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Chap7. The merchant makes the city his market.

Chapter 1 Chap5. Loves with Chicken

The types: Milamores, they have to assimilate the new work environments and as in a double personality that dials in the polarity that many retain for profit. By GenXPrays.

Being a security agent represents a personal risk, but creates a safe environment for your employers.

The zigzagging routine leads him to end up injured in a local refoundation that he had to take care of to survive without having to use blows.

Well, his bearing and his legendary work commanded respect among those who knew him.

Thus, a considerate mother who one day also learned to leave the dark side and turned fully to have a family. What if. She met a man who gave her the power, character and love of her such that he allowed her to form a home.

YMomy – she had an enterprising husband, who filled with years, ended up full of property and finances, so to speak, for life. The difference is that when individuals are born, grow up and develop in functional homes; they achieve citizenship; Being a citizen implies having a family, and together with other citizens with their respective families, forming a community.

Point aside, in a communal environment and good neighborliness, one or another leader is required. As in a test of How do you do it at home? With yours! So, will you do it with your city, your country? Well, who wants to be Mayor or Alderman or Counselor or Regional President (We are in elections and this story repeats itself every five years. So what we say today will be repeated and will improve the way of doing things)

YMomys Multiverse

YMomy. She had three children and a beloved grandson plus the legendary Milamores.

And Mommy, she was a supportive and very industrious woman, charitable and most persuasive, with a character that was sometimes sweet and sometimes sour. And she used to use vinegar to prepare succulent dishes. And of course the classics of the area such as Carapulcra.

YMomy, release the homemade recipe for Carapulcra with Sopa Seca – She requested: Milamores.

Ill write it down on a piece of paper, and you give yourself: to Lourdy, shell know what to do. All of Chincha, she has that art in her veins, and every kiss we give: Tastes like Manchapecho!

As a chest stain, they had baptized this culinary combination and they also said it because the chinchanas used to make their partners fall in love with this typical dish.

Shopping list:

• 500 grams of pork.

• 3 tablespoons of chili panca powder.

• 4 cloves of garlic.

• A quarter cup of ground panca pepper.

• 1 liter of water.

• 1 kilo of cooked potato.

• Cumin.

• Oil.

• Salt.

• A cup of leafless parsley.

• Half a cup of basil.

• Half cup water.

• An onion chopped into small squares.

• A diced tomato.

• 3 garlic cloves.

• 3 tablespoons of achiote.

• A liter of chicken.

• A kilo of noodles.

• Oil

• Parsley.

Son. –He said, YMomy-: Then tell me how it went. If she has the taste of t umami, that girl may be the one chosen for a home. Well, my daughter, neither she nor she knows how to cook water. She gets burned!

This stew: ”la Carapulcra ” once the warrior Prays tried it, due to its nutritional and probiotic benefits, he asked his supporters, the Andean inhabitants; that they teach him to prepare it from there is his delight: eating the typical dish of Chincha every week in the Ica Region!

YMomy. She proceeded to give a kind of ”pension ” to Milamores. Term given to the agreement for offering and acquiring daily food, whether for one, two or three shifts: breakfast, lunch or dinner.

And each day, she brought or sent the tasty food.

What does he bring today? YMomy –I used to say a thousand loves.

Well, what you like as your loves: Carapulcra! – YMomy mentioned.

Delicious! This refreshes the day and favors the stomach. I am ”needle ” and with a ”sharp edge ” that would eat a live crocodile. Expressions that are said for being without money ”to eat ” and very hungry. But that of the live crocodile. Lets just imagine, how long would it take to finish peeling one? To freshly cook the skin of it.

Over time they got to know each other more over unique dishes. Especially since most of them were chicken-based. So YMomy, conquered the heart of Milamores. Until he managed to have him as the son-in-law of one of his daughters. Which she had the talent to ask for a lot of attention in unusual ways. Milamores, by the gift of conquering people, managed to appease the entities that ruled the head, eyes, hands, heart, skin and organs of the young woman: Carly.

Mil Amores, as was his usual destiny, gave up the marital relationship, which by then already had a house where the marriage bed was consumed, but firm in his conviction as a stallion in the style of the ”black man from the Matalaché novel ”.

One day the mother has ”summoned him as a national team player ” but concentrated on having sex with a body alien to the social reality that was offered to him. This is how the lyrics of the song ”Mil Amores ” are repeated for the second time:

And she saw Mil Amores: And it was said that he snubbed!

This equal to his father. And the home made.

And he forgot to love. He closed his heart for pain !

And Milamores, loses everything?

Or will YMomy including daughter lose the healer of her minds, bodies and hearts?

Why, not even Milamores himself knew that, if you read the Word of prophecy with faith, one day this same Word will seek you out and become part of your flesh (even if you are in the midst of so many available meats, offered, rented, bought or given away)

For it is not man who possesses the gift, but his heart and it acts according to the design of his mind or of the spirit that contains it.

When the gift is used, as in the case of Milamores Ama, the people: Sana. Bless. Share.

When Milamores Hate. Someone gets sick. It is cursed. He departs.

This dramatic trance makes Milamores work in security again, as he said to console himself: I was not going too in that environment of family ”hypocrisy ”. Well, I love my freedom and I want my thousand women.

Some people spit at the sky and think its good to see rain.

Milamores has arrived! –His new employers shouted at him, countless merchants, whom he met, when he served as a security agent in the streets.

The only one, I tell you – Milamores answered.

And when he passed a beautiful, flirtatious and glamorous client or servant from the town or from homes with corrals. That her swaying walk made her skirts fly, so to speak, her legs.

She heard herself, in a chorus of men:

Turn off that camera!

As a way to communicate between Alpha males. Why no one should take it for granted or how a passing friendship or a hit and run occurs, how falling in love is styled: Milamores.

And the supply never exceeded the demand. And all kinds of meat were sold in that and another market: beef, mutton, pork, fish… and more than chicken.

One of the most lucrative businesses that moves many people, from the big financiers who build tremendous sheds for poultry farming. It is what is known as chicken farms, turkey farms, etc.

Even the wholesale distributors with their huge trucks that transport hundreds of crates of chicken. Which are seen from the early morning entering and leaving to and from each town market.

Then come the ”wholesalers-retailers ” of peeled chicken. Which by the way work in conjunction with Merchant Pope. They are a good commercial pairing.

My black, my brunette, my mulatto, my sancochada: A Chicken Carapulcra, to go! -It is the greeting, like a daily call by a thousand people and their loves.

Peeled chicken merchants offer their products or whole chickens in large, very attractive stores.

You also have the retailers, who sell peeled chicken in pieces. With improvised premises, at tables placed along the sidewalks of the streets or between the exits of the markets, next to the doors.

The commercial universe of Bierny (the store for the local mission)

Bierny in his Milamores Project, and from the business component: proposes a Marketing & Business Advertising Manual for Poultry (which are companies or enterprises, as mentioned above that require: printed brands and digital services for their businesses) Ten months after the intervention missionary this has taken its first steps and the 3R brand is owned, for that purpose. From the spiritual component: it seeks to support the actions of Milamores, discriminating against him with the Word of Prophecy. And it does so in various places and over many years.

Bierny, through 3R, offers its Business Marketing & Advertising Manual for Poultry every quarter.

That is why you, dear reader, see a chicken dressed as a security agent. That chicken represents Milamores, and induces a thousand flavors, and a thousand colors to offer and receive at each table, panel, sign, card, flyer, form, sticker, keychain…

There are more social reasons and lines of business attended. That we will be describing and narrating in future chapters.

Thanks for your preference!

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