Gifted and Different

Chapter 2: You\'re a Monster

Dianas POV

After the visit from the mysterious man and woman dressed in purple, mom has been a little jumpy because she is always lost in thought and I have long noticed her strange behaviour but mostly shrug off the idea of asking her what the matter was because I was sure what she was going to say as her answer; ”Its nothing honey, do you want a snack ”.

Walking up to mom dressed in a black turtleneck, pink skirt and a pair of sandals ”Mom, can I go to Mias for a while. Its been long since Ive seen her and- ” ”No Diana. You
e not going anywhere ” mom cuts me off which was weird because shes never done that before not to talk of the tone she just used. I look at her surprised by the tone she just used ”Why mom? ” ”Because I say so ” getting another harsh answer from her which makes me feel upset, I go back to my room slamming the door shut with my enhanced werewolf strenght and looks out the window ”I really wish I could fly ”. There was a sudden glow coming from behind me, I turns around to see a beautiful woman with straight black hair and pale skin wearing a dark blue dress ”You can fly but you can fall ” the woman says, her voice sounding like that of an angel, and gives small smile. ”Who are you? Are you… Are you the moon goddess? ” I ask her taking a daring step forward still looking at the woman in a daze She does fit mom description i says to myself.

”Aren you a clever girl? Yes its me. Child Im here to warn you, your friends will no longer act like friends because they see you as a monster. You are destined for so much child but it will not be easy, before you go out give your mother a hug and tell her that you love her. Now hurry, go before its too late ” After saying that the moon goddess disappears and I stand there completely speechless. After about ten minutes of complete silence trying to take in everything that happened ”Did I just meet the moon goddess? I just met the moon goddess! ” I say to myself in a hushed whisper I have to tell mom about this thinking in my head, I let out a small giggle before flinging the bedroom door open and rushing down stairs with a smile plastered on my face.

I stands rooted to the ground with a horrified expression at the scene in front of me, mom was being held by two dark scaly figures with horns and bright red eyes which looked like the demons from story books, and another of this demon was standing in front of her with a dagger in his hand which was dripping blood. Mom looks at me with tears in her eyes as she says the last thing Diana would ever hear from her, I could feel the sadness radiating off of her which scared me ”Run ”. I watch as the scaly demon figure in front of her stabs her again and turns towards me, at this time I see it, its eyes are different not bright red like the other but gold.

I look at my mother who was already on the floor staring weakly at me, clearly having trouble keeping her eyes open and turn to start running up the stairs and into my room, I lock the door behind me and walk towards the window Wow thats high feeling nauseous from just looking down from the window on the second floor which is about 70 feet above the ground, i closes my eyes and jumps. No pain? Opening my eyes I look for what I landed on that felt so soft and Im surprised to say the least at the large flower bed beneath me. I look forward and again stunned to see a trail of lilac flowers leading to the forest behind the house, Lets give it a shot following my instinct I got up and started running on the flower trail, hearing a shriek behind me I don look back because I know it was one of the people who killed her mother mom with that something hits me harder than a ton of brick, mom is gone for good. Tears run down my cheeks and is carried by the wind. Running faster than before willing my legs nor to give up, I make my way around the trees and climbs up one that I see is very tall to a high but thick branch, I bring my knees to my chest then rest my head on them. I let out a loud cry which is then followed by a thunder before the rain started pouring down heavily but I was too engrossed in my sorrow to care about getting wet. My skin lets out a small glow before the raindrops stop touching me, I look down to see that the scaly demon people are still looking for me. And then I feel it, something that scared me but comforted me at the same time an emotion so intense I had never felt like that before, and rage. I look at them and I see my reflection in their eyes, mine is glowing a bright green colour before they are surrounded by tree vines which suffocates them.

”You killed my mother! ” I shout in the storm but my voice is drowned in the sound of a thunder, glaring at them while they struggle to break free from the vine but that annoys me even further and I narrow my gaze at them which causes the vines to keep tightening until their bodies went limp after hearing the pleasant sound of bones cracking. ”Ive avenged you mother, just like they do in movies. I killed them for you, I killed them ” I say in a monotone while looking at the ground, watching how the rain splashed as it hit the floor.

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