After about 15 minutes Leo and the other three could see Conomi Island.

Everything was going smoothly, but out of nowhere, a large sheet into Momoos face and made him go out of control in a panic.

Momoo picked up his speed by a lot and caused Luffy, Sanji and Yosaku to start panicking, Leo was just wondering where the hell the sheet came from.

Because of Momoos out of control and blinded state, he charged right past Arlong park and then smashed into the shore. This sent the boat flying into the air over the island, but that only happened because Leo de-materialized the harness that was attached to Momoo.

As they were flying through the air, Leo was wondering whether it was the world that made this happen or complete accident and the other three are busy screaming.

After about a minute of air time, they landed in a bunch of trees and just kept sliding through through the forest. After a few seconds, they came out of the forest and were presented with Zoro in mid run with a shocked expression.

Luffy – ”Oh! Zoro! ”

Zoro – ”LUFFY…! ”


The boat smacked into Zoro and kept skidding forward for another 100 metres or so before coming to a stop.

When they stopped, the boat was a complete wreck. Everyone was still alive somehow, Luffy was dusting himself off, Sanji was sitting on the wreckage, Leo had jumped to a tree and was sitting on a branch, Yosaku was upside down with his legs twitching, and Zoro was bleeding from his head and shouting.


Luffy – ”What do you mean? Weve obviously come to get Nami back. Haven you found her yet? Wheres Usopp and Johnny? ”

Zoro then explained that Usopp had been captured by Arlong and that they needed to go save him. Just before they got to set off Johnny appeared and shout that Nami had killed Usopp.

When Luffy heard Johnny say that Nami killed Usopp, he got mad at him and started shouting at him, saying that he was lying.


Johnny – ”Its fine if you don believe it…! But I saw it with my own eyes…! ”

It was then that Nami showed up.

Nami – ”Just who did you call crewmates, Luffy? ”

After she arrived, Nami started to act as if she didn care about them and was telling them that they should get lost. Zoro asked where Usopp was and she told him at the bottom of the ocean, which Zoro got annoyed at because she was antagonizing them, so he went to attack her only to be stopped by Sanji and then start bickering with him.

Nami once again told them that they should leave, but Luffy just looked at her for a moment and then fell backwards.

Luffy – ”Im gonna sleep. ”

Johnny and Yosaku over reacted and exclaimed at his behaviour.

Luffy – ”I dont feel like leaving this island yet, and I dont really care whats happening on this island either… And Im sleepy. So Im sleeping. ”

At his words, Johnny over dramatically fell over, Yosaku and Sanji both looked at him with a wtf expression and Zoro just face palmed.

Nami got angry at this point and started shouting at him, telling them that they can go die for all she cares and then stormed off.

There was silence for a short while, but that was broken by Johnny and Yosaku who decided that they were going to leave because they didn want to be hunted down by Arlong.

So they said bye to everyone and set off.

Silence took over again, Zoro and Sanji had both sat down, but then it was Sanji who broke it.

Sanji – ”You think Nami really killed Long-nose? ”

Leo then decide that he would interfere and just tell them that she had been lying.

Leo – ”She didn . ”

His voice startled Sanji and Zoro. Zoro took his sword out and looked at him.

Zoro – ”Who are you? ”

Sanji – ”Damn, I had completely forgotten about you. ”

Leo – ”Im Leonardo Blaze, you can call me Leo. ”

Luffy then looked over with a huge grin.

Luffy – ”Hes going to be a new member of the crew. ”

Leo – ”I said I would think about it. ”

Zoro – ”Hmm. So what do you mean by she didn kill Usopp? ”

Zoro had now put his sword away and was sitting down again.

Leo – ”Just that, she didn kill him, she lied. She stabbed her own hand, thats why she had a glove on. She also was worried for you guys. It makes sense, fear of her captors outweighs her beliefs in your strengths. ”

The three of them were now looking at him and Zoro had a raised eyebrow.

Zoro – ”How can you know that? ”

Leo – ”What can I say, Im a people person. ” Plus I have seen the anime.

It was at this point that Usopp came running over and saw Zoro.

Usopp – ”Oh thank God, I thought you mightve gone to Arlong Park. ”

Luffy then shot up and ran over to him.

Luffy – ”Usopp! ”

Usopp – ”Luffy you
e here! ”

Usopp then went on to explain how Nami had saved him and how he thinks that there must be a reason that she had joined the Arlong pirates.

It was then that Nojiko showed up and said that no matter what they do they wont be able to change anything. Usopp explained that she was Namis sister and Sanji started simping.

She told them not to get involved with the island anymore, and then told them that she will explain how everything happened and in return they have to leave the island quietly.

