”Did he notice I was looking at him , hes damn cute I can help falling for him, if I did it earlier than wasting my time on the jerk Mark. ” she whispered to herself .

”What are you whispering , ” asked Travor .

”Me ”Selena asked ?

Who could it be , who else is here ? teased Travor .

Nothing , nothing . I was just practicing my song <<< Selena .

I heard you have a sweet voice *** Travor .

Seems so , how can I know that my voice is sweet replied Selena .

Selena and Travor , the teacher called out their names , present teacher they both replied .

”This is not the right time for you to date , an still in class wait until am done you will continue ” added the teacher .

( The whole class laughing and cheering , kiss , kiss , kiss ) .

Selena smiling as thrusting a strand of hair gently behind her ear and looking at Travor who was busy in his book .

Her smile vanished when he said, its not what you think me and her are just seat mates thats all .

”How could he , I thought he was into me when he stood up for me. ” was it in my imagination so sad she dejected muttered and continued not everyone was born to be loved.

When the class was over everyone was curious about their relationship .

Standing and stamping his foot on the floor and walked Infront of the class .

”Listen everyone nothing is going on between me and Selena we are just normal friends and seat mates thats it , ” we are not dating and am not dating anyone now can you stop it .

Everyone shut his mouth wondering if he was a gay.

At my age am already dating two, shouted Steve .

Mark looking at him with a confused facial expression.

What …. what have I done Steve shyly asked.

I thought you and Travor are the same Mark whispered into his ears .

Aren you a virgin ? teased Charles .

I have something else to do he angrily said and stormed off .

Leaning on the wall outside the class , breathing heavily and said ”why did I even say it when am on of the virgins in my class. ”

Bell ringing .

Whats wrong with Travor he didn sound himself ? what could have happened ?is it because if the video ? Should I ask him whats ? Questions where many but less answers .Joey continued since its break time let me look for him and explain to him about the video and she happily proceeded to his class .

He was bothered by his moms words , trying to figure out a solution but he could , focus …., focus Travor you need to focus , be you , it will be okay , you will figure out a solution he confronted himself .

Travor , she called him but was still in his own world , waving a hand Infront of him .

Man , you scared me to death, ” he said .

You look pale, whats wrong with you she softly asked.

Well, I have something bothering me but I hope it will be done within days or weeks or months I don know but I wish it done in days atlest replied Travor with watery eyes .

Can you tell me about it you can never be certain I have a solution <

Its something about my family, I can just say it he replied while his head low .

Okay but sometimes you can share the burden with a friend only that way you can feel good said Joey .

Lets go get some fresh air and he pulled her by her hand wrist .

”Why am I blushing , hes just holding my hand she talked under her breath, ”.

Can you please let go of my hand she said shyly .

Have I done something wrong asked Travor .

Smiling , ahh nothing , nothing , I just wanna tie my hair into a ponytail , its falling into my face and its annoying .

***** Travor laughing *********.

Why are you laughing , is it a laughing matter and she increased her walking speed .

Its not but the way you can say that your own hair is annoying , I can help it he replied while following from behind .

By the way , Travor I almost forgot to ask you to help me delete the video only before it reaches my moms eyes or else I will be dead meat please she begged.

No need to beg me , let me delete it before telling you my **in story and he smiled .

Keyboard clicking .

Joeys eyes stuck on him while clicking the key board , you can know they are cute until you fall for them she sotto spoke .

With in minutes he was already done , look am done I have saved you from being killed by you mom . flapping a hand through her face and asked am I that hand some.

What are you talking about Joey replied .

Nothing , am done with the video lets go I tell you my story .

”I have a sister, ” he shrill spoke .

What ….. what you have a sister ? excited replied Joey .

Yes I do <<

But wait …., you don sound happy to have a sister aren you happy asked Joey .

I don know if I should be happy or sad replied Travor .

If I were you , I would have been over the moon to have a sister but look at you <<<

You don understand, first of all my parents hid it from me I just found out recently , neither me nor my mom knows where she is .

I heard after my dad died it was difficult for mom to raise the both of us so he decided to give up on one and since she was older than me mom decided to give her away.

Am sorry about that she said while patting through his hair . And resumed do you know where she is and who she is ?

I have no idea who she is but I also apprehended that she was adopted by one of the richest family in the city and her name is Milly and I would have been easier if I have ever heard of anyone called Milly at school its really discombobulate me , what can I do replied Travor lachrymose.

Ask your mom about her whereabouts said Joey .

Are you out of your mind , I happened to eavesdrope mom when she was talking to dad last night replied Travor .

You would have asked her at that time <<< Joey .

You know what , I shouldn have told you this because you are not helping at all just asking questions said Travor and proceeded

I just wanted to know what exactly happened so that I can help ,first calm down <<<

You know , ever since I lost my dad its difficult for both me and my mom, I don want her to pass through another pain because of my selfishness desires , I think I was hard for her to give up on her own daughter thats why I decided to look for her in my own ways without her knowing he said while cleaning off the tears on his cheeks .

It must be hard for you perturbed said Joey .

Not really and am kinda used to it replied Travor.

” Do you have a pen and paper or note book ? ” asked Joey .

What for? he replied .

Just hand it over I will tell you once am done .

She outlined some rich families in town A and town B .

The savages .

The Marquez.

The Roberts.

The Walkers .

The Peters .

The Morgans.

The Hales.

The Clarks and Steves family .*****

What are those for asked Travor with a confused look .

Well, these are some rich families I came up with , can you add on ,<<< Joey .

But some of them have boys only <<

lets put a star on those with boys only and those with girls below Sixteen .

Just two families ,said Joey .

And they are just those rich families from our class only <

lets start with those , you never know .

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