(PoV Vanessa)

I had just came home from a friends house after a group of us had a small gathering. We all do this every now and then to make sure we keep in touch. I also live pretty close by, so i was one of the last to leave.

The main reason I go is to meet a certain person, though that isn to say that I dont enjoy going to meet the others.

But, I can deny that I enjoy being in his company more than anyone elses.

Ive been in love with him since highschool and would be overjoyed to be in a relationship with him so that rather than coming home alone to an empty house, I would have someone to share my time with. And I would if only he wasn with her.

*Sigh* Everyone knows that she is only using him, but no one wants to be the one to break his heart…

Anyways, it was already quite late, so I took a thirty minute bath before bed.

After that bath I was nice and relaxed while resting in the living room. It was then that my phone gave me a message alert.

I initially thought it was kind of strange as no one usually texts this late, but I checked just in case.

When I looked at my phone I saw that the message was in the group chat, which means it was for all of us and then the thing that really caught my attention is that the message was from him.

-group chat open-

MC – [Hey, this wont make a lot of sense and I cant explain, but I just want to say Im sorry for being such an idiot… I should have listened to you all. Thanks for everything, goodbye.]

Like he said his message didn make sense and as a result set off a wave of confusion.

Friend 1 – [Hey man, what do you mean?]

Friend 2 – [Yeah, what do you mean by you should have listened to us exactly?]

Friend 3 – [Is this about us telling you to just stay the night? Are you stuck at the station? Do you want me to come pick you up?]

I dont know why, but when I saw his message I couldn help but feel like something was wrong, and it wasn about staying the night.

Friend 2 – [Hello? Why aren you answering?]

Friend 1 – [Are you still there?]

Friend 3 – [Come on, you
e worrying us here…]

No matter what, there was no reply and that made me even more concerned. And then I got PMd.

-GC closed-

-PM open-

MC – [Right now this might be completely stupid, meaningless and plain simply unfair to you, but I wont ever get this chance again. I wanted to say, i should have chosen you back then and even all the way up till now. Im sorry I was blind and didn return the love you showed me, when you were the only girl who did. Goodbye.]

-PM closed-

It was right there that I noticed something was very wrong and quickly told the GC about it. We all agreed to call the police.

After telling the police what had happened, they told us that they would look into it and would get back to us.

So, with no choice but to wait, I sat in the living room with the tv on while staring down at my phone waiting for some news.

It wasn until morning that we got anything and when we did we were asked to come down to the station. We all agreed and it wasn long before I was picked up by one of our friends.

At the police station we were asked some questions about our relationship with each other and also about hat womans relationship with him.

When we said that she was his girlfriend, the detective suddenly had an uncomfortable look on his face and when we asked why, he started to explain everything.

They had found her and some guy together, naked and having ODd. When we heard this, we were all furious and glad that the bitch was gone, but we also realized that he hadn said anything about our friend.

(the cause of their deaths was change by God to avoid confusion. after all, who would have killed them? the MC should have already been stabbed and dying/dead and their deaths weren exactly normal.)

So we asked what happened to him and then he told us the worst news we could have gotten.

Our friend was dead!

He was found at a demolition site with a broken arm, was hit on the back of the head, with what they found was a lamp from his house, and finally taken to the site, stabbed and left to bleed to death. (was change to only have a single broken arm by God seen as how would he message them otherwise?)

They had found the knife not far from the scene and it had the fingerprints of the person that bitch was with, so it was easy to come to a conclusion of what happened.

And now his messages made sense, about how he should have listened to us and also why he sent me that message.

It was like my whole world shattered around me, the person I love the most was now dead. I couldn even stand anymore, i collapsed to my knees with tear streaming down face, and finally everything went black…

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