”Gun Jun, Nu Zai doesn dare. ” Chen Su spoke.

”Hmm, but you have such nice hair, why can I play with it? ” Xiao Gun Jun inquired.

”Its not that Xiao Gun Jun can play with Nu Zais hair, but Nu Zai has to deliver this tea to Huang Jong, or else Nu Zai might get scolded again. ” Chen Su explained.

”Hmm, Xiao Ta Jin has a lot of work. Fu Huang seems to work with Xiao Tai Jin a lot. ” Xiao Gun Jun commented, ”Ill come with Xiao Tai Jin, Fu Huang wouldn mind. ”

Chen Su sighed, as he counted walking. As Er Wang Ye and San Wang Ye were watching, ”Er Ge, it seems Xiao Tai Jin is being followed again. This time by Xiao Mei Mei. ”

”San Di, Xiao Tai Jin seems to be treated the brunt of it all, though suppose it would make sense, hes the only one who teaches martial arts to the other Tai Jin and Gong Lis in his spare time. ” Er Wang Ye remarked, ”Besides, his words have value, Fu Huang valued him well, personally Ben Wang doesn mind, and his snacks are really good as well. ”

If anyone didn look carefully they would notice that Xiao Gun Jun is dressed up like Chen Su but in smaller clothes. As entering the Hall of Mental cultivation, ”Nu Zai Bai Chen Huang Jong. ”

The Emperor looked up, ”Chen Su when did the palace start employing children? ”

”Fu Huang, Children have always been able to be employed in the palace, Xiaoer just wanted to see what its like to be Xiao Tai Jin, he wasn able to play with Xiaoer today. ” Xiao Gun Jun explained, ”These clothes are so warm. ”

Chen Su rose, and placed the tea down on the table, ”Chen doesn blame you, Chen Knows it wasn your idea, after all. ”

The Emperor chuckled, ”After all if anyone didn know Xiaoer, they wouldve thought she was a young Tai Jin. ”

Chen Su walked over, and helped Xiao Gun Jun rose, ”Xiao Gun Jun should be careful, not all servants in the palace are good, and have merciful masters like Huang Jong. ”

Xiao Gun Jun chuckled, ”What does that mean? ”

”There are some masters, Most servants wouldn dare be reckless in front of, let alone speak so clearly as Nu Zai does. ” Chen Su explained, ”Xiao Gun Jun can see today when traveling around. ”

”Where next? Xiao Tai Jin? ” Xiao Gun Jun inquired.

”To the Hong Gong(Imperial harem). A decree from Huang Jong must be implicated at Ta Pa palace(where the noble consort Lin resides). ” Chen Su explained, ”May Xiao Gun Jun follow Nu Zai. ”

Chen Su bowed, and Xiao Gun Jun followed him, as they were walking, they happened to meet The Empress with her niece.

”Nu Zai Bai Chen Huang Ho Niang Niang. ” Both of them greeted.

”Chi Lai. ” The Empress spoke.

Both rose, ”Ben Gong assumes Chen Gong Gong takes on another student, where are you heading? ”

”Way Huang Ho Niang Niang, Nu Zai is heading to Ta Pa palace. ” Chen Su replied.

”Hmm. ” The Empress spoke, ”Little one, raise your head. ”

Xiao Gun Jun rose her head, ”Xiaoer? ”

”Mu Ho, Er Qi is learning from Xiao Tai Jin. ” Xiao Gun Jun explained, ”Fu Huang approved, saying its a good learning experience. ”

The Empress chuckled, ”Ah, Ella. Xiaoer is one of the naughty ones, but shes a good child. It seems like shes troubling Chen Gong Gong again. ”

Ella, who is the Empresss niece, was born abroad, but still learned customs and formal transitions from both of her parents.

”Go on your way. ” The Empress spoke, ”Today, seems like an interesting day indeed. ”

Chen Su rose, and started walking again, before entering Ta Pa palace, kneeling as Xiao Gun Jun did as well, ”Nu Zai Bai Chen Lin Guifei. ”

”Chi Lai. ” Lin Guifei replied, ”Huang Jong ordered something to be sent here again? ”

Chen Su and Xiao Gun stood up, ”A decree! ”

Lin Guifei and the other servants suddenly became on their knees, ”Lin Guifei has been filleting in aiding the Huang Ho in affairs of the harem, as such Lin Guifei spends lavishly and harms the money of the palace and dares to bride Tai Jins to gain Chen, without resistance or proper confide, as such, Chen has ordered Chen Su, to read this edict, Lin Guifei shall not become Lin Ping, and Ta Palace shall be acting accordingly, Chen is has been lucky to be appeased by Huang Ho, or otherwise, Lin Ping wouldve ended up hanging for such arrogance! End of the decree! ”

Lin Ping took the decree, ”Xie Huang Jong, for Huang Jonga grace. ”

Chen Su and Xiao Gun Jun bowed before leaving, as leaving, ”Xiao Gun Jun should hear it now. ”

”Useless! Nu Bi! ” Lin Ping shouted, ”You all caused This Concubine to suffer even worse! This concubine worked so hard to appease Huang Ho and gain Huang Jongs favor and now you do this to This concubine? Take them down and give them ten cans and make sure to work them to death in the labor department! ”

”See, Xiao Gun Jun. Some people are like a wolf in sheeps clothing. ” Chen Su explained, ”Thats why Nu Zai is grateful for having Huang Jong as Nu Zais Duren. ”

Xiao Gun Jun chuckled, ”Xiaoer doesn know what that means, but it sounds funny. ”

”Ah, Nu Zai has a slip of the mouth there. Xiao Gun Jun shouldn mind it then. ” Chen Su remarked.

”Xiao Tai Jin. ” Xiao Gun Jun spoke, ”You have any other phrases that Xiaoer could learn? ”

”Perhaps, but first—Nu Zai has to go back to Huang Jong to make a report first. Its almost lunchtime as well, better to hurry then. ” Chen Su remarked.

Heading back to the Mental Hall of Cultivation, ”Fu Huang, Lin Ping was more than annoyed, she was madder than a bull charging at red cloth! ”

Chen Su coughed, ”Ah, Huang Jong. That isn how Nu Zai would put it, but…its how it seemed at the time. ”

The Emperors eyebrows raised, ”Xiaoer, you picked up his habit again, speaking words that don make sense but do in this case. In any case, you did use proper use of it—Chen Su, be careful from now on, she might catch onto quicker things than expected. ”

Chen Su replied, ”Ye, Huang Jong. ”

(One of these days I might end up on the chopping block for this.)

Chen Su rose, ”In any case Huang Jong, lunchtime has arrived. Nu Zai… ”

”You don need to. ” The Emperor interjected, ”Chen had lunch, but now that Chen thought about it, what do you even eat for lunch? ”

The Emperor properly looked around, ”Where did he go? ”

”Fu Huang, Xiao Tai Jin ran to the loo. ” Xiao Gun Jun explained, ”He suddenly had a stomach ache. ”

The Emperor sighed, ”Useless, theres no point in asking him, never around, only around when he doesn want to die so early on. ”

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