At this same moment, the rat-face Marine Nezumi that is in league with Arlong had just showed up at Cocoyashi and asked where Namis house was.

After Nojiko said she would explain, Luffy just said that he wasn interested and decided to take a walk.

Leo also wasn interested considering he had seen it already and he could just read her mind if he wanted, so he decided to tag along with Luffy.

Leo – ”None of this is really my business, so Im gonna tag along with him. ”

The other four just watched as they left and after they lost sight of them, Nojiko started telling the Usopp and Sanji the story, considering Zoro is now asleep.

After walking for a little while, Leo and Luffy arrived at Cocoyashi village in time to see Genzo leading Nezumi to Namis house.

Luffy saw them and was looking at Genzo.

Luffy – ”…Why does that man, have a pinwheel on his head!? ”

At Namis house, the Marines had just shown up and were searching the whole place under the pretence that the money she had stolen should be given to the government, but Nami fought back because she needed that money.

Genzo ended up telling Nami that he and the whole village knew that she was doing this to buy the village and set them free.

Nojiko then showed up, said that the Marines are useless and told that they should leave the island before their ship gets destroyed.

Nezumi had then let slip that there should be 100 million Berries and Nami realized that Arlong was behind it. He then told his men to get rid of the trio and his men pointed their guns at them.


Currently, Leo and Luffy were sitting with their backs up against a tree, suddenly Nami and Genzo showed up with a wounded Nojiko.

When Luffy saw Nami, he got up and walked over with a smile. (he didn see Nojiko)

Luffy – ”Hey Nami, whats up? Need any help? ”

When she saw Luffy, Nami got angry and Grabbed him by the collar, then she started shouting at him.


She then shoved him to the ground and ran off to go confront Arlong.

Luffy then sat back down at the tree with Leo.

Luffy – ”Jeez, whats with her? ”

Leo was looking into the distance where Nami had just went.

Leo – ”Well shes just had everything she worked for turned to nothing. Her reaction is understandable. ”

Luffy didn quite understand and just hmd in response.

After Nami stormed off, the villagers started to gather and Genzo was rallying them up, talking about the injustice and how now that their last hope was taken away, they should no longer endure in silence.

They all then left to gather up weapons and gathered back up a few minutes later.

Genzo then started to get their morale up, and it worked, they were all shouting and waving their weapons in the air.

But then Nami appeared, slightly panting from running, but had an obviously fake smile.

Nami – ”Wait everyone! Please just wait a little more! Ill try my best again! Haha… I promise Ill raise enough money once more! Itll actually be easier this time! ”

When the villagers heard her they all quieted down and looked at her with sad expressions, Genzo was even crying a little.

Genzo walked over to Nami and hugged her. He started to tell that she doesn have to work for them anymore, that he knows it must have hurt to work with Arlong.

Genzo – ”Youve fought well. ”

He then told her that she can leave the village. She was about to refute, but Nojiko interrupted and told her that she should go, that she was cunning and had what it takes to survive.

Nojiko – ”Besides you have a dream to fulfill! ”

Nami was slightly shocked, but she quickly got out of it and then pulled out a dagger and tried to block the way, telling them that she doesn want to see any of them get hurt and theyll die.

Genzo – ”We know. ”

He then grabbed hold of the blade of the dagger, making his hand start bleeding.

The Doctor then told her that it was useless and they had their hearts set on it.


The villagers then started moving in the direction of Arlong park with their weapons in the air and shouting about showing their spirit.

Nami had dropped to her knees, grabbed a hold of her left should and looking at the tattoo, that represents the Arlong pirates, with complete hatred.

She then grabbed hold of the dagger and started stabbing the tattoo while repeating Arlongs name.

After she had stabbed her arm a few times, her arm was stopped mid swing by Luffy.

She looked at him while on the verge of crying.


Luffy – ”Nope. I dont know anything. ”

Nami looked down at the ground, clutching the dirt, telling him that she had said to leave and threw the dirt at him, Luffy agreed that she had.

She then held her face, trying to hold in her sobs before she turned to him and with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Nami – ”Luffy… help me… ”

Luffy then grabbed his hat and put it onto Namis head, took a few steps forward and then took a deep breath in.

Luffy – ”OF COURSE I WILL! ”

Nami looked at his back while remembering how important his hat is to him and softly muttered his name while still crying.

Luffy started walking forwards with a serious expression on his face, right towards his waiting crew.

Luffy – ”Lets go. ”

Zoro/Sanji/Usopp – ”Roger! ”

(Thanks for reading, if you know how I can improve then please do comment.

I should probably say that I tend to go and read the chapters and then edit them a bit (mostly just grammar and improving sentences), because my brain works weirdly.)

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