Gifted and Different

Chapter 1: Moon Goddess

Unknown POV

In a pink themed room on the second floor of the Cage mansion a woman cladded with a white silk night gown sits behind her daughter who is wearing a cute cartoon pyjamas set in front of a white vanity table combing her entangled straight black hair and humming a song well known in their community, with Diana singing along.

”Mommy tell me the story of the moon goddess again ” pausing in the part of the song she did not know six year old Diana Cage asks her mom with her big brown doey eyes shinning in the dimly lit bedroom. ”Ive told you the story a million times already dear, aren you tired of hearing it? ” Abigail, who looks like the older version of little Diana asks in a curious tone. ”Tell the story again mommy, please ” Diana pleads with her mom giving her a look she most definitely could not say no to, Dianas mother sighs and says ”Fine Ill tell you the story again but you promise youll go to bed after, right? ” Diana nods waiting for her mother to start her story.

”Over a hundred years ago there was a war between the werewolves for superiority, lives were lost in the raging battle of the supernatural. ” Abigail pauses and looks towards her daughter who was staring at her with all focus. Seeing her mom looking at her without saying anything, she says ”Go on mommy ” Abigail sighs and continues ”The moon goddess from where she was in her realm was extremely displeased to see her children fighting when she sought to make them equal. She couldn take it so she thought of a way to solve the problem, a solution that after hundreds of years a war will not be caused by the same problem. She descended from the heavens shinning like the moon with her straight black hair, blue eyes and white spotless skin wearing a dark blue gown with tiny stars that twinkled then her voice was heard by all the wolves on the battle ground, ”My children you have chosen to fight with each other for something that is not supposed to exist between you, I wanted you to be free, to allow you live in peace in the forests but is that what you do? No, you kill your brothers and sisters with no remorse for the fact that you are of the same lineage and the same blood ” Her expression was very calm but one could hear the disappointment in her voice and see the sadness in her eyes, the werewolves drop to their knees with regret in their eyes, turning their head to the side displaying their necks in submission. She looks around her at the werewolves filled with shame for being a disappointment to their goddess, ”From now on you are going to be led by a king, he will be ten times stronger than normal wolves and with his mate by his side his children shall also follow in his steps ” and in the blink of an eye she was gone. Thats why we all listen to King Deven,

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