Go Home a Like Turtle

Chap5. Loves with Chicken

Sasry: The recently celebrated quinceañera, with dancing, applause and liquor; among relatives, neighbors and friends, he was suddenly lost. Some wonder: why did it happen?

Sasry had to leave the family multiverse and on his own enter a bipolar multiverse -we hope it is the same or better different from the one lived by his father: TDrive and his Mother: Alieny- If so, we would know how to act by knowing these realities, but if not, it is what is understood as a family destiny: What would be the truths to seek? What lies disguised as bad habits must Sasry discard from her life to return to the family multiverse? We hope there will be time from the Creator: for a family reunion, which will allow this family: to enjoy the happiness of a regenerated home.

The Bipolar Multiverse He Had to Fight: A Thousand Loves, showing a parallel multiverse of self-kidnapping, kidnapping, and co-kidnapping: where young women Sasrys age and even younger ended up pleasing or pleasing the XMonks subjects . And to their own: bloodthirsty, perverted, subhuman: **onky.

A thousand loves, they fought right and left against these and other demons, many who rejected regeneration, remained in degeneration: corporal, mental, physical, and spiritual. The latter plunged them into the thickest infernal darkness. What is known as the bipolar Multiverse.

We implore: Do not awaken Love: Sasry! –Asked Bierny, the parishioners who had attended, in the communal session: to pray for the health of the young loser, for no apparent reason.

-All. They cried-: Do not wake up Love: Sasry!

Then, come the dialogues about the present happening:

Sense the merchant Traddad, he comments on how many clients, suppliers and creditors are presented to him. Something of the void, that he leaves you, a loved one who is absent for no apparent reason. This wreaks havoc on your stomach and more on your conscience. Well, he has a daughter of the same age and who usually goes to these communal invitations.

The family environment of the merchant Traddad, is a hard daily hustle and bustle.

Since he has two established businesses, one on a street, and works informally.

And that being the main source of daily income requires attention from the early hours of the morning until late in the afternoon and many times at night it occupies the time that should be spent sleeping: harming health, during the week due to accumulated stress that it deteriorates mentally and makes physical work difficult.

He is mentioned because the activity consists of moving heavy sacks mainly of potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, legumes, corn, among others. From the warehouse to the place of informal sale and vice versa. The swing of the day consists of selling retail and buying wholesale; with an agility worthy of iron men, of character and with the commercial skills of the town market.

The second business is established in a place with a gate and external space to sell the mentioned products. This recently rented premises is a novel change, say risky for an informal trader. But it paid off for an emerging entrepreneur. These new qualities in the profile of the Merchant Traddad, give him added value at the time of being eligible in the current electoral round.

There is a third business ”on wheels ”, lucrative by trickle or coin, lets say, that involves hiring people; to whom carts are rented for the stowage of merchandise; This business starts at the fourth hour of the morning and extends until closing the day of sales.

For the fair business on wheels, a warehouse was rented where the merchandise was also kept. Both things have now been installed in the new rental premises.

The second business requires a first-rate staff; someone who generates confidence in the flourishing commercial company, Who knows how to serve customers, especially new ones.

It is necessary to generate income in the new premises that are equal to the new costs, for rent that have tripled. Which added to the loans of both Merchant Traddad, and his wife. Bank and third party loans. Multiplied by payments to suppliers.

Sure the head of the trader Traddad, lives his own daily struggle, and wins.

That is why it was important to attend to the signs of weakness. Ten months later, the prophetic message has already been sown. Make it happen is the weekly reminder for context explained.

The wife of the merchant Traddad, is devoted to the presence of the Creator in her life. She may congregate to pay homage to him periodically; which is sought for the Traddad trader to be allowed to do as well. Thats the step we
e going!

However, to discern spiritual states, they are at the same level of growth, because what one body does within the marriage affects the other, as it is more direct.

health weaknesses,

that they continually experience gives us, the criterion of spiritual level.

To remain victorious and in this context of things between merchants, an experienced trainer in the gifts of the Creator would make things easier. That instills in them the knowledge of visualizing the gifts, exercising their natural daily use and reproducing them in such a way that they serve them as parents, for the other members of the household and for those related above.

The eldest daughter is still in high school and there is usually a great silence in her presence, because the merchant Traddad is very reluctant to share the care of her children. You can not comment on them but it is allowed to do so. Such levels of trust are needed to guide in these cases. Separate page on this topic.

Traddad, acquired has the profile to lead family groups, since his youth, and if he continues to treasure these and other virtues, he would achieve these: catapult him to be a Councilor or Mayor of his town.

Mention aside, it is to value that in the Juvenile MAPA project, which is being drafted for his political profile.

The day that Traddad, I got to know him in his entirety. He will reinforce his leadership profile, with the immortal foundations, which are based on the Word of Prophecy.

Before which he remains distant, but Bierny has discerned: that it is the Word that approaches him; because, the Creator loves him and wants to bless him.

To receive these blessings: Traddad to follow the Youth MAP for one year. He still has four years to go to meet the goal.

Like little Misha at three years old, he completed a cycle of 335 stories per year, completing: 1,005 repetitions.

These repetitions make all learning solid and have repercussions on personal freedom, on the will to do everything he undertakes, the principles that Misha learned to memorize, understand and then apply in his stories would allow him as a young man and as an adult: to overcome all test, undertake every challenge and achieve the goal entrusted: by the Creator, by his parents and of course: the goals that he himself sets out to do: personally and family.

There are other younger daughters, whose anecdotal occurrences have occasionally been enjoyed. I will only say that they have the character of their parents.

When referring to this. We would say that there is a great difference between households: merchants, entrepreneurs, professionals, technicians and artists. You cannot compare one home with another because each home has the personality of the father or the mother, there are those who make themselves known by their children, but this is not the case or not yet.

The danger alert. Started by the disappearance of the young fifteen-year-old. It projects many hypotheses:

One is, the party environment generated by the same family. The dalliance and vanity that this includes; It facilitates the awakening of other peoples appetites and their own in the young woman.

Two is, there is a mafia circuit on young people of puberty age, the bad guys covet them and capture them, even in the middle of family parties.

There is three, the youth of today, who are inculcated a libertine life from the parental home. It promotes: self-liberation and courtships at a young age that end in unwanted pregnancies or in marriages by cohabitation ”by informality ”; the unexpected children who cannot be raised in these circumstances ”while still children, within the parental home ”.

Four is, in this area it has been detected that they are the same friends ”women ” who are already freed from their parents ”they are already merchants, from their own bodies ” and who without a trade or profession to function socially: they succumb to sexual appetites in exchange for money.

Returning home, and looking inside it and by factors of communicating experiences motivates us to write this novel from the perspective of timely advice, of the lesson learned, of the evaluation of opposing factors.

Isn the current reality the same as ours?

Nope!? Or if!?

We would say, everything seems the same or different to us, until: ”Don wake up to Love ”.

When there is a home, together with parents and children, with an income from business or employment and own or rented house: in this case, love has awakened to live among those interested in living together as a family.

The sound of protest comes when it is ”a priori ”, untimely, abrupt, dramatic, controversial, alien to the family course, to the fathers resource. To the collision, conversion, or expansion of two families into a third family.

The spiritual principle has its very prophetic or apocalyptic counterpart: ”Do not keep love awake until it wants to ”.

Paraphrasing the initial premise: do not flag, do not expose, do not proclaim your things, but it is time to do, present, give… according to the Creators designs.

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