he was unconscious. He stared at it for a moment before picking it up and turning on the screen.

He almost crushed his phone when he saw the screensaver of her on it, but moved past it and opened a group chat he has with all his friends.

Although he couldn explain what exactly was going on, he at least wanted to say something before he leaves forever.

-group chat open-

MC – [Hey, this wont make a lot of sense and I cant explain, but I just want to say Im sorry for being such an idiot… I should have listened to you all. Thanks for everything, goodbye.]

-GC closed-

Finished with that, he thought about one person in particular who he felt somewhat guilty towards.

The girl he now feels he should have chosen, she was another friend from when he was in school, her name was Vanessa. Given that he will only have this one chance he also decided to PM her.

-PM with Vanessa-

MC – [Right now this might be completely stupid, meaningless and plain simply unfair to you, but I wont ever get this chance again. I wanted to say, i should have chosen you back then and even all the way up till now. Im sorry I was blind and didn return the love you showed me, when you were the only girl who did. Goodbye.]

With the last of his business done, he made the Hellfire constructs on his targets explode and kill them.

Now that his targets of revenge were dead, he couldn stay in that world any longer and so his his soul and body separated, his body was returned back to the demolition site and his soul left the world, never to return there.

(So how was the revenge? what about the torture? I wanted to make him skin them alive, but that would take skill, skill that isn supposed to have… yet… Anyhow comment and give feedback)

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