So as he was passing by, Leo backhanded Hatchan and sent him flying out into the sea. He didn want to kill Hatchan, but that didn doesn mean that he was just going to let him off the hook after all that hed done as a pirate. (Pun wasn intended)

After dealing with Hatchan, he continued his way towards Arlong.

Then there was another interruption, this time in the form of the stingray fishman Kuroobi and Japanese Whiting fish fishman Chuu.

They both attacked at the same time, Kuroobi used his fishman karate, while Chuu used his water gun attack. (I shit you not, that is what its called)

Both of their attacks hit him, but he didn even flinch, he grabbed hold of both of them and threw them behind him. Kuroobi went Sanji and Chuu went to Luffy.

Leo slightly turned his head, but it was enough for the people who were behind him and hadn seen his fiery skeleton appearance, to catch a glimpse.

GR Leo – ”You can play with them. ”

And he continued his walk.

It was only a few step and he was now standing over a shaking Arlong. He grabbed hold of and picked him up by the head, bring him to eye level.

GR Leo – ”Tell me something… Do you fear death? ”

And with that, he slammed Arlong into the ground, creating a small dust cloud, then he let go of him and backed up a few step to let him get up.

After a couple of second, while Leo was busy wondering if Arlong was weaker than he thought and was already down for the count, the dust settled and Arlong was standing there with an enraged expression.


GR Leo – ”Good luck with that. ”

Leos remark sounded like he was looking down on him, so Arlong got even angrier, but Leo cant be blamed for that, he is immortal after all…

In his enraged state, Arlong shot towards Leo, head first intending to bite him, and Leo of course, let him bite his shoulder.

The reason for him letting Arlong have so many chances and not just taking him out is that he wanted to play with him, show him that he is weak and all his attempts are useless, slowly whittling away at him, and then he will start to physically rip him apart.

As soon as Arlong felt his teeth make contact, he was overjoyed at the thought that he would be able to tear apart the arrogant human infront of him. All the people watching were also alarmed and shouted for Leo to get away from Arlong.

But, he was quickly confused when his teeth didn pierce his opponent, heck even his clothes were okay.

Arlong was about to pull away, but suddenly felt something grab him by the jaw.

GR Leo – ”Was that supposed to accomplish something? ”

Leo then clenched his hand on Arlongs jaw, which started to make a sickening crunching sound.

Arlong couldn handle having his jaw literally crushed and start to yell in pain. Fortunately for him, Leo didn completely destroy his jaw, he stopped after listening to his screams for about 30 seconds and instead threw him into the tower, where he wanted him to pick up his weapon.

After throwing Arlong, Leo started walking towards the tower and made his way inside.

Waiting for him was Arlong, who was, as expected, holding his saw like sword, and without wasting time, Arlong attacked with ferocious swings. And just like before, Leo simply stood there and let it happen.

After Arlong had taken about fifty swings, Leo decided that was enough and caught the blade, then crushing it with one hand.

At this point, Arlong was becoming scared, but Leo wasn done.

He for a third time, grabbed Arlong by the head and threw him, this time upwards and with a lot of force behind it, sending him through multiple floors, all the way to the top.

Following behind him, Leo jumped through the holes that were made. When Leo got to the top, he saw the room that belonged to Nami, her prison, and it made him angry! There were stacks upon stacks of papers with maps drawn on them, a single desk with drawing utensils that had dried blood on them.

As someone who can feel emotions, it made him sick and enraged. He could feel the sorrow, the helplessness, the loneliness, anger and hate that Nami had felt whenever she was in the room, and the fact that a she had felt this for 8 years, he felt all of it, it made him almost go into a frenzy.

He released a deafening roar that made the air tremble and everyone who heard it, to feel a primal fear and dread the likes of which theyd never felt before, not even from Arlong.

After releasing his roar, Leo didn waste time, he set the room on fire, and then created chains and started to destroy the whole building. He kicked Arlong through a wall and sent him plummeting into the courtyard down below, then he walked over to the newly created hole and stared down at Arlong.

Everyone else was looking at him, the villagers, Johnny and Yosaku, Luffy and his crew who had finished their battles, And also Nami who was crying from happiness when she saw her prison was no more.

Leo jumped down, infront of the panting Arlong, who was looking at him with a mix of hatred and fear.

GR Leo – ”Im done playing with you. ”

Leo then proceeded to grab Arlong by the neck with one hand and with the other one, he started to rip him apart starting with his right arm, then his leg, then he switched the hand that was holding him with his other and ripped his other arm and leg off.

Arlong was screaming in pain the entire time and even begged for him to stop at the end, Leo just looked at him with his hollow eyes.

GR Leo – ”Look at you, defeated by a mere human and left in this pathetic state. Tell me, how do you feel right now? ”

Arlong only had fear in his eyes now, he was completely played with, he never stood a chance.

Arlong – ”Y-you
e a m-monster! ”

GR Leo – ”…I know… ”


Leo snapped his neck and then dropped him, he then went on to kill the rest of the fishmen, all the way from the weakest goon to the two officers, and then he consumed their souls, but he left one that he determined to be the weakest as he had a something to check. He got quite a good boost as well, he went from 35 tonnes to 67 tonnes.

Finished with dealing with them, Leo reverted back to his normal appearance, but with brightly glowing red eyes.

(I broke 2000 word, wohoo!

Yeah, so I was asked why I didn have Leo stop Nami whe she was stabbing herself, honestly I dont really want Nami in the harem all that much, shes a bit of a gold digger and I dont think that is the type of girl he would go for after what happened with his ex. Sure I could change her character a bit, but I feel like that would be too strange and Im not confident in pulling it off.)

(quick question, I want to revive Bellemere. Should I do it now or later? Now would make it likely that Nami wouldn leave, though I would still make it happen(unlimited power!). Later makes it seem more manipulative and I dont like that, but i can still work around it. So what do you think?

I wont upload anything for a couple days.)

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