”Chen Su. ” The Emperor spoke, ”Tell a story. ”

”Ye, Huang Jong. ” Chen Su replied.

Chen Su walked over, ”This story might sound utterly useless and confusing at the same time, but may Huang Jong bear with it. ”

Chen Su coughed, ”About five hundred years to now, in time, when the country is peaceful and officials are corrupt, on the surface—things for better or worse stay the same, except for one thing—revenge. There are called Vampires, who require blood, and most use human blood, personally, Nu Zai would choose animal blood—regardless of the point, then there are those who hunt the Vampires called Hunters. Hunters aren meant to be hunters unless they were humans caught committing crimes and cursed by the Coven witches who happen to run the legal punishment system at the time— ”

”Chen Su. ” The Emperor interjected, ”Get to the point. ”

”The story begins, on a cold fall day. Pitifully it was peaceful working at the late-night stall, Nu Zai owned until suddenly someone fell from the rooftop and smashed the whole center into pieces, that is where Nu Zai met that woman, Hu Ding. ” Chen Su spoke, ”Pitifully at the time, she was a human, who was poisoned with a Madness Blood flower powder, she couldn tell friend from the enemy or even her loved ones…her son who was only ten years old at the time, saved Nu Zais life after she tried to kill Nu Zai. So once she snapped out of it, she thought it was Nu Zais fault for this mess in the first place….and then suddenly a whole portal opened and now…Nu Zai is here, in front of Huang Jong…and has been hunting Nu Zai ever since. ”

The Emperor snorted, ”Chen Su, no matter how vivid and utterly useless it seems, Chen doubts your story is true, but say it is true, how exactly do you rid yourself of such a problem? ”

”The only known way to rid of a hunter is to cure them of their grudge or—let them be hunted by a sin eater. ” Chen Su explained, ”Nu Zai can figure out how to the first one, and the second one only appears during a full moon, heavy sin or by luck. ”

The Emperor stood up, and chuckled, ”Chen Su, its just a story, not like its real. ”

Chen Su sighed, ”Huang Jong wouldn even understand, Ah…truly have the worse luck ever, no wonder back then… ”

The Emperor stared, ”Back then? What happened back then? ”

”Ah, nothing Huang Jong. ” Chen Su replied, ”Oh, Nu Zai should have mentioned, a member of the night handling department has recently needed to be replaced, the last one ended up passing onto the afterlife…Ah, Nu Zai means she fell into a well, again, for the seventh time but didn live this time.. ”

”Chen Su. ” The Emperor remarked, ”Now that Chen thinks about it, who exactly is the Night handling department? ”

”Way Huang Jong, there are servants in the palace who can work during the day time due to the possible circumstances of burning to death in the daylight and being highly allergic or having day blindness, but the great vision in the dark. ” Chen Su explained.

Chen Su suddenly felt a shiver down his spine, and ran over to hide behind a pillar, ”Huang Di Ge Ge. ”

It was GRAND PRINCESS YAN YAN! Things couldn be any worse than this, to be precise!

”Chen Su already ran. ” The Emperor spoke, ”No point in trying to chase him, I doubt he wants to marry you, even if he did, do you think Mu Ho would approve of you marrying a Tai Jin? ”

”Huang Di Ge Ge, hes not even a real Tai Jin! So it doesn matter, besides, you can just make him a member of the court, hes able to read and write, and—one way or another, Ill marry him, even if Mu Ho doesn approve. ” Grand Princess Yan Yan explained.

”He can even stay in the same room as you, let alone marry you. ” The Emperor remarked, ”Yan Mei should give up. ”

Grand Princess Yan Yan left, and Chen Su came out, ”Huang Jong…Nu Zai can handle it… ”

”Chen didn think even after all this time, you still like this. ” The Emperor remarked, ”For what reason? ”

”Huang Jong, Nu Zai swears, Nu Zai doesn mind Grand Princess, but Nu Zai has never suffered so much in all this time. ” Chen Su explained, ”Nu Zai can handle her temper, let alone the fact of her smell… ”

The Emperor walked over, ”Even someone you can handle so much in one day? This could be terrible upon you in your later years. ”

”What a crows mouth. ” Chen Su muttered, ”Indeed. ”

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