, right, I haven introduced myself have I? My name is Leonardo Blaze, nice to meet you. And as for food, dont worry about me, I dont need it. ”

Luffy – ”WHAAAT!? You dont need food? I couldn bare to not eat! ”

Leo – ”Haha, Well I can still eat food, I just dont
eed it. ”

Luffy – ”Hmm, well okay. Anyways, my names Monkey D Luffy and Im gonna be king of the pirate! ”

Sanji and Yosaku also introduced themselves, along with their respective occupations of pirate and ounty hunter.

Leo – ”Well I don have an occupation exactly, I now just do what i want and kill bad guys. ”

Yosaku – ”So like the marines? ”

Leo – ”More like how a marine is supposed to be, if they weren so corrupt and submissive to the world government. ”

Luffy was just staring at him, but then sported a huge grin.

Luffy – ”You know, you should join my crew! ”

Sanji who had been quiet until now spoke up.

Sanji – ”What!? You dont even know the guy and you
e inviting him to the crew? You heard him say he kills bad guys right? You know, like pirates? Meaning us! ”

Luffy just kept staring at Leo waiting for an answer.

Leo – ”He has a point… but then again you did invite him without getting to know him first, hahaha. And as for you being pirates, that doesn mean you are the bad guys, it is your actions that determine that. And I will think about the offer to join your crew. ”

Luffy – ”Shishishi! Alright, Ill wait. ”

After that things had settled down a bit, Sanji had a question.

Sanji – ”Where are we going anyways? ”

Yosaku then went on to explain that they were heading to Conomi Island and added information about the 7 warlords, the fishmen pirates, Jinbe and finally Arlong.

Luffy decided to draw a couple interpretation of how a fishman looks, Sanji was fantasizing about a mermaid Nami, and Yosaku was shouting at them for not taking things seriously. All the while Leo was just staring at the sky.

Sanji then asked them if they wanted something to eat and went to cook.

Meanwhile, the trio of Zoro, Usopp and Johnny had already arrived, and been separated.

Zoro had been captured and was tied up at Arlong park, Usopp was at Nojikos house after fleeing the fishmen and nobody knows where the hell Johnny is…

Anyways, the events all unfolded like they should, Arlong went to Cocoyashi village to deal with someone, Nami freed Zoro but he just beat up all the fishmen that remained and then was taken to Cocoyashi by an octopus fishman who thought he was a guest, and Usopp was then later captured because he attacked Arlong to save a man.

Usopp was taken to Arlong park when he was caught, he then started running his mouth because of fear and asked Nami for help. Nami then had to put on a show that she was never their friend and attacked him, while pretending to have killed him, but she was convincing to everyone else. And Johnny who was watching from behind the wall.

Back with Leo on the boat.

He was just lying on the roof and enjoying the sun, but that was disturbed when the boat suddenly got rocked and the sun was blocked by a big shadow.

When everyone looked over to see what is was, they saw a Sea Cow or Momoo looking at the food that had just been brought out by Sanji.

Yosaku panicked and said to give the food to it, but Luffy ended up punching it and shouted about not touching his food.

It got angry and was about to attack, but Leo stepped forward to prevent it from getting beat up.

Leo – ”Woah there big guy, calm down. ”

Momoo – ”Moo moo! ” {Im hungry and he hit me}

Leo – ”I know, but you wanted his food and nobody like having their food taken, right? ”

Momoo ”Moo! ” {But Im hungry}

Leo – ”Well how about this, were going to Conomi Island, so if you will take us there you can have some food. How about it? ”

Momoo just nodded and looked at the food, while Leo looked at Luffy.

They were just looking at him as he talked to a giant see creature.

Leo – ”Well there you have it, give him some food and he will take us to Conomi. ”

Luffy – ”Hmm… Okay! If it will help us get Nami back, then I will give him my food. ”

Luffy then threw all the food towards Momoo, who opened his mouth and swallowed it all.

Leo then made a harness on Momoo with his Hellfire and attached it to the boat, having it pulled. He then turned around and looked at the other three.

Leo – ”Well this will save us some time. ”


Sanji – ”Yeah, you made chains before when you got rid of all the pirates. Also were you just talking to that thing? ”

”Moo! ” Being called a hing made Momoo protest.

Leo – ”I have the ability to produce Hellfire and solidified Hellfire constructs. And yes I was talking to him, and his name is Momoo he said. ”

Sanji just hmd in response and Luffy was looking at him with sparkling eyes. Yosaku was just on the side looking at them.

Yosaku – These people are insane…

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