Gifted and Different

Chapter 2: You\'re a Monster

Dianas POV

I hear laughter and giggles around me but I don want to join the fun being the shy and timid me that I am. Other kids my age are running around I their adorable dresses of different colour and I feel like an outcast but I did this to myself anyway, I don like wearing dresses especially not to birthday party. So Im here sitting in the corner all alone watching the other kids play all kinds of childish games which I find weird and Im just eleven year old, maybe its because I don have any friends. This is so embarrassing I grumble silently, Im the only one not wearing a dress but Im putting on a baby blue shirt, a pair of black trousers and my favourite blue snickers with my hair done to a beautiful fishtail, I scans through the crowd looking for mom because I was more than ready to go home, this is so boring. When I see her, I stand up and start running still looking at her which was my mistake because I end up bumping into some girls in the process. ”Hey watch it ” the princess of the day Nicole a.k.a the bully queen said sending an annoyed look but I see surprise flash through her eyes Its probably because of my look I shrug my thoughts aside and say in the most innocent voice I could because I definitely didn want her to turn my life into a living hell at school ”Im sorry Nicole ” I sweep my eyes through the crowd now surrounding and suddenly look down at my feet So many eyes Silently praying that they would just walk away because I was feeling intimidated by their stares. ”Do you want to play with us? ” Another girl from my class, Bella I think asks me in a surprisingly friendly tone. Surprised by the question, I look up at Bella and shift my gaze to my mother who is talking merrily with the other parents, I guess I could stay a little longer nodding shyly I look back towards the floor but not before seeing Bella smile at me weirdly and starts explaining the game ” Okay this is how we play, we
e all going to bring one foot forward and then we count, the foot which the count twenty lands on will have to chase the rest of us and the first person to get caught will be the one to continue the chase. The game ends when the person caught was the first to begin the chase, do you understand? ” Bella asked after explaining to which I just gave another nod suddenly feeling a little uneasy.

The girls all bring their foot forward and I follow suit, Bella begins to count and the twentieth count falls on Nicole. She counts to ten before chasing after us, running around while giggling, I smile when I felt a sudden rush of energy when Nicole was about to touch me So this is what it feels like to play with friends. The game goes on for a while and when it was time for me to count I hear a voice that seems to be coming from behind me, turning my head I look for where the voice is coming from, ”My child, listen to me ” ”They
e coming for you, you must be careful ” the smile on my face immediately falls, Where is this coming from. The other kids stop running after realizing that I was not chasing them ”Diana, what are you doing? The game is not over yet. ” Bella says walking closer towards me ”Don get too close, it might be a trap ” the other girls protest with smiles on their faces when they saw Bella moving forward. The voice keeps echoing in my head and I couldn take it anymore, falling to my knees with her eyes closed, brows creased and I whisper seemingly not having my voice ”Stop talking, please stop talking ” ”Its not going to be easy for you, you
e special. They
e coming ”. I soon start feeling movement on the ground, focusing on that I feel every feet on the ground, the buildings and something like a snake slithering towards me, I open my eyes when I hear my best friend Mia scream and point behind me ”What is that? ” All eyes including mine turn in the direction Mia pointed turn in and to their horror and my surprise, vines from the trees in the compound start moving faster, it surrounds me creating a dorm like structure. I hear mom yelling my name before I was surrounded with total darkness. Fear overtakes my senses and I do the first thing Im sure any child my age would do, I scream, I feel my throat burn with how Im straining my voice but I didn care. After getting tired of screaming I keep quiet and take deep breaths, seeing light in the dorm I look at myself to notice that I was glowing my breathing becomes rapid as I feel my heart pounding in my chest, catching movement from the , I take a peek and see that the vines were getting thicker. Calm down Diana I steady my breathing and see the vines loosen a bit, after finally calming down I stretch my hand towards the vines and as my palm made contact with it, it starts loosens even further. Amazed by what was happening I let out a small childish giggle and finally the vines go back to the trees showing moms panicked expression.

I tilt my head in confusion as everyone stares at me in shock, I look myself over and see that nothing was wrong before looking down at the ground to see myself surrounded by different blooming flowers that weren there before. ”My baby, are you okay? ” Mom rushed forward and asks worry marring her beautiful face ”Im fine mommy ” I reassures her mother giving her a small smile, trying to hide how tired I suddenly was. Black spots appear my vision as I try to walk forward and soon its all dark, the only thing I heard before finally losing consciousness is ”Don touch her, shes a monster ”


I open my eyes and stares at the familiar design on the celling which had pink clouds painted on the white background. Hearing hushed shout whispers, I gets out of bed, walking softly down the stairs but stop when I heard a voice say ”Your daughter is a monster, she is nothing like the rest of us. We could take very good care of her if you would please comply and give her to us ”

”Mommy whats going on? ” I asks her eyes brimming with tears Did she just say Im a monster?. Mom lets out a surprised gasp and turns to see me standing on the stairs with my lips quivering, I probably look like I was going to burst into tears any moment from now. ”Its nothing darling, they were just leaving ” she said turning towards the pair and giving them a look as if trying to warn them against doing something. The man and woman dressed in purple walk towards the door to let themselves out but not before turning back towards us and saying words that scared both mom and I ”Well be back for her and you better be ready to hand her over or else ”

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