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Chap2. Fate gives you a chance.

Someone realized that the young man bleeding on the sidewalk had a weapon from the uniformed men, so when do they lose the meaning of life?

Coming out of the Bipolar Multiverses and living in a family multiverse:

Bierny used to visit this family -This he observed-:

TDrive, like every father? He used to play natality with Alieny, they said, to each other: My son will be a teacher, because he always wanted to be one.

Alieny looked at him defiantly but confidently, and used to say, ”Shell be my doll! ” And it will appear on the shows page of the Bierny weekly. -Adding:

Although I haven decided yet: If it is preferable that he sing, dance or that he likes to act; Well, those desires he had when he was young.

Neither of the spouses treasured in their lives the tenderness, art or discipline of a good love. They only repeated what the media sold them as reinvented cultural ideals that are far from reality.

The TDrive, uses a local transport to three wheels, by the bad habits generations. He usually loses his mobility, this affects him so much that he is absent for weekly periods, fearing the worst in his family multiverse: cases that he sometimes tells.

Along with the Traddad: we usually hear their stories, by way of excuses and they are hard to believe.

It is that, the Tdriv, has failed more than once, has fallen so low and has regenerated so many times.

His bad habits are like a flag flying everywhere he goes.

And his children treasure his iniquity and are the ”black ” part that makes him return to the bipolar multiverses.

Only when they reach the age of majority, get married and have children, would they allow Tdriv to disengage completely.

Always when they want to do it, something that until now seems impossible.

Taraons Parallel Multiverse:

There was Taraon, his blood dripped from his head, to the height of his temple, he was kicked so many times by a uniformed man that one of his ears burst. He feared the worst.

He said a uniformed:

But has the problem already passed? Although I think its complicated.

In the struggle of the capture, feeling Taraon faint, looking for something to cling to so as not to fall abruptly, he hung on the weapon of the officer who was intervening.

Upon awakening, the scene was seen, lines above. Taraon: He had a gun in his hand. Two details could save him ”from a double sentence. ” First: the people who watched the scene expectantly. Second: the gun had not been fired.

Taraon had no powder residue on his hands. At least not this time.

The fight on the side of the XMonk and his minions the XMonky. They had left him exhausted and with a certain bodily weakness. Hardly: TDriv and Alieny, managed to transmigrate into human, and he returned home; he gave them the chance to reconnect with his human family. And one of his sons: Taraon was taking his first steps ”into social darkness ” unlike Sasry: whose life remained hidden from these other realities.

The portals in ”biparallel ” multiverses, of islands and reefs; they differed from enemies: depending on whether in the maritime scenario: in water – sky, and in the terrestrial scenario: land – sky, they had to assimilate that they are no longer there. And that another universe whose social background yearned for him: that of the family. It would open up to them on the horizon of natural personalities; for the biparallel multiverses: spiritual, divergent personalities are needed: the white or divine ones and the black or leviatic ones. Both created by the supreme Creator.

In the family universe:

This is how he woke up, Bierny, in the morning with a little man on top of him. And that he slept peacefully, while his little hands caressed him so many.

After a while his wife came and she kissed him, taking the child and whispered to him to come down to breakfast.

So that, later, I take the other son to high school and then the oldest daughter to university. This in another city.

After a while there was a strident noise from the young mans room and dance music from the eldest daughters room.

His functions as a family man competed with the work of being editor of the GenXPrays Weekly and its Octopus Supplement.

This supplement gave character to his purpose, through him: he had managed to rescue hundreds of young people from the clutches of the bad guys. Immersed in a parallel multiverse: earth – sky, very close to the black and white biparallel multiverses.

Each new young person who joined the 3R Project; he henceforth counted impressions of him weekly. These anecdotes nourished, with fresh journalistic reasons for a youthful editorial line.

The population of the Ica Region was on the lookout for every article, column, news, essay, argument… the editorial was almost devoured with its eyes, since it summarized the new social approaches that this emerging youth longed to acquire so as not to clash with their new family environments. .

In Joshs family universe

Today it is time to build a maritime or pluvial environment with my classmates –Josh-: he told his father in front of the whole family-: They have given us

sheets with various participation options. We must elect a school project leader. And form a development team. (The project goes for several chapters)

And according to everyone, they perform a navigation function whether on land, as a lookout in a port or as a lookout in a lighthouse.

There is the option of being a sailor on a small fishing boat, which we will make by hand.

Thus, we will implement an appropriate scenario so that our ideas are told by teams, and illustrated through sketches that we will later graph and whose pages would be acted out in a campfire that simulates a stay on the beach in the Bay of our choice: Paracas or Chimbote.

For this we will use the Red 123 method, recommended by Papa Bierny in the Octopus supplement, through the Networks: Reader, Graph and Actor.

Ashly –raised her hand-: And proposed his contribution in favor of a better development of his beloved younger brother Josh-: I suggest Josh. Since you are already used to using the 123 Network. Let your colleagues contribute at least one idea for each team formed. Surely the teams will seek to choose you for the recommendations you give in the youth journalist column of the weekly GenXPrays.

Kei Sky –He added-: Yes. Well, we know that you are excited to participate with other young people. And I think you should take advantage of the opportunity to consolidate an assertive, proactive and resilient leadership.

Listening to others –He said, Bierny-: It opens doors to dialogue. And if an invitation comes from one of the teams. Well you Josh; You are well trained in collaborative work.

Josh –He reaffirmed-: It will be a project based on problems. The conclusions we reach will allow us to elaborate an essay, where the young people will contribute a vision, as children, to the work that the parents dedicated to fishing carry out. Of course you have to discriminate first if he is a fisherman from a river, lake or sea.

Saying a: Thank you! Josh finished his daily agenda report.

In my case -Ashly mentioned-, I want to start a business life project that allows me to apply my university learning in the field of business management, I want to leverage my business ideas with a ”Star Up ” and compete with other colleagues for a university financing. In this way we will apply in society and we will form in each one of us the business vision; after we conclude this business life project.

This project is quite a case – Subject, Kei Sky, since it was a university subject, one of the two parents – older than their children in experience, science and competence -: had to start the dialogue of the Daily Agenda for Ashly -: And you give us the copies of your Project; this way we will look for pertinent information that we will later contrast, with the result of your first meeting.

In the folders, which I left on your desks, are the documents and my first impressions for this work. Ashley confirmed.

And as always I will sit down to listen to him and if there is something to draw or paint or build I am ready to help you little sister of my heart –Josh announced his contribution, pounced on his sister and filled his face with caresses.

Both lavished sincere affection on each other in public, they practiced it naturally from home, they saw their parents do it.

And everyone hugged each other wishing each other the best in their activities for this day.

Not so fast, family –Don leave your younger brother waiting-: Well, he wants to walk!

Bravo! Hurrah!

In the afternoon, upon your return, we get together to teach him to walk together, as we did at the time with each of you.

The morning for every good son is like this and very satisfying for every good father or mother.

Actions like these open bonds of unity and social inequality or youth prejudice will have no place in this solid family environment.

When the students and the worker left an informative medium of a technical level and a weekly with a profile of values ​​based on the study of the prophecy.

The house was partially silent.

Until Kei Sky finished cleaning the kitchen utensils and household utensils used for breakfast. Then a childish, very lively and happy song invaded the house.

It was time to get Misha up.

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