With both side ready to go, Luffy shot himself at the enemy and Sanji told someone to bring the fins out on the ship so that they would have somewhere to fight.

Meanwhile Patty and another chef came out in a small attack ship to go after all the cannon fodder dotted around the area, shooting their cannons.

They also attempted to get Don Krieg, but they were stopped in their tracks when he grabbed hold of it and then they were thrown into the air, directly towards the Baratie.

Sanji dealt with it by jumping into the air and kicking it, stopping its momentum and pushing it back a bit.

With a place to fight, the pirates had started their assault and the chefs fought back, but because these pirates weren the common riff-raff they were used to they were easily pushed back.

The chef then all shared a little heart to heart about how the Baratie was their home and then charge into battle.

They were doing okay until Patty and some short dude with sunglasses were sneak attacked by Pearl, a guy who looked like a fashion show reject, with big metal plates and pearls on his body.

A pirate then tried to take Pattys knife, which Sanji then kicked him for it and started talking about not messing with a chefs honour.

Sanji then joined the battle, starting with kicking five guy in the face.

Pearl started boasting about never having taken damage or bled in battle, but because of an attack that Krieg threw at Luffy while he was hanging onto the mast of the broken ship, the mast got destroyed and part of it flew towards Pearl, hitting him in the back of the head and making his nose bleed.

As a result of him bleeding, he started to have a temper-tantrum, was clanging the two metal plate on his hands together and then caught on fire.

He shot flaming pearls around and caused the platform they were all on to catch on fire, along with his own men… and Luffys butt…

In the cannon, it would have been now that Sanji gets angry because the Baratie was on fire and he would have attacked him.

But, Pearls whining and complete disregard of his own teammates had pissed Leo off.

This lead to Leo suddenly appearing in front of Pearl.

Leo – ”You piss me off. ”

Pearl – ”Wha! ah… ”

Before anyone could figure out what was happening, Leo thrust his hand into Pearls chest, tearing right through the thick metal plate that was in the way and finally he ripped his heart out.

Leo – ”So die. ”

After that, he just dropped the removed heart, waved his hand, creating a gust of wind to put out the fire and returned to the roof.

On the battlefield, there was silence, no one move, no one talked and some people even forgot to breathe.

No one had expected that the person, that they had completely forgotten about until now, would suddenly act and in such brutal way at that.

The chef and the pirates alike were to nervous to move, they could all see clearly that compare to this monster looming over them, they were weak.

Don Krieg couldn even see what had happened, all he saw was some no name person appear and tear out the heart of one of his strongest in terms of defense.

Krieg – What the hell? How? I didn even see him move! Even I couldn do that!

Luffy and Sanji looked at Leo and had different thoughts.

Luffy – Whoa, hes strong.

Sanji – Who is that? Who ever he is, he seems to be on our side.

And then, the only person capable of catching Leos movements, Zeff, looked at him with curiosity.

Zeff – He is definitely strong enough for the grandline, at least till the end of paradise.

As for Leo, he for the first time had kill someone with his own hand, directly in front of himself, unlike with the last two who he didn actually see die, even if he tortured them.

He didn feel bad or guilty for killing him and for the first time, he consumed a soul of a person.

The benefits from Pearls soul was minimal. He got a strength increase of one ton.

For a normal person one ton might be quite the increase, but Leo was sure that Pearl was stronger than that and so that meant he was getting only a fraction of the power of the soul he consumes.

It wasn a bad thing, but it was still a disappointing result nonetheless.

It took a moment for Leo to come out of his musings and when he did, he realized that everyone was looking at him.

Leo – ”What are you looking at me for? Shouldn you lot be fighting? ”

When they heard Leo, they all almost fell over.

They were wondering what was going on in his head. He just killed one of the toughest people there like it was nothing and now he was asking why they weren fighting.

Then one of the chefs asked the big question.

Chef – ”If you
e so strong, why don you help us? ”

The rest of the chefs just nodded along.

Leo – ”Well for starters, I have no obligation to help, this is your battle to fight, I only killed him because he was annoying. ”

He talked to them all in a nonchalant manner and then looked at Luffy.

Leo – ”Besides, do you want me to interfere with your battle Straw hat? ”

He then pointed to Krieg, and the reason he called him Straw hat was because he isn close to him.

Luffy – ”Shishishi, Right! You get it. ”

Leo – ”Right, so can you all finish this already. ”

With that everyone started to focus on the battle, but they were constantly anxious about the monster watching them, after all what if they were the next one to annoy him. Well Luffy wasn bothered, but that is to be expected.

It was then that Krieg, who felt like he was being looked down upon, started to shout.


He then started preparing an attack.

When Kriegs crew saw what he was about to do, they started yelling about how he was going to use poison gas, started scrambling for their masks and calling him crazy.

The chefs though, when they heard that Krieg was going to poison gas, they started to panic and either started to run into the restaurant or jump into the sea and start swimming.

Both Sanji and Luffy stayed and Luffy stole two masks from a couple of guys and threw one to Sanji.

Though all of this was pretty much pointless, because when Krieg shot the bomb, he was aiming at Leo, who just looked at it and when it got close enough knocked it up towards the sky.


The bomb exploded in the sky and the poison gas was swept away with the wind.

When everyone saw how casually he dealt with the attack, they became even more fearful of him.

And as for Krieg, he was staring with wide eyes and dropped jaw.

Leo looked at Krieg and then at Luffy before saying.

Leo – ”Continue. ”

Luffy didn really need to be told, as he was already preparing to go take him down.

After that, everything more or less went the same as in the cannon. Luffy knocked Krieg down a couple of times, Krieg brought out his spear that makes explosions on impact and Luffy proceeded to break the tip. Luffy broke through Kriegs armour, got caught in a metal net and then used his Gum Gum Hammer move to knock Krieg out for good.

The only real difference is that Leo caught him before sank into the sea and put him on the deck while he had already passed out.

Leo – ”There, now that the fun is over, Ill get rid of the trash. ”

Sanji, who was right next to him, looked over at him in confusion.

Sanji- ”What do you mean? ”

Leo didn answer and instead turned around, materialized a chain with his Hellfire and started slaughtering all of the pirate, the unconscious Krieg being the first.

It took a few minutes to finish off all the pirates, this was because they were already quite spread out and then they weren exactly willing to be lambs to the slaughter, so they tried to swim away.

For those close by, he swung his chain like a whip, a whip that tore through whatever was in its path and for the ones that got some distance, when he swung the chain, the links would separate and shoot off, barraging them until they were dead. He was going to have to practice.

When he was done the sea was red with blood and made for a gory scene.

He also consumed all of their souls and raised his strength to roughly 35 tons. It mostly came from Krieg and Ghin, seen as the rest were just cannofodder. Thats right, he also killed Ghin, he might have had a bit of redemption in the anime, but this wasn an anime and even if he got his moment, Ghin was still a bad person.

Anyways, finished with his clean up, he made his way towards the group of chefs who were gawking at his display of brutal efficiency.

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