Glory To The Bastards

Chapter thirteen

”Chen Su. ” The Emperor spoke, ”Youve been serving Chen for many years, but you don look like youve aged for years. ”

”Nu Zai…doesn know how to respond to Huang Jong upon this answer. ” Chen Su replied, ”Huang Jong shouldn think about it so much. ”

”In all these years, Youve been loyal and never ask anything of Chen nor flattery as well. ” The Emperor explained, ”Never feared death either, when Mu Ho back then wanted to kill you, its a wonder—how much longer Chen wonders, before you finally break down. ”

Chen Su gazed and turned, ”Nu Zai Bai Chen Da Wang Ye. ”

Da Wang Ye was startled, ”Ah, Chen Gong Gong. ”

The Emperor snorted, ”Fu Huang, Er Chen Bai Chen Fu Huang. ”

”Chi Lai. ” The Emperor said, ”Huanger, Chen Su has always been doing that for years, his eyes and hearing are sharper than an average persons. ”

Chen Su rose, his gaze turned to look up, a sword coming down, grabbing it with his bare hands, and throwing it into the wall.

”Again? ” Chen Su whispered, ”Really, again? ”

”I won stop. ” She spoke, ”Ive been hunting you for five hundred years, and I won stop until your dead. ”

”How annoying. ” Chen Su remarked, ”I already told you, it can happen, its not like I cursed you or anything. You did this to yourself, for killing that child back then. ”

Chen Su looked over, ”Fu Hen, Get Huang Jong and Da Wang Ye to safety. ”

”Lao Su. ” Fu Hen spoke, ”Again? I swear you have the worse luck. ”

Chen Su jumped up, grabbed her arm, and threw her into the wall. Landing, Chen Su ripped off her hat with a veil, ”Hu Ding, your curse can only end, when you finally stop killing people in the name of revenge. Its been so long and you still insist on this endless quest of yours, isn that why your people died again and again and again? Its useless. ”

Fu Hen was on his knees, ”Huang Jong, Nu Zai begs you! Nu Zai begs you, Huang Jong! ”

”Fu Hen, Tell Chen whats happening over there? ” The Emperor ordered, ”Now. ”

”Huang Jong, ever since Lao Su entered the palace. A woman has been hunting him, and she blamed Lao Su for the death of her child, but her child was killed by herself in a fit of madness and rage because she was trying to kill a different child who happened to be the son of the prime minister who killed her younger brother and mother. ” Fu Hen explained, ”Thats all Nu Zai knows. ”

Chen Su watched as she stabbed him in the heart, ”No matter how many times you try and kill me, it only will add to the curse, you know this yourself. ”

Hu Ding flew away, Chen Su leaned against the wall, and The Emperor came over.

”Quickly! Quickly call the Tai Yi! ” The Emperor shouted.

Chen Su breathing heavily, ”Huang Jong…Nu Zai is fine… ”

”Fine, Fine? Chen Su, you must be going crazy because of the blood loss. ” The Emperor spoke, ”Stop talking, you only wasting energy. ”

Two other eunuchs carried Chen Su, as Ha Tai Yi came rushing as well, heading to the closest courtyard.

As waiting The Emperor was pacing back and forth, as The Emperor could hear A Tai Jins thoughts, (Pray Chen Gong Gong lives, if he doesn that Ha Tai Yi will have his head rolling and Ill end up dying as well, I promised his Jie Jie I would watch over him in his place. Let alone the fact hes been teaching me martial arts and has been my master for many years, many of the Tai Jin(Eunuchs) and Gong Li(Maids) have already respected him like an elder, despite how young looking he is…)

The Emperor saw Ha Tai Yi come out, ”Huang Jong, Chen Gong Gong will recover but…personally Huang Jong, Lao Chen hoped Huang Jong ever let Chen Gong Gong get inspected again because some of the scars—are something Lao Chen, has never seen before. ”

Ha Tai Yi, bowed and left. The Emperor entered, ”Huang Jong… ”

Chen Su looked pale and spoke in a softer tone, The Emperor sighed, ”Chen Knows you best, Chen wouldn mention anything to the Hai Za Ma, Chen knows they adore you best. ”

In this case, The Emperor was referring to his children, the Prince, and Princesses.

”Xie, Huang Jong. ” Chen Su remarked.

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