Arising all alone in the back yard fidgeting and bitting my nails relishing the view of the swimming pool and cool little chicks drenched in the pool abutted by a bunch of boys laughing and moving around when she strade into the pool and everyone perpetually staring at her wearing a pink monokini manifesting her long limbed suelte legs that gives off a lanky figure and everything on her was smashing .

My heart skipped abit , my breathing increased when she asked me to be her boyfriend before I could reply her when my mom shouted at me , ” Travor aren you waking up its already morning . ”

Oh no mom , I was in the middle of my dream but you have woke me up before I could utter anything .

”Are you ok ? ”asked his mom

Forget it mom I have to go to school before its late .

Sitting on his bed rubbing his eyes and stretching his hands and legs .

”Why was it a dream , how I wish it was real ! ”

My mom, Lola and I met the day I was born , she has unconditional love and affection towards me , she laughs when I laugh and cries when ever I cry .

shes the most caring person I have ever seen all my life . I was brought up by her alone without a dad , kids laughed but I cared less because she was always there for me .

”What a sweet dream ! ”he muttered while heading to the shower .

After coming out from the shower , rapped himself in a white bath lob heading to his room to get ready for school .

Looking around his room , left over pizza and dirty clothes lay strewn about the floor , looked for an outfit in his wardrobe .

He wore a black T-shirt and navy blue short jeans plus white sneakers , picked up his bag and briskly strade out of the house.

His mom asked if he wasn going to eat anything .

”I will eat at school, ” said Travor while running towards his bicycle .

Outside the house , the sun was brightly shining causing the light skin turn red , green grass turning yellowish brownish. Everyone was Carrying an umbrella .

At school I wasn popular , didn have friends except Joey Edams my childhood friend and my neighbor .

Though Joey was kinda popular at school , she never left my side, always cheers me up ,joke and play with me .

I always told her about my imaginary friend whom I called my girlfriend , she found it eerie but still she always held my hand .

One day I was walking in the hallow way to wards my locker when Cissy Marquez the meanest girl at school snatched my glasses away .

”Oh !!!!! I wondered ”

What did I offend to you this time ? I asked

She had a team of girls with her , started arguing with them because I couldn manage without glasses .

Please , can you return my glasses , i can see without them . give it back please begged Travor Evans .

Weirdo , can you see that we are still playing with them back off .

Is it fun to bully others , are you enjoying while hes suffering.

Return those glasses to him said Joey .

Who are you to order us on what to and what we shouldn do ? replied Cissy.

She then smashed the glasses into pieces while laughing with her meanions .

Joey running towards him , ”Travor are you ok ? ”

”Do I look okay to you , ” I can see anything he replied .

Its ok , everything is gonna be okay said Joey .

How is going to be okay when I can see and I don have a pair of glasses with me he said while sobbing .

Wait here , let me get other glasses for you give me a minute and she ran towards the exit door .

Thank God and your stars that she has saved you . We shall meet again said Cissy and walked away with her team .

” Who did I offend to diserve this? muttered Travor

Cissy is one of the most popular girls at school , beautiful but mean .

Shes the cheer leader , loves bullying and being mean to others .

She is in a team of four girls .

Linda Peters .

Shes in cheer leading , loves bullying and playing pranks on people .

One day she pranked a teacher by telling him , hes fired at work and he freaked out .

Lily Walker .

Also in cheer leading but abit different from all of them .

Shes abit kind and loves helping .She helped a girl who was bullied by Cissy .

Bianca Morgans .

Also in cheer leading but takes but takes studying serious .

Shes abit malicious and care free .

Morgan Hale .

Shes bossy , bitchy and always takes herself on top of others , she doesn want to know and I everything according to her own ways .

Loves designing herself from top to bottom .

(Sound of Walking person )

Hi , man why are you sitting on the floor said a voice from behind .

Am waiting for someone replied Travor .

Seems you haven eaten or drunk something saying that he spilled coffee all over him .

(Sobing )

Dude , I didn know that men cry , its fun anyway .

( sound of ringing bell )

Hi, Mark stop it .

Its time for class come on , lets go said his friend Steve .

Hi , take my jacket as yours is dirtened and am so sorry about his behaviors .

Ummm , since when you care replied Travor .

Just take this am leaving he said and handed him his black jacket .

Steve seems to not enjoy what his friend does

but theres no way he can stop him .

Mark Roberts is a total jerk a

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