Gifted and Different

Chapter 1: Moon Goddess

hes the goddesss chosen Alpha ”

Just as Abigail finishes the story Diana lets out a loud yawn. Abigail laughs softly before saying ”Okay sleepy head time to get into bed ”. Abigail sings a lullaby for Diana while tucking her in bed, Diana asks in a sleepy voice ”Mommy the moon goddess sounds so cool, I want to meet her one day. Do you think she knows me? ” With a smile Abigail says ”She knows exactly who you are. Good night baby ” Diana replies with her eyes closed ”Good night mommy ”

Abigail plants a kiss on Dianas forehead and walks over to the window, she looks at the crescent moon providing light in the darkness of the night and smiles as if knowing the moon goddess was watching them. ”One day youll definitely meet the goddess , she has so much planned for you but I won be there for you when you need me my child ” Abigail whispers so as to not wake the now snoring Diana, she walks towards the door and take one more look at her daughter with sadness in her eyes before flicking the lights off and closing the door behind her with a soft click.

Diana mumbles something in her sleep and not long after she starts glowing but it stops some minutes after it started.


Somewhere seemingly out of the world a woman with a very pale skin wearing a dark blue dress stares at a lake as if seeing its depths ”You are going to fulfil the prophecy dear. I have a lot of things planned for you my child but you have to endure the hardships because they are meant to make you stronger ” Selena says while staring at Dianas sleeping form. ”Your fate has already been planned, I will guide you through it. Your mate will help you achieve so much ” A single tear escapes her eyes as she closes them and takes in deep breaths, dropping into the lake causing rumples to form on the surface blurring the film like picture of Diana she was staring at before she quickly wipes her face with the back of her hand and turns around to walk away.

Looking back towards the lake what I see is something that has been unheard of for years a White lycan with blue eyes and beside him stood a black she wolf having white markings on her body with green eyes. I smirk still looking at the picture ”Just wait and watch how Ill break your chosen one and start the war again Selena, Im going to pay you back for what you did by using what youve done to me. I am going to rule over you ” laughing hysterically after saying the last part but the laugh was hallow filled with nothing but anger and a thirst for vengeance. ”Lets see what this little wolf can do ”

Getting up from my throne I walk out of my dark castle with my staff in hand and a crown on my head ”Demons… I have a task I want you to do and I want to receive results ”

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