Girlfriend of my imagination.

Chapter 14 . Life experience (2).

”But wait , we didn get the answer am teething as if everything is sorted out , I have to do something , ” murmured Travor .

”What have you said ? ”asked Selena .

”Me ” he replied while evincing at himself

”You ” who else is here except for you and me replied Selena with a confused look .

Ummm , I was revising and you heard me but am sorry next time I will lower my voice he appolgised .

Its okay but I was just worried about you said Selena .

”Worried about me ? ” asked Travor

Yeah , according to the way you behave it seems you are not ok something is bothering you, am wondering if you can ——- before she could finish he interrupted ” Am ok nothing to worry about . ”

If only I could say am not he thought in his head .


Are you gonna help me solve my problem or you gonna look at me sympathetically said Cissy .

But Cissy —-

Their is no buts she interrupted Linda and continued are you helping me or not ?

Lets help her since she doesn want to listen said Morgan while plucking his laptop from his drawer.

What kind of boyfriend do you want asked Lindah ..

Someone whos better than him a hundred times ,

1. Handsome .

2.A guineas .

3.Can play football more than he does .

4.Can follow my orders

”Follow your orders ? ”screamed Morgan and Lindah .

” Shut up am not done yet . ”

If everyone who broke up behaves like you , we would have been dead muttered Lindah .

I was on number

5.Can dance .

6.Can sing

7. Whenever he walks , every girl fall for him

8.Treat me like a queen .

9.Can be there whenever I need him

Lets say when hes too perfect to be real .

”Are you look for an angel? ”asked Morgan .

”If I can get him, maybe . ” Cissy happily replied .

No comment said Lindah while scrolling through the laptop .

”I have got one , ” Lindah shouted .

”Who ? ”asked Morgan .

”The school principal ” she replied .

”Are you kidding me ? ” bewildered asked Cissy

He has the qualities you mentioned just look in his biography <<< Linda

That old lunatic is not my type hes like my dad said Cissy .

But you didn mention the age I thought anyone can do Linda replied with a smile on her face .

My mistakes for not mentioning the age , let me make it clear . From 22 years to 18 years any of those will do <<< Cissy .

It was around 5:00 pm when Mark assembly all his boys to the pitch and Splitting them into groups .

We have to practice hard for the coming competition .

we have to win this , we can do it so practice with all your heart don let our school down .

Today we are running through ball passing who ever losses will practice until he does it in the way .

Make a coterie as claimed by batches and one person in the middle .

Please don make any mistake , implement in a good order and by rights don harm yourselves .

Lets do it he cheered and all the boys cheered ”we can win this game for our team and our school ”

” Joey and Travor were in the audience ”

”What are we gonna do ? asked Joey .

” Am going to join the football team . ”said Travor

”But you have never played football . ” replied Joey .

”I will learn to , once I join the team . ” <<

Do you think their captain Mark will allow you to join the team ,stop dreaming ? asked Joey .

Theres a saying that says ”one ways of failure is by not trying ”, so I wanna try and see replied Travor .

But joining the soccer team can solve this problem leave it to me even though the first step of our plan failed we can try the second one said Joey .

How will I know the second step won fail asked Travor .

I risked my life , and that jerk took my first kiss I tried we gonna have the answer by today trust me soothed Joey .

Ok I trust you wait here I will be back in a few minutes he replied and made his way to the washroom .


As soon as he set his foot to the washroom , a ball came swinging to wards her .

Her feet stuck on the ground , couldn move even a single inch ,her eyes spacious unfolded and her mouth astounded .

Guarding her face with hands was the only thing she could do before surrendering herself to the ball .

Luckily someone pulled her by hand , the next thing she could see was lying on top of Marks abss her lips touching his.

Looking into his brown eyes , hes cute she mumbled before looking at crowd who were staring at them .

”Mark are you ok ? ”asked Steve .

Mark , Mark he gave him a little slap when he came back to his senses

Whats going on here ? asked Travor and moved to the crowd .

Percolating through the crowd , finding Joey lying on to of ”Mark who was busy looking at Joey ” and ” Joey staring at the crowd ”

We need to talk said Joey while pulling Mark by his collars dragging him from the crowd .

”Is that the way you say thank you ? ” asked Mark .

”Be quiet or else I will squeeze those knackers out ” replied Joey .

Can you please let go of me or atlest hold me decently am a man Said Mark .

I told you to shut up yelled Joey .

Clearing his throat he said ” I know you are vexed at me but trust me I didn do it deliberately . ”

You didn do it on purpose ? ummm how can you prove it angrily replied Joey.

At first I let it slide and again Infront of all those people .

”I just wanted to save you but it happened ”he replied .

You took one of my precious thing , do you know how it feels someone you don love to take your first Kiss said Joey .

Umm , how will you know when you kiss each and everything that crosses your way added Joey .

Her words hurt him but had nothing to do because it was his mistake and he loved her deep down in his heart . ”Am sorry ” he appolgised

Even he does it , it wasn necessary to remind him , oh no I screwed everything I have to appolgise he thought in his head .

Am also sorry , you were trying to save me but I spoke rudely to said Joey .

Can I ask you a thing proceeded Joey .

Go ahead<

Earlier , did you anything about my conversation with Travor she bashful asked .

No , why do you ask replied Mark .

Nothing , I just wanted to make sure <<

Is that the reason why you occasionally bumped into me at first now I understand your purpose replied Mark .

Thank for saving twice and she gaily walked away .

You got a boyfriend already and your best friend doesn know anything jibed Travor.

”Whose girl ” asked Joey .

Never mind , I just heard it from girls . Anyway how did it go did you got the answer ? he asked .

Yeah , Mark told me that he heard nothing , we have only one thing to worry about replied Joey .

Did he bully you he asked as if he knew nothing about what happened minutes ago .

It was difficult ,She explained everything without skipping a single line

”He kissed you ” ”AGAIN ” I will go teach him a lesson for you .

Let it go at first I bumped into him and we know the answer , lets not waste our time on him replied Joey .

You are right and they continued moving .


Man you are luck , you kissed her twice a day said Steve .

”Twice a day ” screamed all the boys .

My bad , this mouth I promised to keep bit shut but look what it has done he whispered .

Mark looked at them as if nothing happened and lied ashore .

Did she scold you asked Rajab .

Did you expect her to praise me replied Mark .

Man your really something , I thought you were joking for having feelings towards her but seems its true said Moses .

”Shut up and go back to your training ” yelled Mark.

Training but his mind was still thinking about what she had said to him earlier ”Am I that bad ” he murmured .

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