Gifted and Different

Chapter 2: You\'re a Monster

Dianas POV

For five years, five while years Ive been living alone, for five years Ive been going into the city stealing food and clothes then coming back to the forest again. During this period I met my wolf, her name is Ava and she has really thought me a lot about what I am and how to use my powers because apparently she is a symbol of what I am, she holds the real power. I can manipulate plants and other living things even other werewolves, Ava says its because Im supposed to be mated to an alpha but I don really bother about that because I don think any alpha would want a rough in their territory much less being mated to one, he would probably just kill me. Most alphas are really evil, I mean who kills their mate for some stupid rule?.

Right now Im in the forest passing high trees and animals of different kinds walking towards the little cave I live in, it looks small but is actually huge on the inside with a pond where I take my bath. I enter and sit on the cold floor resting my back on the wall at one end of the cave munching on the food I just took from a kind family that doesn exactly know I take food from them.

I snap my head towards the cave entrance when I hear leaves crunching

”Someones there ” Ava says to me, I get up from the floor leaving my breakfast there and quietly walk towards the entrance. Whats that smell but I feel a sting in my neck before everything goes dark and the last thing I hear before losing consciousness is Ava saying in a panicked voice at the back of my head ”oh shit ”

Xanders POV

Its only been two months since I became alpha of the Blood Claw pack and things have been going well but there happens to be a problem that these people say they have been facing even before I became their alpha, a rough living close to my pack border. That is making my pack worried for their families safety and its my responsibility to deal with it since nobody else will.

Ive sent different warriors to bring the rough back so we can question him to find out if one of my brothers sent him or if he was a spy from the enemy and then lock him up in the dungeon but each attempt has been unsuccessful. My best warriors come back telling me all kinds of story about the forest coming alive whenever they were close to the cave the rough seems to live in.

To prove them wrong and get rid of the problem Im going to handle the rough myself but Ive brought a sedative with me just in case the rough refuses to surrender and come quietly. I walk towards the cave entrance alone

”Get ready ” my wolf, Ash informs me when we sense someone getting closer. I lean against the outer wall of the cave which is surprising very smooth and clean and wait for the rough to come to the entrance before moving, in one quick motion I stick the injection into his neck and as he fall downs Im stunned stiff He is actually a she I say to Ash who is equally surprised.

I carry the rough back to my territory but feel very uncomfortable with how comforting the tingling sensation happening in the places where our skin made contact felt What is this? I ask Ash but he doesn answer me, I take it that he doesn know and take her straight into the pack house and down the stairs to the dungeon. I lock her up in the cell close to the entrance which has been enhanced by a witch just for our special guest, after chaining both hands and legs of my prisoner I move out of the dungeon and towards my office We are gonna get answers when she wakes up in a few hours I say to myself already feeling frustrated after trying to rack my brain on why I felt the way I did when I touched her She doesn even have a scent.

Sitting on the chair behind my office desk there is a knock on the door a little while after getting engrossed in work ”Come in ” without looking up from the pile of pack business papers left to be checked, the door opens and my beta Michael comes in ”Alpha the rough, shes awake and is asking to speak with you ”

I think for a while Why did she want to see me, I was going to see her anyway I mumble while getting up from my seat. ”Lets go ” I tell him and we are both out of the office with me in front, walking down the spiral stairs we get to the dungeon and she was sitting quietly not struggling at all with a blank expression.

Hearing our footsteps she looks in our direction and then her expression changes from impatience to surprise and then anxiety, reaching the front of her cell Micheal turns on the light and I was surprised to say the least she is beautiful with her big green eyes, shoulder length wavy brown hair, pale pink plump lips and a whole face. Realizing that I was staring I turn to Micheal signalling for him to unlock the door he raises one brow as if asking me why but I don answer, instead I narrow my eyes daring him to defy me him when the door is unlocked I tell him to leave, he seemed reluctant but goes out anyway mind linking me to be careful because it was strange how she was so calm even when being locked up against her will

”Come closer ”

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