After Patty left him, Leonardo was just sitting there and waiting for events to unfold… and for his food.

Though he might not get hungry as a Ghost Rider, he can still eat and enjoy stuff.

Anyways, he wasn made to wait long for the first event to happen.

Sanji had just started to serve Fullbody and because he is a douche bag with a superiority complex, Fullbody started his little act of being some wine connoisseur.

And then Sanji, giving zero **, told him he was wrong and walked off saying he was the assistant chef, not a waiter.

When Sanji started to walk away, Leonardo started to count down in his head. 5…4…3…2…1…

Fullbody – ”WAITER! ”

Sanji then stopped, turned around and walked back over, reiterating that he wasn the waiter.

Then the whole scene with Fullbody complaining about a bug, Sanji mocking him a bit, Fullbody smashing a table, stepping on Sanjis hand, and finally Sanji giving an ass whooping to the arrogant prick, just in time for three members of the Straw Hat crew to see.

Now that those three were here it meant that Luffy was currently being made a chore boy.

Unfortunately, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.

Patty showed up and stopped Sanji from doing his thing, and because for some reason, instead of thanking God for not dying, Fullbody thought it would be a good idea to start bitching about the whole ordeal and insulted the Baratie.

Sanji of course got pissed off by this and tried attack him again, but then a couple of chefs intervened and held him back from killing him.

And then, the ceiling started to crack and down came Zeff and Luffy.

Leonardo had to admit, it is pretty entertaining watching the chaos happening in front of him.

Watching Zeff kick Fullbody was another satisfying moment for today.

While all this was happening, a marine came in shouting about how a pirate they had prisoner had escaped.

All the customers started to get worried about a pirate and Fullbody asked how this happened when the pirate was on the brink of death.

It was right then.


Said escaped pirate shot the marine in the back and then casually walked in and sat at an empty table and demanded food.

Patty then walked over and started his service, but when he came to whether or not Ghin could pay and got a negative response, so he beat him up.

After beating Ghin up, much to the delight of the other customers, Patty threw him out.

Every thing went back to normal after that, Sanji had left and was probably busy making food for Ghin now.

Personally Leo thinks that feeding him is stupid, after all, he was a pirate from a notorious crew, its no surprise that he would go and bring them over when he leaves.

Well whatever, his food had just arrived and it looked great, so he dug in.

He didn take long to finish all of his food and was currently just sipping his wine to pass the time.

Leo – Maybe I should get some desert?

Right then he heard a bunch of clattering up stairs in the kitchen and figured that Luffy was currently breaking everything, which made him chuckle a bit.

Luffy then came down the spiral stair case and started talking to his crew.

Leo watched as Luffy put his snot in Zoros water, but got forced to drink it instead. Then they all started to laugh at Luffys expense.

Then Sanji went over and started simping over Nami, Zeff showed up and told him that he should go be a pirate, putting on a whole show.

In the end Sanji ended up getting thrown into the table and Zeff walked away.

Sanji went back to simping and gave Nami free stuff while making the others still pay, after that he started dragging Luffy away telling him to get to work.

After all the fun was over Leo paid his bill and walked out.

There was still four days until Don Krieg shows with his near dead crew and wrecked ship, so with nothing to do, Leo just jumped up to the roof of the Baratie and waited while watching the clouds.

It was on the third day however that Leo got a visitor.

Zeff – ”Hey brat! What are you doing on my roof? ”

Looking over to see Zeff in his chef attire standing there with his arms crossed and staring at him, Leo suddenly thought about how it was likely for Zeff to have haki, after all he can hurt Luffy.

Leo – ”Im waiting for the inevitable arrival of Don Krieg, now that the pirate that blondie fed is no longer starving, he will go to his captain and more likely than not tell him about your restaurant. ”

Leos answer made Zeffs eyes widen slightly as he didn expect such a reply.

Zeff – ”That still doesn really answer my question though, so why are you waiting exactly and also why haven you eaten since the first day you came? ”

Zeff no longer cared much about why Leo was here thanks to his last answer, it could be inferred that it had something to do with Don Krieg, he was now more interested in why Leo wasn eating despite being over a restaurant.

Leo – ”Well, I am waiting for Don Krieg to arrive because I might get to join some fun and the reason I haven eaten is because I dont really need to. Plus, how am I supposed to leave? I dont exactly have a boat. Although I do have my own methods. ”

Zeff just stared at him at him while wondering what he meant by not needing to eat, but he didn ask as it wasn any of his business and as for joining in on the fun that wasn a problem for him.

Zeff – ”Fine, but don you dare cause any trouble. ”

With that, he walked off without getting a reply, deciding to wait and see how things play out.

Leo just went back to his cloud watching.

One day later.

While lying on the roof, Leo watched as a massive ship sailed up and then the pirate Ghin and Don Krieg got off and lumbered into the restaurant.

He continued to wait for everything that happened in the cannon to go down and about a dozen minutes or so later, Don Krieg walked out with sack of food to feed his crew.

He watched as Nami left with the Going Merry, as Don Krieg shot one of his men for questioning him and as Mihawk approached on his little boat/coffin.

Right as he saw Mihawk touch his sword, Leo couldn help but grin, he put his hood up and got a grip on the roof for the ensuing chaos.


Don Kriegs ship was cut into pieces and the sea was in turmoil from the resulting force.

It took a couple minutes for everything to calm down.

When the they could, everyone went out into the open to see what had happened and when they saw Mihakw, they all started clamouring.

Then just like the cannon, Zoro challenged him and in the end got defeated after a few exchanges, losing two swords in the process.

When it was clear he had lost, Zoro stood with his arms spread waiting for Mihawk to finish it.

Mihawk gave a final slash and Zoro fell into the water.

Luffy flung himself at Mihawk and the two pirate hunters who were with him, Johnny and Yosaku dove into the the sea to get Zoro.

When the two came out with Zoro, and Luffy saw that he was still alive, he calmed down.

Mihawk then asked what Luffys goal was.

So far every was on track with the cannon, but then something Leo didn expect happened.

Mihawk turned to look at Leo, who was now standing on top of the Baratie and watching.

Mihawk – ”And what about you? What is your goal? And why is it that someone with your strength is in the weakest of the seas? ”

When everyone heard his question and looked at where he was looking, they were shock and confused to see the figure of Leo with his hood shadowing his face.

Leo was also quite shocked to hear the question as he wasn expecting it, but he answered with what he felt.

Leo – ”Well you kind of put me on the spot, but if I had to say, it would be to become the strongest, enjoy my life and kill the sinful, bringing vengeance to those who deserve it and delivering for those who cant do so themselves. ”

Leos response intrigued Mihawk, not because of the statement itself, but because of the faint aura that Leo emitted when talking about vengeance. Though nobody else noticed, including Leo.

Mihawk – ”Interesting… ”

That was it, one word, then he turned around, went to his boat and started to leave.

But, Don Kriegs ego couldn accept being ignore and he started shouting about fighting him and attacked.

Mihawk just waved his sword, created a smoke screen, destroying some more of the already downed ship, disrupting the sea and disappeared.

Luffy had to jump back to the Baratie and looked over at Usopp who was on a boat and tending to Zoros injuries.

Luffy shouted for them to follow Nami, and Usopp shout back telling him not to worry and then threw Luffys straw hat to him.

With that said, Usopp got on his way and Luffy made a deal that if he beat up Don Kriegs men he wouldn have to be a chore boy anymore.

(okay, Im just gonna say sorry, Im not very good at being descriptive, but hopefully I will improve. Im going to take some time to caught up on the events that happened to make sure I dont miss anything.

Remember to comment and give advice.)

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